Zachary Piña: Photographer, ABTW Editor, and All Around Cool Guy – Episode 69

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Y’all! We cannot contain our excitement as we are joined by our friend Zachary Piña (known to many on Instagram as @dagbert). If you aren’t familiar with Zach, Kat gives us an phenomenal breakdown that really sums him up quite well- Instagrammer from the Bay Area, phenomenal photographer, editor at A Blog to Watch, avid cyclist, and the list really goes on and on.


The three of us start off reminiscing about that one time we should have met but never did because of the life struggles of Zach being stuck on a beach in Mexico (and yes, I hope you read that with as much playful sarcasm as intended). We learn that the life of Zach means traveling alot to get in some phenomenal content and will be working on convincing Kat’s husband that we need to do the same thing for Tenn & Two. Speaking of traveling, Zachary mentions that he has even been to Tennessee before and y’all MUST listen to the podcast to hear about his experience in Pigeon Forge and Dolly Wood as we discuss the difference in Michigan rednecks and Tennessee rednecks and how camouflage plays into that.


What started as a joke about northern versus southern camouflage turns into a bit of a rabbit hole discussion on the topic. We learn that Zach used to write for Hypebeast focusing on street fashion and a bit of watches (which we will later learn is where his career writing about watches began). While with Hypebeast, he went deep into camouflage as a print and style and their application beyond military, but with nature. Sorry RealTree or hot pink camo fans, he isn’t having it. Check out his Materials & Patters: Camouflage article here.

The Life of Zach

We get to chatting a bit about how Zach is doing out in Marin County, California and how absolutely jealous we are of the scenery at his fingertips. News flash: Tenn & Two is moving to California just for the scenery if nothing else. He talks about how the everyday of his life hasn’t changed all that much with Covid-19. As someone who has been working from home for some time, everyday life during these times hasn’t changed that much with a few exceptions. And while we all agree that dealing with the “loss of normality” has been an adjustment, he’d found a bit of peace spending so much time with one of his passions, cycling. We talk about how he combines this passion with his love of photography and what kind of gear he brings along with him.


Getting into Watches

So how did Zach get into watches in the first place? Aside from paying attention to them more when he began writing for Hypebeast, there was a girl who worked for a multi brand jeweler that started it all. Trying to impress her, Zach did his research looking into various watches and eventually purchased his first piece, a Victorinox Divemaster 500 that he still has to this day.

We get into a conversation about how overlooked Victorinox is considering the value and quality that you get. Followed by quite a fun chat about watch drama in the community and why we feel that Instagram provides a phenomenal platform for those of us who are passionate in this hobby. At the end of the day, these are watches. And once people realize that everything is cool in it’s own way then maybe we can all just get along more. Our advice, own what you love and what will give you the most joy.

But, we now digress and get get back into the original topic of how Zach got into watches in the first place. His first luxury watch purchase, an Oris TT1. Just like the Victorinox, he liked that it offered a fair value and quality. After which, all bets were off and his collection added a Tudor Pelagos and Seamaster Planet Ocean in a short period of time. a few years of “tire-kicking” later, he finally feels happy with his collection without having to buy and sell continuously. The three of us chat for a bit about determining if a watch you spend time with photographing is worth adding to a long term collection and the benefits of spending so much time photographing different watches.


A Blog to Watch

It was being a watch owner that brought Zach to A Blog to Watch. He began as an avid reader of the blog and entered into one of their monthly contests in which he won an experience with Oris in Grand Cayman where he was able to complete his scuba diving certification. It was there that he met Ariel and wrote a piece for the blog about his experience on that trip. After staying  in touch with him over the years, two years ago Zach took on an official role with the organization where he does alot of editorial and campaign work which he greatly enjoys.


What Zach is excited to see after quarantine…

We move the topic back into watches as we discuss watches that Zach is curious to see once quarantine is lifted. He talks about how Omega has always been a brand that is close to his heart and that he always looks forward to seeing what they release. The watch he wants right now, the OMEGA Aqua Terra Worldtimer. We chat about the Aqua Terra GMT as well which Zach calls the Explorer II killer. Is the Worldtimer THE complication for 2020? We think so. Also, apparently Zach is a part time tax adviser and we can allegedly write off the purchase of a watch as a business expense – though we do not recommend this.

Our conversation turns to the versatility of the brand and the fact that they have created something for absolutely everyone. On top of that, OMEGA has focused on something that many brands skip over and that is the strap. Zach compares watch strap to tires on a bike in that no matter how great the bike is, if there are bad tires you will have a terrible ride. Speaking of straps, can we talk about this dope combo that @watchonmywrist has done with his Speedmaster and Zach’s rubber strap from his Seamaster? The stuff of dreams!

While we talk about interchangeable straps, you’ll have to listen in to see what brand we are officially calling petty!


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Guys! We really hope that you have enjoyed this episode and chat as much as we have! Zach is a truly phenomenal person in this industry and we are fortunate to call him friend. Thank you for listening and we look forward to chatting with you all again soon.

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