Reviewing the Oris x Timeless Luxury Divers Sixty-Five – Podcast Episode 75

Welcome to Episode 75 of the Tenn & Two Podcast

It comes as no surprise to any of our listeners by now that we are both huge fans of Oris. Yes, their watches are great, so good in fact that we each have one. But it goes beyond that, it comes down to the people. We’ve developed a close friendship with Oris North America CEO VJ Geronimo since our first interview with him (check out Episode 55 and our interview here). So when VJ offered to send us one of their collaborative pieces with Timeless Luxury to check out, we jumped at the opportunity as we have never before had hands on experience with the Divers Sixty-Five collection.

For those who aren’t as familiar, Timeless Luxury is watch retailer based in Plano, Texas that specializes in the sale of new and pre-owned timepieces. Founded in 2010 with the idea of being a “different kind of watch retailer”, they have done several limited editions over the years with brands like Oris, Nomos, Grand Seiko, and Zenith.

The Spes

The Divers Sixty-Five is in a stainless steel case that measures 40mm, with a 47.9mm lug to lug, 13.5mm thick, and 20mm lugs. Being a dive inspired watch, the collection is water resistant to 100 meters and has a screw down crown. A bubble sapphire crystal Powered by the Oris 733 automatic movement which is based on the Sellita SW200, the Divers Sixty Five has a traditional three hand movement and 38 hour power reserve. For the Timeless Luxury edition, the watch has a stunning seaweed green gradient dial underneath it’s bubble sapphire crystal with internal AR coating. The dial text is printed in a mustard yellow color…we know, it sounds like a weird assortment of colors thrown together, but once you see this in person you can reall get an idea of ow perfectly everything works together. Unlike many traditional versions of the Divers Sixty-Five, this limited edition piece does not have fauxtina, making the hands and markers match perfectly which also use super-Luminova. Speaking of, the markers are all applied with a hint of bronze around each one, tying into the bezel. While the bezel is black ceramic, it features a bronze outer ring that is perfectly subtle or those that want to tip their toes in the waters of bronze.

The Timeless Luxury edition is sold on a leather strap with a tropic rubber strap included. There is an optional stainless steel bracelet which could be purchased for a few hundred dollars. Limited to 100 pieces and priced at $2,200.


Alright, let’s get into the review. For those of you who may not be familiar with our format, we’ve already given you the facts. What comes next is five questions that we feel a watch enthusiast would ask about any watch before they make a purchase.

What is our favorite and least favorite feature of the Timeless Luxury Divers Sixty-Five?

First let’s start with our favorite features. For Katlen, it’s the overall case fit and design. While it may not look it at first, when you pick it up, you can feel a good weight to the case and it sits incredibly well on the wrist, staying flat with a lower profile. The dial is Kat’s favorite feature. Oris does gradient dials so incredibly well and this is no exception. The darker seaweed color looks bright in direct light, but once it’s around shadows, takes on a darker appearance and can even look almost black.

As many great features as the watch has, there are a few things that we personally would change. The domed sapphire crystal is something that Katlen isn’t a huge fan of in any watch. Aside from making it difficult to photograph (we know it’s a silly excuse, but part of the joy in owning watches for us comes in photographing them as well). It also causes a bit of distortion around the dial at certain angles which she’s not a fan of. For Kat, it’s the lume. While watches like her Pointer Date doesn’t have a lot of lume, she expects the dive watches to be better and brighter than what is here.

How versatile did you find the watch to be?

Overall both of us found the Timeless Luxury Divers Sixty-Five to be pretty versatile. It’s a great go anywhere, do anything piece and the strap options give it a ton of versatility. Both of us deduct a few points because of the green dial causing limitations to to how often you could wear it, but the watch still scored quite high with Katlen giving it 7/10 an Kat ranking it 9/10.

Does the Divers Sixty-Five suit its designated purpose?

Again we both agree here and say yes. The watch was designed as a diver and it has all of the features to give you exactly that. Even going back to the discussion of lume, the fact that the markers aren’t fauxtina’d like many of the Divers Sixty-Five collection helps it stand out against the green quite well. The screw down crown, water resistance, and bezel action are everything that you would want in a dive watch.

Does the watch we are reviewing offer a fair value for its cost?

This is always an interesting one. When comparing it against other dive watches that have the same exact movement, the Sellita SW200, we find a few things. The most comparable would be to look at something like the Sinn U1 Auto at $1,850 but aesthetically these watches are far apart. On a lesser expensive sale, you have something like the the Christopher Ward Trident but again, they do not look similar in the slightest. Really where the Oris gets a bit of competition would be with Zodiac as their Sea Woolf offers a vintage inspired diver at $1,100 or so, but the quality of Oris is much better. You’re also getting a limited edition watch with two strap options for the same price as any other Divers Sixty-Five which was an interesting discovery. While we agree that we would like to have seen it on a bracelet, the fact that it is so limited and has such phenomenal quality definitely makes it a good value for $2,200.

Would this particular watch get regular wear in your collection?

Simply put, yes. We both agree that it is different enough to get regular wear without being so different that you wouldn’t want to give it much wrist time. There are so many subtle features that make this an easy watch to enjoy.


Overall, we were genuinely surprised by this piece. Seeing a few photos online did not do it justice. We all get a bit skeptical when we hear phrases like “vintage re-issue”, but Oris does it incredibly well here. Nothing looks overly fake or overly done up which we enjoy. Oris also does not shy away from colors which shows here and in so many of their designs. The touch of bronze on both the dial around the markers and around the edge of the bezel give the watch a hint of a two tone look and feel without dedicating to something that is fully done which both of us like. Combined with the fact that it is so limited and a great value, we recommend it.


A huge thank you to VJ, Oris, and Timeless Luxury fro sending this one over for a couple of weeks. If you’re interested in learning a bit more about this model, or if you want to pick up one of these awesome watches yourself, head over to the Timeless Luxury website by clicking here.

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