Father’s Day Watch Guide With Our Good Friend @stuffandwatches – Podcast Episode 71

Welcome to Another Special Episode of the Tenn & Two Podcast!

We ladies are beyond excited to welcome our dear friend Josh (Instagram @stuffandwatches) back onto the podcast as we talk all things “dad and watches”. I guess maybe here is a good point to clarify that this coming Sunday (June 21st) is Father’s Day so if you haven’t found that perfect gift for either yourself or the dad in your life, today might just be your lucky day as we throw out our suggestions. After a bit of catching up and cutting up, we decide it’s time to get into today’s show!

Wrist Watch Check

Before we dive into today’s topic, we start out with our usual wrist watch check. Josh goes first with his Rolex Submariner, the 14060. We talk about how the Submariner fits into his everyday life and the sentiment behind it. Katlen is embracing these hot Tennessee summer days and wearing her Omega Planet Ocean on the mesh bracelet, a favorite combo of hers this time of year. On Kat’s wrist, the Harrods Black Bay Tudor. This leads us to a discussion about how interesting it is that with the seemingly bulky proportions and specs of the Black Bay, it still seems to fit nicely on the wrist. We discuss a few other watches that have the same magical effects.


Before we get started, we’d like to issue a special thank you to our friends from Topper Jewelers who have sponsored this episode of the podcast. With almost 20 brands of new watches to chose from, as well as an extensive selection of Topper Pre-Owned Select watches, you’re sure to find something for any dad and grad this time of year. There’s no denying that 2020 has been an incredibly weird year, and as hard as it has been on many of us, I couldn’t imagine trying to finish school through all of this. Topper Jewelers recognizes that hard work and dedication that it took and has curated a special selection of watches perfect for any graduate. And while they’re at it, they have also included dads in that list as well. So whether you’re shopping for yourself (we won’t judge you dads) or the special father in your life, be sure to check out Topper Jewelers’ extensive selections! Visit their website www.topperjewelers.com and remember they ship anywhere in the US and can sometimes ship internationally as well!

Our Father’s Day Watches Gift Guide

And now for the topic at hand: Father’s Day Watches! Firstly, extra points go to Josh who came down the stairs for recording in true dad fashion, wearing a “Cool Dad” sweatshirt and bright white tennis shoes. The man just looked ready to pull out the tongs and grill and get to cooking out! For today’s episode, we agreed on three price points that we would each select a timepiece for as a suggestion. None of us discussed our choices prior to recording, and some of us still didn’t have a set list until 10 minutes before the start of recording, but we all had a great time and came up with some awesome suggestions. So, let’s get into it!


Watch Gift Guide Under $500

Josh starts us off with his first choice which is arguably a watch that any dad should have, the G-Shock. While there are tons of variations out there, his suggestion specifically centers around the full metal series, especially the all steel watch. He picked this because of the fact that it’s virtually indestructible while looking like a proper watch so dad doesn’t have to sacrifice, and we all agree with that. www.gshock.com

Katlen pulls out the controversial Q-Timex as her choice for our watch buying guide under $500. While there has been alot of love and hate with this watch in the community, no one can argue that it is one of the most well received watches of last year. There are so many fun color variations, but she sticks with the traditional “Pepsi” bezel as it gives dad one of the most popular bezel color combos out there. www.timex.com

Wrapping up our under $500 selections is Kat with her choice of the Seiko Turtle, continuing the “Pepsi” theme and picking the SRP789K1. She talks about how perfectly suited the watch is for on the go dads with its 200m water resistance. While this version has the hardlex crystal, she notes that you can get a sapphire crystal and ceramic bezel turtle as well. The SRPE05 that she has is currently going for $494 on Amazon. www.seikowatches.com

Watch Gift Guide Under $3,000

Our next category of watches under $3,000 brings a bit of a different choice from Josh as he mentions pretty much anything from from Nomos, and we agree. The brand does such a phenomenal job with neutral and classic designs that have a great dress look perfect for dads at work. His go-to choice would be the Tangente 38, but also lists the Club Campus as another great option. As an additional bonus, for the price of the Tagente, you could treat dad to the G-Shock as well or even some additional straps. www.nomos-glashuette.com

