Talking Every Day Carry (EDC) – Podcast Episode 79

Welcome to Episode of the Tenn & Two Podcast Y’all!

What a crazy day today (Wednesday when we recorded this) was as we were finally able to share an amazing project that we have been working on with eBay! We were invited to partner up with the online shopping platform and Nicholas Manousos from the New York Horological Society for a new series during their Watch from Home Week called Dialed In. In a series of videos about different types of watches, Nicholas sits down with various industry insiders to discuss various aspects of the topic and certain watches in particular. For our video, we discussed dive watches, specifically the Rolex Submariner. Honestly we cannot thank eBay enough for this opportunity as both of us have used their platform in the past and it is such a common tool for watch enthusiasts. Check out our video below, and head over to the eBay YouTube Page to catch the rest of their Dialed In series.


We are incredibly excited about today’s topic as it is one that many listeners have been asking us to do for quite some time, our Every Day Carry. Don’t worry guys, we promise we aren’t just dumping out our purses so hang in there and listen through.


Wrist Watch Check

Before we get too far into today’s episode we keep with our tradition of wrist watch checks which we are both a little too excited for. On Katlen’s wrist, her new Monta Atlas that she has been obsessing over since earlier this week when she received it. We chat about this new acquisition and the excitement of Katlen finally joining the Monta family (after all, she has handled basically every Monta watch out there). Speaking of new watches, Kat is checking in with the new Seiko “Arnie” khaki on loan from a friend. She may also be trying to figure out how to talk her husband into another new watch purchase so we’ll see how that goes. Regardless this watch is incredibly cool and we look forward to hanging out with it for a bit.


This Episode of the Tenn & Two Podcast is sponsored by eBay

A huge thank you to eBay for sponsoring this episode of the Tenn & Two Podcast. As watch enthusiasts for many years now, we have both purchased several timepieces off of the eBay platform as they are the largest luxury watch retailer in the world. Whether you’re looking for your first timepiece, or adding to your growing collection, eBay makes finding and purchasing that perfect watch easier and safer than ever. During their Watch From Home Week, we were able to partner with the brand as we discussed dive watches and how to make the best purchase possible. Head over to the eBay YouTube channel and check out our episode of Dialed In. While you’re there, be sure to check out the other episodes as topics such as chronographs and dress watches are discussed in detail as well.


Now lets get into today’s topic at hand: Our Every Day Carry. Today we are each going to go through what we carry on a daily basis and why we enjoy it. Below you will find links to almost all of the items that we talk about:


Katlen’s EDC


Peak Design Everyday Messenger 

Ray-Ban Aviators with blue gradient polarized lenses 


Moleskin Weekly Planner

Pencil Pouch (aka leopard print makeup bag)

Microsoft Edge laptop

Spring bar tool and some random assortment of watch straps tossed in

Often a watch or two in some sort of watch pouch

Peak Design Tech Pouch

  • Apple Air Pod Pro
  • all the chargers: laptop, IPhone, Apple Watch, laptop, camera battery
  • headphones
  • Anker power bank
  • USB, memory cards

Peak Design Field Pouch

  • iPhone XS with Lifeproof case
  • hand sanitizer
  • mask
  • Kate Spade wallet
  • Monta Swiss Army Knife
  • gum, chapstick, etc

Brita filtered water bottle

Fuiji XT1 camera with extra 18-55mm lense


Kat’s EDC


Toppo x Gear Patrol Bag

Ray-Ban Wayfarer color mix sunglasses 

Peak Design Tech Pouch

iPhone XS with Otterbox Symmetry Case

Duluth women’s lifetime leather wristlet

Camelback Chute water bottle


Y’all! This was such a fun episode! We have had tons of request to do this and are so glad that we did. Be sure to check out our Dialed In video in partnership with eBay. And be sure to rate and review the podcast on your platform of choice and share along with your friends! We’ll be talking to you all again soon.

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