OMEGA Introduces A New Breakthrough In Tourbillon Watchmaking

While there seems to be very little that many of us in the world of horology can agree on, I believe we can all concur that when it comes to pushing boundaries of technology, OMEGA has been one of the leading brands in the field. Today is no different as the brand introduces another first with their Master Chronometer Tourbillon. What does all that mean, well, lets take a look at a few things that make this such a unique release:

What Exactly is a “Tourbillon”…

I’ve heard this asked a lot, what is a tourbillon and why does it really matter? The painful answer is that the complication that is arguably the most prestigious one in regards to watchmaking has absolutely 0 practical application these days. But let’s be honest, in a world where we can get the time off of our cell phones and the other electronic devices that we travel with, the argument could be made that watches are equally unpractical. Since we can all agree that regardless of what the world and our significant others tell us, we need watches, we can also assume that we need tourbillons.

The short story of why they matter takes us to the days before wrist watches, when men’s watches were strapped to a chain and worn in a pocket. The gravitational pull of certain components of the watch that were always in a vertical position (specifically the pallet fork, balance wheel, and hairspring) would cause irregularity in the rate of oscillation and serious inaccuracies. So, to counter the negative affects of gravity, French-Swiss watchmaker Abraham-Louis Breguet introduced the first tourbillon in 1801 which placed those components in a cage that rotates, countering the negative affects that gravity had on watch movements. The technology exploded to many different types of tourbillon movements during the years after, pushing watchmakers to test the limits of their craftsmanship and imaginations.

In 1947, OMEGA introduced the world’s very first tourbillon wrist watch calibre to compete in precision competitions, even setting a record in Geneva in 1950. The brand followed that up in 1994 with the very first Central Tourbillon wristwatch, allowing the tourbillon carriage to be positioned in the center of the watch. In continuing to push the brand’s dedication to technology forward, in 2004 they introduced the first tourbillon to be Chronometer certified, leading us to today’s release of a Master Chronometer Certified Tourbillon.


Let’s Get Into the Specs

DeVille Tourbillon OMEGA Co-Axial Master Chronometer

Reference: 529.

Movement: OMEGA calibre 2640 featuring OMEGA’s co-axial escapement, a titanium tourbillon                       cage that rotates once every 60 seconds, 3 day power reserve, and magnetic                                   resistance to 15,000 Gauss

Case Size: 43mm

Case Materials: 18K Sedna™ gold and 18K Canopus™ gold (crown logo)

Dial Materials: 18K Sedna™ gold

Crystal: domed sapphire with anti-reflective coating on both sides; sapphire caseback

Bracelet Attachment: leather strap with 18K Sedna™ gold clasp

Water Resistance: 3 bar (30 meters / 100 feet)

Features: Tourbillon complication


Chronometer certification

Power reserve indicator

Numbered edition

Price and Availability: $168,000; expected delivery July 2020


So, What Do We Think?

Can we just leave a one word answer here and say “DAMN!”? If this were a text message it would be followed with a ton of heart eyed and drooling emoji faces, and then our famous #allthewatches comment. But, you’re probably looking for a more in depth summary.

Honestly, if you listen to the podcast at any time you know that we are huge fans of the brand and what they do. This is no exception here. The blending of one of the most traditional and prestigious complications in watchmaking with today’s advanced technologies to ensure maximum precision and performance in everyday life is astounding. Aside from the technological feats that this new tourbillon achieves, it is just incredibly beautiful. The 18K Sedna™ gold brushed dial has undergone a black PVD treatment, creating a darkness that is quite breathtaking in photos. This allows for the hands, markers, logo, and tourbillon cage to shine brilliantly and without distraction.

Can we talk about that three day power reserve and the power reserve indicator visible through the exhibition caseback! The cleanliness of the dial stays uninterrupted and is allowed to speak for itself, and then you turn the watch over and are left completely speechless. The brand has never been one to shy away from showing off their in house movements, and this is one that we are more than happy to stare and get lost in. Each of these tourbillon timepieces is hand crafted by a select group of watchmakers who have seamlessly blended the best parts of the brand’s rich history with their pioneering spirit in technology.

For more information, visit the OMEGA website.

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