Travel Clocks, Speedys in Water, and New Releases – Podcast Episode 83

Welcome to episode 83 of the Tenn & Two Podcast! We are back from our week off and excited to start season two of the podcast as we have some great ideas and big plans ahead. So, without further ado, let’s get into today’s episode. For this week, we are following up on a few big discussions among the watch enthusiast community that centered around a couple of recent releases. And since we are talking about releases, we’ll be chatting about a few new things announced that we quite enjoy. But first, we’re checking to see what’s on the wrist.


Wrist Watch Check

On our wrists today, incredibly similar watches as we both decided to wear our Fears timepieces that we purchased to celebrate the one year anniversary of Tenn & Two. These are two pieces that mean so much to us and we couldn’t imagine choosing anyone other than Nicholas from Fears to make this happen. From start to finish, the experience is picking out a watch, strap, having the case custom finished, and a special engraved caseback was next level attention to detail and really shows his commitment to his timepieces. Kat is wearing her Fears Redcliff Date while Katlen has her Redcliffe Continental. Two incredibly similar timepieces, the only difference being an added GMT disk on the Continental. Check out Fears Watches on their website here!


For today’s show, we wanted to explore deeper two new releases. Not necessarily the product themselves, but the controversy and debate that followed.

Hodinkee’s 8 Day Travel Clock

Well, y’all have been asking for us to talk about it since release, and you’re still not going to get what you want. It seems Hodinkee’s newest limited edition release caused one intense debate on the internet. Comments like “$6,000 for an alarm clock?”, “why are they making a travel clock when no one can travel?”, and so many others plagued every social media and forum post for days to follow. But we aren’t here for that. In this segment of the podcast, we talk about our feelings over the reaction to this newest launch and why neither of us felt it was necessary. To sum it up, not everything is made for everyone and that’s okay. There are things we wish Hodinkee would have done differently about the product and the launch, yes, but it doesn’t mean they should be on the receiving line of so much spiteful negativity for doing something different.


OMEGA Announced a Dark Side of the Moon with the Alinghi Sailing Team

Just as the calamity of the Hodinkee travel clock calmed and the dust began to settle, the internet found something else to attack, this time OMEGA’s newest release to celebrate their partnership with the Alinghi sailing team.  We ladies spend a but of time discussing the online debate on whether or not OMEGA should have released a Speedmaster with 50m of water resistance to celebrate such a partnership. Which then leads to a conversation we started over on our Instagram page about why we care so much for water resistance in watches. The reality is that most of us will never actually need water resistance for anything more than washing hands or getting caught in the rain, so why do we make such a big to-do if a watch doesn’t have more than 30m of it. Yes, we know we are hypocrites to even bring it up, but it’s a worthy discussion to have.


Well, now that we’ve got that venting out of the way, let’s talk about a few exciting new releases that haven’t torn the internet apart (yet)…


Norqain Independence 20 Limited Edition

The first comes from a brand that we are getting more and more familiar with, the Norqain Independence 20. There are a few things about this release that we are quite interested in which we discuss more thoroughly during this chat. The watch is aesthetically quite beautiful and we were fortunate to have had some hands on experience gathering our first impressions with it as the watch was released (check it out here). Aside from being a nice looking piece, this limited edition if the first to feature a movement from the brand’s partnership with Kenissi (known for making movements for both Tudor and Chanel). Here, we discuss why that is important and what we look forward to next from the young, independent brand.


Oris Hangang Limited Edition Aquis

The final new release that we’re talking about today is a new limited edition from our friends over at Oris. The Hangang Limited Edition Aquis is limited to 2,000 pieces and once again has a phenomenal cause behind it. During this segment, we discuss some of our favorite details behind the design of this watch and Katlen realizes that green is not going anywhere anytime soon! We also discuss the brand’s continued involvement in so many worthy causes and our desire to see more of it in the watch industry.


Well y’all, that wraps up another episode of the podcast and our first of Season Two! As usual, we hope that you enjoyed it and be on the lookout because we have some exciting stuff planned ahead!

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