Chatting with Andy Green and Felix Scholz from OT: The Podcast – Episode 72

Welcome to Episode 72 of the Tenn & Two Podcast

Today is another special episode as we are joined by new friends of ours Andy Green and Felix Scholz from OT: The Podcast. We know y’all, there are A LOT of distinctive accents in today’s episodes as the guys are joining us from Australia. And we’re pretty sure Kat hit the nail on the head when she says that Australian accents could be a blend between English and southern ones. We laugh it up a bit and move into today’s chat.

About Andy, Felix, and OT: The Podcast

The first part of today’s podcast is spent learning about the guys and their podcast which is only two months old. While it had been “in the plans” for quite some time, it took Covid-19 to get the guys serious about sitting down and starting this new platform of watch media since both Andy and Felix have been writers in the hobby for some time. There are apparently a lot of terms to describe their relationship: “partners in time”, “watch husband”, “side time piece”…no matter what you call them, it’s apparent that the guys are two good friends who just want to chat watches.

“Watches, time, and how to spend it” is their episode tag line, and that’s what the podcast focuses on. Watches are a big part of life, but so is food, cars, travel, and other hobbies.

We may have started an accidental beef between Tennessee and Victoria, so we’ll see how that turns out.


Let’s Talk Dolly Parton??? (Random, We Know…But SOOOOO Fun)

Y’all, we really don’t know what happened. One ,minute we were chatting about watch matchmaking, then an international beef started, and then we got into a full on conversation about Dolly Parton. A quick interjection for those who may not know, Dolly is essentially Tennessee royalty and is a country music icon and legend. Apparently Andy and Felix are fans as well and we start chatting about Dollywood and getting the guys out for a trip. Then Andy brings up the most amazing of questions that has ever been asked on this podcast: “What watch would Dolly Parton wear?” Katlen answers real quickly with the Rainbow Daytona because it needs to be gaudy, flashy, and colorful. Felix’s response, the Jaquet Droz Loving Butterfly which is a pretty solid pick given her love of butterflies. Instead of answering his own question, Andy confesses his secret love for country music which turns into another rabbit hole conversation about watches and country music and Keith Urban. Trying to turn things back around to a less somber note, Kat throws in the idea of a Cartier Pasha which is quite a suggestion followed by Andy finally selecting the AP Royal Oak with frosted case.


Wrist Watch Check

Now that we’ve established what Dolly Parton would wear, let’s get into chatting about what’s on our wrists today. Andy has a birth year Explorer II reference 16570 with black dial on an Erika’s Original strap which leads to another rabbit hole about what shade of off-white, cream or beige it might be. Regardless we agree that it matches the patina on his Rolex perfectly. On Felix’s wrist today, the moss green dial AnOrdain Model 2 which Katlen has been obsessing over (as though you guys didn’t know that from listening to the podcast). We chat about the size and overall design of the watch. Katlen’s new favorite dial color, a stunning teal colored dial as a result of the brand’s partnership with Scottish jeweler James Porter & Son (check it out here). The International beef continues as we discuss the color green with Katlen’s watch for today, the mint (not green) dial Oris Aquis. And wrapping the wrist watch check up is Kat with her favorite watch, the 16570.

Wrapping Things Up

Before we wrap up for today, we decide to back pedal before the time of wrist watch checks and country music to finish learning about the guys from OT. Both Felix and Andy come from years of experience in the watch industry, writing for various outlets. It was the early days of Hodinkee on Twitter, and harassing Ben Clymer that got Felix his start in writing about watches. He then moved over to Time & Tide and has since been focusing more on freelance writing with Revolution, GQ, and just doing his own thing. Andy’s interest in watches began in his early twenties and a start at Time & Tide as well, where the two met and developed their friendship. After leaving, he’s been enjoying a more laid back environment writing for places like Bark & Jack, Watch Advice, and working directly with brands.

We want to thank both Felix and Andy for taking the time to chat watches and country music with us today. We will actually be on an upcoming episode of their show where we play watch matchmaker so be on the lookout in the following weeks. In the meantime, go and check out their episodes and give them a follow.

You can find them through their website or Instagram!

We hope y’all enjoyed and we’ll be chatting again soon.

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