We Talk Limited Editions – Podcast Episode 80

Welcome to another episode of the Tenn & Two Podcast where we are spending the day discussing limited editions! Firstly, this is definitely going to be revisited again so don’t worry, we will discuss more brands and options in the future. So how did today’s topic come about? Well, let’s just blame it on Zodiac who released what could arguably be called the “Tenn & Two Unofficial Limited Edition Super Sea Wolf GMT”. What started as a joke between the two of us, turned into a Friday night spent designing our own limited edition watch collaborations. And before you say anything, yes, we know how absolutely ridiculous we sound, but it didn’t stop us from having a bit of fun.


Wrist Watch Check

Let’s get into today’s episode first with a wrist watch check. Since we are talking limited editions, it only makes sense that the two of us would each be wearing watches that are limited editions and we own. Today Katlen is wearing her Worn and Wound x Stowa limited edition Verus Grau while Kat is wearing her Topper Jewelers Zodiac Super Sea Wolf Rally.


Let’s Talk Limited Editions

Love or hate them, limited edition watches aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. There’s clearly a market for them as brands keep producing limited editions that sell out, but are limited editions relevant? The two of us most definitely believe they have their place. While we don’t necessarily support the idea of taking a watch, changing the color, and making it limited, there are a ton of ways to do limited editions that work well. When a brand does limited editions that celebrate special occasions, big events, or anniversaries, then it completely makes sense to us. Que everyone throwing Omega under the bus…but they have a ton of anniversaries to celebrate and partnerships which makes complete sense. Yes, there’s a hype around limited editions, but we do it to ourselves as collectors and they aren’t going anywhere.

As fans of limited edition watches, we figured it was about time that we talk about our favorite limited edition watches. While doing some research, we decided there are just far too many to narrow things down for one episode. So what we’ve done today is list a favorite limited edition piece for a few different watch brands or companies each. Don’t worry, this us part 1 so we will definitely revisit the topic!

Before we dive into today’s topic we want to thank our friends at Topper Jewelers for sponsoring this episode of the podcast. Y’all know that we have been fans of Topper Jewelers for some time now, especially their limited editions. The team there are genuine watch enthusiasts and design every limited edition in a way that keeps true to the identity of the brand that they work with as well as historical influences. We’ve spent time with several of their limited editions in the past, and Rob has clued us in that there are a few new collaborations coming later this year including another Zodiac and Oris! Plus another watch that he won’t quite give away any secrets on just yet. Be sure to stay up to date with future releases by heading over to their website. While you’re there, you can also pre-order a great selection of new and limited edition timepieces. www.topperjewelers.com


It only makes sense that we start a conversation about limited editions off with a brand that is well known for making a few of them, OMEGA. Honestly there are just too many to choose from, and only picking one watch each seemed absolutely impossible.

Katlen’s two favorites, the OMEGA Alaska Project and the OMEGA Planet Ocean Casamigos Limited Edition.

So what are Kat’s favorite limited edition OMEGA watches? The Speedmaster Apollo 11 Moonshine Gold limited edition and the Seamaster Planet Ocean Tokyo 2020.



While it’s not a watch brand, there’s no denying that Hodinkee has built quite a reputation for limited edition watches.With so many variations from multiple brands, this was a difficult one to narrow down. For Katlen, its the Nomos Tangente Sport limited edition that was recently introduced. Kat’s favorite Hodinkee limited edition, the Tag Heuer Carrera Skipper.


Worn and Wound

Another media/blogging outlet that perfectly nails their limited editions is Worn and Wound. Of course Katlen has to go with the Stow Verus Grau that stole her heat last fall and she eventually purchased. Kat chooses the Autodromo Group B Series 2.


Topper Jewelers

If we’re talking limited editions, we can’t leave out Topper Jewelers who has done some absolutely amazing limited edition pieces over the years. The Nomos Zurich Worldtime is definitely Katlen’s favorite as we got to spend some time with it while we were visiting in Burlingame. Of course, Kat’s favorite is the Zodiac Blue Rally Super Sea Wolf GMT that she has fallen in love with enough to purchase as well.



Another brand that has tons of limited editions is our friends at Oris. The thing that we really love is that many of these are done with a cause behind them with proceeds going to various foundations. For Katlen, the Ocean Trilogy set is a favorite (which could be the added bonus of three watches all in one). Kat chooses the Source of Life Aquis as her favorite limited edition from the brand.



We’re wrapping things up with a random pick from anywhere we want. After all, there are just too many limited editions to choose from. Katlen’s wild card pick, the Doxa Project Aware that first peaked her interest in the brand. While Kat is going for something a bit more green (no surprise) with the Panerai Submersible 1055.


That wraps up another episode. Be sure to leave us a review and rating on whatever platform you’re listening in on and share along with your friends!

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