Talking Watches and Tudor’s New Black Bay – Podcast Episode 76

Welcome Everyone to Episode 76 of the Tenn & Two Podcast

We’re here talking watches today as there have been some really awesome watch releases in recent weeks that we haven’t quite spent the time speaking about. And we promise, listening to the beginning of this episode is worth it to hear our thoughts about the new Tudor Black Bay Blue that has taken the internet by storm. But first, we talk about the watches that are on our wrists.

Wrist Watch Check

We ladies start this episode off the same way we do everyday with a wrist watch check. On Kat’s wrist today, the Seiko King Turtle that she has been rocking all day, even while moving some furniture around. We joke about how neither of us actually use tool watches as such, seeing as how she was worried about beating up on the watch while picking up and carrying heavy pieces of furniture. Meanwhile our mutual friend Josh who y’all have heard on the podcast quite a few times wore his Submariner while doing much more heavy lifting. Katlen is actually double wristing today with her Planet Ocean on the mesh bracelet and a new watch she’s checking out…wait for it…an Apple Watch. It’s almost blasphemous, but it gets us talking about why there is so much fuss about Apple Watches among enthusiasts. It is a tool, which is exactly what Katlen is using it for. The double wristing doesn’t bother her too much as she’s been used to wearing a FitBit on her right wrist for some time as well. No worries y’all, she promises that she won’t be replacing her regular watches for quite some time, and by that we mean she never will fully convert!


Let’s Chat New Watches!

Well, now that we know what’s on the wrist, let’s chat about a few watches that we are just loving right now…


Longines Heritage Tuxedo

Two watch releases that we are just incredibly obsessed with come from the brand that completely nails the idea of vintage reissue timepieces, Longines. Perfectly designed after two pieces from the bands collection in the 1940’s, a quick glance at them and you can plainly see why they are called the “Tuxedos”. In talking about the design, we discuss the fact that so many brands rely heavily on things like “fauxtina” to pull off vintage reissue. Here we see a perfect example of keeping it simple clean, and staying away from the colored lume that so many of us enthusiasts complain about. While we both agree that our favorite has to be the chronograph, there’s no denying that the traditional time only with small second is quite stunning as well. After we share our thoughts about design, we discuss our concerns for the future. Katlen brings up the recent Swatch Group CEO “musical chairs” after the current Longines leader has decided to retire. We hope that a change in leadership won’t necessarily mean a negative change in product design, but only time will tell. Until then, we are going to continue to enjoy these gorgeous Heritage timepieces.


Oris Hölstein and Carysfort Reef

Our next duo worth checking out that have been recently released come from Oris. If you’ve listened to our podcast for any time you know that we are big fans of the brand, with both of us adding pieces from the brand to our personal collections. In the last few weeks, they have shown why we adore them so much.

The Hölstein 2020

Celebrating the town in which the brand was founded and still resides in, Oris introduced something that truly rocked the world a few weeks ago with their Hölstein 2020. What makes this so special? It is the very first Swiss watch brand to have made not only a bronze case, but also a fully bronze bracelet. We both had our first experience with a bronze watch late last year with a Christopher Ward that a listener had sent in to us. And while neither of us ladies are fully sold on the material, it has such unique properties and reactions in the way that it patinas that are truly mesmerizing. Insert a Bill Nye the Science Guy reference here, but Katlen talks about how neat it would be to experiment with bronze in its varying methods to develop patina in different colors. Regardless, the watch is incredibly cool looking and we have so much respect for the brand in pushing the limits with their materials in such a way!


The Carysfort Reef Limited Edition Steel

Another successful release from Oris recently has to be the Carysfort Reef limited edition piece. If the name sounds familiar, you’re probably thinking back to earlier this year when Oris introduced a series of watches for the foundation made in solid gold cases. During our interview with Oris North America CEO VJ Geronimo, he ensured us that a stainless steel piece would be coming, and it is here and well worth the wait. At 43.5mm, the model based on the Aquis GMT isn’t shy in the least but with a gorgeous blue dial and a few pops of orange we are perfectly okay with that. The thing we love most about this is the fact that it continues to show Oris’ commitment to the environment and our oceans. Everything about this is right and congrats to Oris for two awesome new releases last month.


Did you think that we weren’t going to talk about the new Tudor Black Bay?

Take a seat and pull out your popcorn, it’s time to talk about the blue elephant in the room. Before we get into what will turn into a fifteen minute rant piggy-backing off of a conversation the two of us were having that turned into the most read article on our website after, let’s just talk about the watch. (check out the “Tudor’s New Black Bay Got You Feeling Blue? Yea, Us Too” article here!)

After big brother Rolex announced that they would not be introducing any new timepieces this year, it was safe to say that we all assumed neither would Tudor. This week we were proven wrong as the brand introduced a new addition to their Black Bay series by adding a blue dial variant. Let’s just say that we agree to disagree. One of us likes the watch, especially as more and more photos come out from those who already have it, while the other thinks it was unoriginal from the brand and looks like a slightly more well finished Pelagos. We’ll let y’all listen in and figure out which is which.

Now onto the good stuff and this is where tings really get heated. You know what, I’m not even going to spoil it for you. Check out the article above and enjoy this part of the podcast. Honestly, the two of us rarely go off into rants like this. But before we became “media” or whatever it is we are called, we were both enthusiasts and still are (arguably more so). So listen in and tell us what you think. One of the most unexpected things in writing that article was all of the different opinions and experiences that were shared. We want to hear them!


Well, now that our blood pressure is up, that’s going to be a wrap on another episode of the podcast. Come back again soon!

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3 thoughts on “Talking Watches and Tudor’s New Black Bay – Podcast Episode 76

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  1. Really enjoyed the chat about the apple watch.  For a while I wore my real watch on one wrist and a smartwatch on the other. It just felt strange but I wanted to wear a nice watch with the convenience of smart.  So i got a Sony Wena (yes, stupid name).  It’s definitely not perfect, but I’m amazed more watch brands haven’t done something similar.  

  2. For me what made the “Blue Bay” 58 release especially disconcerting was yeah, those ADs. Because, and I know Tudor is changing their reputation, but for me Tudor has always been a poor man’s Rolex, but in the best way possible. Long waitlists, price gouging, the inability to get something even though you have the funds…. It sucks Tudor is heading that way too without any signs of rectifying these shortages and elitist waitlists.

    I know Omega has a 1001 special editions and releases, but at least their core set of products are pretty much always availible. You want a Speedmaster? You’ll get one as long as you saved up the funds.

    I wish Tudor would strive to be like this too because that was what it began as. A watch for those that couldnt afford a Rolex, a watch that the everyman and woman could purchase. It wont be like that anymore if this continues.

  3. Well well well. I thoroughly enjoyed this podcast as I do all the others. However, this one was filled with so much heat and passion my earplugs melted a little. Lol

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