Katlen’s watch pick for under $3,000 is a watch that she keeps seeing posted online and it’s really been getting her attention. The Longines Legend Diver is part of the brand’s phenomenal vintage reissue series and can’t be recommended enough. While it is a bit smaller at 36mm, the double crowns give it a slightly larger appearance. With 300m of water resistance, the Legend Diver is perfect for anything that dad can throw at it. Plus there’s the added bonus of the watch being a complete strap monster! www.longines.com

Finally, Kat comes in swinging (quite literally) with the Tag Heuer Connect Golf, possibly the most perfect dad watch ever. The smart watch comes equipped with all of the standard tech you would want, with an additional sporty bezel that indicated 18 holes for a round of golf. It will also record your shots, scores, and comes loaded with more than 39,000 golf course maps world wide with its advanced GPS system. How much more “dad watch” can it get? www.tagheuer.com

Watch Gift Guide Under $10,000

And here we are, rounding up our final category of Father’s Day recommendations and watches under $10,000. For his final choice, Josh selects the Tudor Black Bay GMT (we promise this episode is not sponsored by Pepsi). He recently spent some time with it and talks about how perfect of an everyday watch it really is. Robust enough for any task a dad could want, but comfortable for all day wear and absolutely stylish. As a bonus Josh points out this in his ideal scenario, if you were to spend $10,000 on dad he would recommend buying all three of the watches he suggests plus taking a trip somewhere. As a father himself, Josh is all about recognizing the importance of sentiment and memories. www.tudorwatch.com

For her final gift suggestion Katlen recommends the OMEGA Moonwatch. Really any Speedmaster is a great option, and there’s plenty to choose from at this price point. There’s just something special about the moonwatch and the story behind it that appeals to so many. And as a watch for dad, it is perfect to care for and hand down to the next generation. www.omegawatches.com

With our very last selection, Kat recommends the Panerai 8 Day Power Reserve (PAM00510). As a watch that offers 300m of water resistance, it is perfect for everyday dad life. While it is a bit larger at 44mm, the fact that the Panerai is so versatile makes it quite appealing, looking great on a variety of rubber and leather straps. Combined with the 8 day power reserve and 8 year warranty, it’s a watch that dad can wear relatively care free with little maintenance needed. www.panerai.com

Our Non-Watch Gift Guide

The three of us thought that we would do something a little special and each include a suggestion for a non watch related Father’s Day gift. First up is Josh who actually has two suggestions. The first is awesome dad swag such as his “Cool Dad” sweater that he’s rocking for today’s recording (keep in mind also that it was ninety plus degrees outside that day). The sweater is part is a line of “Cool Dad” clothing sold by a family member and can be found at www.cooldadshop.com. The other suggestion Josh has comes from his experience as a man and as a dad, which is do something to make yourself more healthy. After a tear jerking story about his health struggles and journey, Josh mentions a program that he started to do 100 push ups a day for a month. Whether it’s running, weight loss, cycling, or push ups, Josh recommends setting some time aside for yourself to take care of you (check out the article that inspired him here).

Katlen’s suggestion isn’t any item in particular, but an experience. She recommends getting short games that encourage dads and families to play together, both inside and outside. Some of her favorites are things like lawn Jenga and Cornhole for outside, and something like Foosball for indoors (perfect for any man cave, bonus room, or garage). The benefit of these games is that people of all ages can play and they are short. Instead of long, drawn out board games, these last the perfect amount of time for any child’s attention span and are fun for adults too.

Finally, Kat brings something new to the table from friend Kyle Snarr and his new brand Cantonement. Kyle has created these really unique EDC products called Neckerchiefs as his debut item with Cantonement and we are excited to have a few to check out for ourselves. The quality is next level as they are incredibly soft. They are sold in several different sets geared towards watch lovers, car enthusiasts, and even dads who are into photography. Perfect to wrap around you neck for hiking, keep in a pocket, and even use as a photo backdrop for your watches. They are available now through our friends over at the Wind Up Watch Shop.


Well, that’s all for us today! A special shout out to all the dads out there and a huge thank you to our friend Josh for having some fun with us today! Until next time!

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  1. Hey — if y’all haven’t had any hands-on time with the Longines Legend Diver 36mm and would like some, I have one I can lend you. It was the first watch I bought during the pandemic watch restlessness. It’s a gorgeous number, but I’m just not used to that little size.

    Oh and it’s me snakerabbitcrow from insta. If you’re interested, message me there.

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