Reviewing the Norqain Adventure Sport Lady – Podcast Episode 81

Welcome to another watch review episode of the Tenn & Two Podcast. We are incredibly excited to be reviewing our very first ladies watch today with the Norqain Adventure Sport Lady.

This independent, family operated brand seems to have come out of no where. In fact, they were founded just recently in 2018 by Ben Küffer who used to work for Breitling an obviously carried some of that knowledge with him into this new brand. In just two short years, the brand is now available in over 80 retailers world wide including Hodinkee. With all of this “hype”, how does their ladies sport watch really hold up? Let’s get into the podcast review and find out.

The Specs

The Norqain Adventure Sport Lady has everything we would seem to want in a ladies sports watch. While there are several dial variants, we are reviewing the white dialed option set in stainless steel on the white rubber strap. The all polished case is 37mm and 11.5mm thick, with a screw down crown that allows for it to have 100m of water resistance. A white ceramic unidirectional bezel with 60 minute counter surrounds the sapphire crystal with double AR coating. Inside, the watch is powered by the Norqain NN09 which is an ETA 2824 that is incredibly well finished and visible through the exhibition caseback. The calibre gives us a traditional three hand display with date and 38 hour power reserve. On the dial, you’ll find this unique mountain pattern that is similar to carbon fiber which ties in incredibly well with the brand’s passion for the Swiss mountains along side applied indexes that are luminescent. Available on a rubber strap for $1,810 or a stainless steel bracelet for $1,990.

All that said, what do we think of the watch? This is the part of the review where we as enthusiasts dive in to see how the watch would suit into our lifestyles and desires in a timepiece. We ask ourselves five questions…and give our honest opinions.

What are our favorite and least favorite features of the Norqain Sports Adventure Lady?

Let’s talk what we liked and disliked most about the Sport Adventure Lady. Katlen’s favorite feature comes with the dial and the unique, mountain like pattern. It would have been easy to write this off as “carbon fiber”, but there is a clear difference in the design that makes it quite appealing. The pattern is incredibly subtle in some lighting but stands out in others without ever looking clichè or out of place from the rest of the watch. For Kat, the size is what appeals to her most. She notes that there aren’t alot of affordable mid sized sports watches on the market so the Adventure sport is a great addition. Though we both agree it shouldn’t necessarily be listed as a ladies as the watch would look great on a man’s wrist who prefers a smaller size as well. Wanna know what our least favorite features are? Listen into the podcast and check it out. Both of us bring up valid points in discussing what we feel could be better.

How versatile is the watch?

Always an interesting and important question comes own to a simple factor like versatility. On a scale of 1-10, we have very different ideas of how diverse the watch is. Katlen actually ranks this one quite high at a 9/10, being an incredibly comfortable watch that can be worn regardless of what is going on. On the rubber strap, it offers a perfectly sporty and everyday feel while pairing it with the high polished stainless steel bracelet allows it to look great for more dressy events as well. Plus there’s the added perk of it being incredibly neutral and able to be worn on various leather and nato straps. With a score of 6/10, Kat feels a bit differently. She finds the dial texture to make the watch incredibly sporty and casual, even on a bracelet. For working out, going to the beach, wearing summer dresses, or being casual it works great.

Does the Adventure Sport Lady suit its designated purpose and intended consumer?

Check the episode to find out whether or not we feel that the Adventure Sport lives up to its namesake.

Does the watch offer a fair value?

Always such a difficult thing to determine, fair value is one of the more in depth questions that we ask ourselves. We’ve said it before, at this $2,000 price point there is a lot of competition from really great brands. One of the biggest questions Katlen received while we had this in for review was how it compared to her white Planet Ocean which was an interesting question seeing as how they are both white dialed sports watches. While the Planet Ocean is three times as much, it is definitely a more prestigious watch with a strong brand history, in house movements, specialized finishing, etc. That being said, Norqain offers a huge bang for buck in this market and shouldn’t be looked over. The overall aesthetic is quite similar and arguably more comfortable for someone who isn’t used to wearing big dive watches. Kat also agrees that Norqain gives its consumers an amazing value for their price. There is a shortage of midsized sports watches and this Adventure Sport Lady really sits nicely into that category. She compares it to the Black Bay 58 39mm which is more at $3,300 but offers the in house movement. The Seiko SKX013 and Christopher Ward Trident Pro are much more affordable options but just don’t offer the level of quality and finishing that the Norqain has. Kat lists the biggest competitor as the Oris Divers Sixty Five which can be found in a 36mm with many color options at a similar price.

Would the Sport Adventure Lady get regular wear and last long term in a collection?

Kat doesn’t quite think so. It’s a little small for her taste and she’s still undecided as to how she feels about the pattern on the dial. Aesthetically it is a good looking watch and she is glad to see more of a focus on ladies sports watches in the market. Echoing some of the same feelings, Katlen isn’t the biggest fan of the smaller size and feels that maybe the men’s version might be better. But this is a watch that, if she didn’t already have a white dial, white bezel sports watch, she would consider picking up for sure. It checks a lot of boxes that we hope and look for in any sports style watch.

In wrapping things up, overall we were quite impressed with our experiences of the Norqain Sports Adventure Lady. The watch and brand had been on our radar for some time since first seeing them on Instagram early this year. The all white of this model makes it an absolute winner for many ladies who would enjoy its bold yet everyday look. While we love the fact that this is called a ladies watch, we are torn because this would also be such a great midsize collection for any one to enjoy. Much the same as many brands may miss out with labeling watches as “mens”, Norqain may miss out a bit by not being as inclusive with this being called Lady. Overall,  the experience with this watch gave us an appreciation and excitement for what the brand has to offer now and what the future has in store.

A huge thank you to the team with Norqain for allowing us so much time with this watch! Be sure to check out their website for more details about this and other pieces in their collection. Also, we are incredibly excited to announce that our first YouTube video review will be of this watch! Be on the lookout as we are hopeful we should have it all finished and ready for debut this weekend!

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