Our Favorite Watches of 2020 (Part 1) – Podcast Episode 73

Welcome to Episode 73 of the Tenn & Two Podcast Y’all!

What a few months it’s been! Does anyone even remember what the old school Tenn & Two podcasts used to be? Before we got busy with all of these amazing interview and we just sat around talking about watch news?…well, today we are going to go back to our roots (ish). No, we aren’t focusing on breaking down the last week’s new releases. Instead we’ve decided to focus this episode on our favorite watches that have been released so far this year as of late June, 2020. What we thought was going to be a slow year has turned into some amazing watches being put out so here we are today to each pick our favorite three for the first half of this year.

Wrist Watch Check

Before we talk about other watches, let’s check and see what each of us is wearing today. Kat starts us off with her favorite new combo, the Tudor “Aquaman”. Paired with an orange rubber @everestbands strap, the Tudor Harrods Black Bay looks absolutely phenomenal. On Katlen’s wrist, the mint dial Oris Aquis that seems to be occupying alot of wrist time lately.


Our Favorite 2020 Releases (So Far)

…and now let’s get to today’s fun. It has been a busy year, and we’ve been wanting to talk about some of the watch releases that we have really found exciting for the year 2020. This will be the first of a two part series to be followed up at the end of the year. Honestly, we there are so many watches that we forgot about and it was a ton of fun to just sit around and reminisce on the good aspects of 2020.

The OMEGA DeVille Central Tourbillon

Katlen starts us off with her favorite release so far this year, the new Master Chronometer OMEGA Tourbillon. At 43mm, she loves the new larger size compared to the smaller 38mm sized tourbillons that the brand has produced in past years. While the complication is completely useless in modern day practicality (much like the annual calendar displays that show the month according to Katlen), she is obsessed with the beauty and craftsmanship involved. Combing traditional watchmaking with OMEGA’s in house, Master Chronometer movements, and absolutely phenomenal finishing, this one knocks it out of the park. It’s also a cool $168,000 so you probably won’t be seeing it on her wrist anytime soon. www.omegawatches.com

Zenith Defy Ultraviolet

Kat’s favorite watch of 2020 so far is the newly announced Zenith Defy Ultraviolet, and this one is good! One of the biggest reasons that she went with this watch was the unique ultraviolet color that can be seen in the movement. Paired with the bead blasted case, the purple has such a lure even for us non purple loving ladies. Plus it actually has a neat story behind it! Kat tells us about how ultraviolet refers to the frequency of light which is just past human perception, making perfect sense for such a high frequency watch. We talk about the amazing movement that is found within the Defy 21 series and the fact that the central chronograph measures 1/100th of a second. While we aren’t sure about the servicing on something like this, we do agree it looks pretty amazing. At 44mm it’s definitely not the smallest of cases, but with it being constructed of titanium it should be comfortable for any wrist size. www.zenith-watches.com

Zenith El Primero Chronomaster Revival A386

Next up is another piece from Zenith that Katlen is currently obsessing over, the A386 Chronomaster Revival. This watch is just a masterpiece. The story goes that Zenith apparently found these dials in their attic that were prototypes for the original A386 but went with the now well known blue, grey, and black subdial instead. Firstly, we don’t know where this magical attic is, but we want to come and visit! Second, this looks absolutely incredible. The three shades of blue work cohesively together and create something just beautiful. Paired with the traditional El Primero case size and dimensions and this watch is just perfection. We get into a bit of a rabbit hole about iconic watches versus liking things that are more in the “here and now” and how that plays into our long term collecting goals. www.zenith-watches.com

The Seiko “Captain Willard”

Moving on to Kat’s pick of the Seiko Captain Willard. Available in either green or black, Kat is surprisingly choosing the green dial version (and yes, that was sarcasm there). The 43mm case stays true to original versions of this watch which of course are well known from the film Apocalypse Now. Speaking of the case, Seiko really just does something magical with their case design, making them perfectly practical for day to day wear regardless of the size which is one thing that we both really adore about the brand and their larger dive watches. We also get into a discussion when the aluminum bezel comes up about patina and the fading of bezels which is a topic that we disagree on. It is here that we also find out maybe we shouldn’t have pushed white dialed watches so much. Katlen promises her Planet Ocean will not be for sale anytime soon! Check the SPB151 and SPB153 out on the Seiko website.

Curious to know what each of us picked as our final favorite watch for the first half of 2020, you’re going to have to listen to the podcast to hear!


Other News to Chat About

Our good friend Teddy Baldassarre launched an awesome new website earlier this week! On top of his great content, reviews, and videos, he has loaded up tons of new straps for sale and now an authorized retailer for brands like Junghans, G-Shock, Timex, and more. Head over to the new website www.teddybaldassarre.com.

A quick news update about our podcast…we’re going to be doing YouTube! It’s scary to say out loud, but we are going to start dropping a few YouTube videos here and there on top of our regular podcast recordings as well. Go ahead and get over to the Tenn & Two YouTube page and get subscribed as our first video should be launching in a few weeks.

Let’s chat magazines! Kat just picked up the newest edition of Hodinkee Magazine and talks about how great it is. If you’re into watches for the stories and the photography, then it’s definitely a great option. On the flip side, if you are looking for technical analysis’ of new watches and in depth news, Katlen recommends her favorite magazine Watch Time which is sold here in the States.

And speaking of news, did y’all catch the Swatch Group game of musical chairs this week? With the retirement of Longines CEO, the corporation promoted many of their current CEO’s to different brands. We disagree a bit as to if this is a good idea or not, but only time will tell. Check out the press release here.


Let’s Wrap Up the Show…

We ladies decide to take a moment and each chat about something non watch related we’ve been enjoying this week. For Katlen, it’s new camera straps from Peak Design, a brand that we are both ridiculously obsessed with. Kat brings us a movie that she’s recently watched called “Just Mercy” starring Jamie Foxx and Michael B. Jordan. It is available on Amazon Prime and she highly recommends it!


Well y’all , thanks for tuning in to another episode! Be sure to follow us on all of our social media. And if you’re interested in writing for the website, get in touch. We’ll chat with you next week!

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