OMEGA Is Making the 80’s Feel Modern With Their Newest Constellation Update

Here’s the thing about OMEGA, they are no strangers to timeless design. The brand well known for their four main collections keeps the design aesthetic fairly consistent, making subtle changes to keep up with trends and technologies, while maintaining a design that lasts decades. The Constellation “Manhattan” is one of these such designs. Originally introduced in 1982, the iconic design has undergone minor transformations to enhance it’s aesthetic and appeal over the decades to keep p with the changing world around it, but it’s basic DNA has always remained true.

Thirty eight years later, OMEGA is taking things back to the 80’s…

OMEGA is introducing their newest update to the Gentleman’s Constellation series, and not only does it take a major design cue from those early 80’s models, but the brand has taken the collection that has been historically associated as more of a dress watch into something both sporty and edgy and we aren’t complaining in the least bit! Today OMEGA gives us a long overdue 41mm case in the Constellation series and ceramic bezels! Yes, that’s right. The 1980’s colored bezels of the Manhattan are back and better than ever in a material that is made to last as long as the movement will.

Speaking of movement, OMEGA of course has been well associated with their advanced in house movements that are independently certified by METAS (guaranteeing the watch’s resistance to things like water, magnetism, and shock, as well as its accuracy) as well as traditionally COSC certified. The Constellation series has a long history with accuracy that so few people are aware of. In fact if you look at older models or ladies models that have a solid caseback, you’ll notice an observatory with 8 stars engraved into it. While you might think this just generically ties in with the name “Constellation”, those stars actually represent 8 records that the brand set years and ears ago during what used to be observatory trials, back in a day when brands out their movements up against each other in competitions. Today’s Constellation is powered by the brand’s 8900/8901 Master Chronometer calibre. With this you’re getting a twin barrel powered movement with a reserve of 60 hours, along with silicon balance spring and the Co_Axial escapement that OMEGA is so well known for. One of the unique functions of this movement is it’s independently operated hour hand, allowing you to adjust the hour while traveling without having to stop the seconds hand and your watch.


Looking at the Details

We were incredibly fortunate to have been invited to a digital presentation of this new collection with OMEGA’s VP Jean-Claude Monachon a few days ago. Mr. Monachon was incredibly passionate in how he spoke about this new update in the collection, while going through some of his favorite and most key features. Obviously the thing that is most exciting would be the new bezel. While implementing the new material, the brand has continued with one of the most iconic traits of the Manhattan and updated it to fit this new design, the “claws”. Having been introduced to the Constellation in 1982, the claws that are prominent at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock used to have a practical purpose in helping ensure water resistance. Today it is merely for aesthetic and tradition, but the new claws are set into the ceramic bezel instead of sitting on top of it, creating a modern, sexy, and more thin profile that is sought after so often today.

The Roman Numeral hour markers around the bezel are actually set into it through OMEGA’s groundbreaking liquid-metal process or through their Cera-gold process (for two tone and gold models). These two processes ensure a long lasting design as the numerals are set inside the bezel where they will not flake off over time. The numerals are also brushed in finish which offers a gorgeous contrast to the high polished finish of the bezel itself. If the ceramic bezel isn’t quite your cup of tea, don’t worry. OMEGA is also bringing their traditional steel bezel to a more modern 41mm case size with black lacquer filled numerals. The new collection is available in stainless steel, two-tone, or solid 18k yellow or Sedna gold and all will come on a leather strap that has a unique rubber underside to ensure longevity. If a bracelet is more your style, Mr. Monachon ensured us that while these variations do not come with bracelets, you can order the bracelet from the 39mm version of the Constellation and it can be placed on this new size as well.


Our Thoughts

Honestly, this is another success from the brand in our opinion. While we haven’t had hands on experience yet with these new models, everything about them excited the two of us, especially the ceramic bezel. There is just something incredibly cool about seeing the colored bezels making a comeback to a very “traditional” collection. OMEGA is clearly trying to keep up with the more modern and sporty trend, without losing their roots and we have so much respect for that, The overall design is stunning as well, down to every last detail. Contrasting the finishing in the numerals versus the bezel, the dials being sunbrushed starting at the star towards 6 o’clock instead of the traditional center, the bold addition of leather straps, it all works together incredibly well. Yes, it’s another variation and more models to choose from, but the brand is proving time and time again that they offer something for everyone! We’re excited to start seeing these in stores soon. For more information, visit

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