Our Favorite Summer Watches – Podcast Episode 74

Welcome to Episode 74 of the Tenn & Two Podcast!

Well, the weather is warmer and the days are longer which means summer must finally be here.  We’ve been waiting for this day to combine two of our favorite things: watches and summer. So, let’s knock out a quick wrist watch check and get into it!

Wrist Watch Check

As usual, we start today’s episode with a wrist watch check. And since we are talking about summer watches, both of us ladies are wearing timepieces perfectly made for summer on the wrist. Katlen is wearing her Oris Aquis with the mint dial today on the stainless steel bracelet. And Kat has her Monta Oceanking with the blue dial.


What Makes a Summer Watch?

So here’s the question, what exactly makes a summer watch? Obviously there is no right or wrong answer here as each person is going to have their own ideas. That being said, there are a few key things that are very important to us ladies when considering a watch to throw on in the middle of summer. The biggest one of those features that we look for is water resistance. While many of us aren’t going deeper than a 10 foot deep pool, why does added water resistance matter so much? Katlen takes a few moments to explain that water resistance is more than just the actual water, but actually refers to pressure, For example, your kitchen sink turned all the way on provides more pressure than you would find at “x” meters of water. Direct pressure on the crown and pushers can cause failures in the gaskets and can get moisture in your watch whether you’re 3 feet or thirty.

Other things that we look for when it comes to finding that perfect summer watch are bright colored dials. We ladies are no strangers to loving color, especially when it comes to watch straps. If the dial isn’t bright and summery, then a bold white dial that is neutral enough to pair with anything is definitely a winner. From a design aesthetic, something without too much high polish finishing means we can beat it around for summer an never have to worry about it.


Our Personal Summer Watches

Of course we both have our own star watches in our collections (even if we shouldn’t play favorites). When it comes to summer watches, Katlen’s Planet Ocean is her timepiece of choice. Highly water resistant, bright and bold, neutral enough to pair with many straps, and rugged. For these same reasons, Kat’s go to watch for summer is her Monta Oceanking The blue dial screams summer and it is a watch that can truly go anywhere.

Our Favorite Watches of Summer

Now that you know what we consider a summer watch to be, and what our personal summer watches are, let’s get into some of our favorite watches that scream summer time! Here we will each choose five watches. No price points, no budgets, no games…just 10 total watches that are perfect for this time of year.


Here’s where you get your list, in the episode is where you get your answers why! And trust me, you’re going to want to hear that…we laugh, we argue (for real), and laugh some more! 


Kat’s Choices:

Seiko SKX, Omega Plo Prof, Tudor Pelagos, Zodiac Super Seawolf, Patek Aquanaut



Katlen’s Choices:

Omega Aqua Terra, G-Shock G-Glide, Swatch (literally any of them), NOMOS Sport Neomatik, Doxa


So what do you think? What makes a watch perfect for summer? And what watches would you pick for summer? Let us know in the comments below!


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Be sure to get subscribed to our YouTube channel as we will be starting some actual video content here soon. Until next time, enjoy and cherish summer!

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