Our One Year Anniversary Celebration! – Podcast Episode 82

We are officially here to celebrate the very first anniversary of the Tenn & Two Podcast! Y’all, we are truly incredibly speechless (which is not evident by this podcast). Today, we two Kats are here laughing, maybe crying a little, and talking about the last twelve months of life with this podcast. You guys have also asked for it, so we’re including some of our favorite bloopers that have been cut out of previous episodes! You’ll also hear a few messages from guests and friends of the podcast along the way. No notes today, just us!

So lets be serious for just a minute…

“Thank you” will never be enough! When we started this podcast, we hoped that maybe a few hundred people would listen. A year later, we are still incredibly surprised that there are thousands of you who listen to us every week. The love, support, and encouragement from all of you has been overwhelming since day 1 and we are more thankful to you all than you’ll ever know. This podcast hasn’t always been easy, and we have had our days of frustration, but knowing that we have your support has always pushed us to press on. Neither of us could have expected this. And we are incredibly humble that your support of the podcast has now moved into our YouTube channel as well as we look to grow on other platforms. For every like, comment, DM, download, share…for everything we thank you. The two of us are incredibly excited about what is coming up next. Cheers to Season 2 of Tenn & Two! To another amazing year making memories and great content. Cheers to all the friends we have made and the friendships still on the horizon.


Our very first recording, at a small Nashville coffee shop
Taking over Kat’s dining room for Episode 2
Spent a few weeks improving our audio, cutting down echoes and recording in our fort!
The official Tenn & Two Studio began here.
Things look different in the studio now! This is home!
Hanging out with our friends at Monta Watches and Josh @stuffandwatches here in Nashville!
First Tenn & Two trip to visit our friend Topper Jewelers in Burlingame, California!

We have so many memories from these last twelve months! We hope that you enjoyed this little stroll down memory lane with us.

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