Q & A Time! – Podcast Episode 78

Welcome to the podcast and it’s time for one of our favorite types of episodes, Q&A. We try to do one of these once a month or so, where we post a story on the Tenn & Two Instagram account and ask for your watch related questions. We had so many amazing responses this month (far more than we have time for) and can’t wait to get into things! But first, let’s talk whats on our wrist.

Wrist Watch Check

While we are incredibly excited to get into another fun Q&A, first we get into what we are wearing on the wrist today which is equally exciting because someone has a new watch! On Kat’s wrist, her brand new Topper Jewelers Limited Edition Blue Rally Zodiac Super Sea Wolf. This is a watch that we spent some time with last summer and it has been haunting both of us ever since. Kat finally pulled the trigger and added it to her collection and couldn’t be happier! Who could blame her, it’s the ideal summer watch. On Katlen’s wrist today, her summer watch of choice, the Planet Ocean. Clearly we two ladies are getting ready for summer with our choices, and now we are ready for your questions!


Q&A and a Bit of Fun!

Now it’s time to get into our Q&A! In today’s episode, we are answering the questions listed below and having some of our usual fun!

“Do you match your watch with your outfit? How important is this to you?” from @awesomeschwass

“What is the best modern field watch? Criteria: mechanical, non-auto, and less than 40mm.” from @timeontarget6

“An unpopular watch you love and a popular watch you hate” from @john_howton (don’t come at us y’all, you asked for it)

“What’s the best entry level men’s luxury watch you think looks great on a woman’s wrist?” from @womenlikewatches

“How to safely buy a real Rolex on eBay” from @garretthull

“What’s your favorite watch to photograph for Insta?” from @727modern

“If you could only have iterations of one model of any watch brand for the rest of your life, what would it be?” from @watchmedicine

“Is the Speedy tough enough to be an everyday watch? I’ve heard it may be too soft and marks up easy. WHAT’S THE TRUTH?” from @baadsaint

“What’s your favorite Covid-era watch acquisition?” from @ndenicola

“Best watch straps that you’ve come across? Brands, different styles, etc.” from @knights.watch

“Is it time for Omega to come up with an entirely new model sport/diver in the 40mm range?” from @nesqydave

“Do you ever really regret a watch purchase, or is it just part of the collecting process?” from @horolens


What do y’all think? Leave us a comment here or on our Instagram with your views on some of these questions! Thanks for listening and keep it up! Be sure to subscribe, rate, and review us on our podcast platform of choice. And share us with your friends if you’re enjoying the show! We’ll be speaking to you again later this week!

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