Affordable Watch Fantasy Draft 40&20 Crossover – Episode 68

Welcome to the Tenn & Two Podcast Y’all!

Well listeners, today we have the absolute pleasure of co-hosting a podcast with our friends from over at 40&20. We’ve been fans of Everett and Andrew’s podcast for some time now and are incredibly excited to finally team up with the guys and have some fun! Well, we actually decided to get a bit competitive and start a fantasy watch draft because nothing says “let’s be friends” quite like a friendly game of who is better. So we hope you sit back, relax, and enjoy.


Wrist Watch Check

Everett gets us started off and on task early with a wrist watch check in keeping with our Tenn & Two traditions. On Kat’s wrist, her Monta Oceanking gilt dial that Katlen really wants to “borrow”. Katlen is wearing the mint dial Oris Aquis which apparently the guys at 40&20 don’t like because of someone else but she refuses to let that get her down! Today Andrew is rocking his 5600 G-Shock that he wears for work as it was the easiest thing for him to grab while running out the door. And finally, Everett is part of the Monta cool kid club with the Oceanking that they have been sent in by our friends from Monta for review.


Getting to know eachother…

Before we get into today’s episode and shenanigans, we decided to try and get to know one another. Andrew and Everett were both friends in the Army well before they started the podcast. After separating for a bit, they both moved backed to Eugene, OR around the same time and reconnected. Among their love for tinkering with things, the guys discovered they had each started a love for watches and decided to start a watch podcast with what little knowledge they had. We two Kats talk about our story a bit which y’all have heard a ton at this point but we do enjoy telling it all the same.

Also, as fellow watch lovers, y’all should check out this article from Hodinkee which suggests we may be superior humans for wearing watches. Don’t be mad at us, science says it.


Fantasy Watch Draft

Well, the time has come and we are ready to hop into today’s podcast topic: Fantasy Watch Draft! We have agreed to compete in building a four watch collection with the following parameters: each watch must be no more than $500 on the regular market (which is argues from the beginning) and one watch is chosen for each category (dress, sports, everyday, and beater). And with a flip of Everett’s coin we ladies have won the toss and will be going first in the 50&22 Fantasy Watch Draft!


Dress Watch

We ladies went with the Tissot Gentleman Automatic (reference T1274071604100) at $503 on Amazon (yes, we broke the rules on watch number one but life happens and we are willing to Venmo the 3 dollars). We get into the specs and learn that Andrew is a hater on the Powermatic movement which is a whole other conversation. But back to the facts, this is the blue dial variant on leather strap while also comes in other dial colors as well. 

The fellas round up this one with the Junghans Max Bill Quartz which is a sore subject for one of us ladies as Katlen voted this one down when Kat suggested it. At $360, the guys sell the thin case and profile as a great option plus the fact that it is quartz and, as Andrew points out, you don’t have to worry about a power reserve on it. Kat even agrees that it’s a great watch, betraying our Tissot draft pick.


Sports Watch

Our next category moves into the sports watch which apparently caused some issues between Andrew and Everett. Their pick, the Citizen Nighthawk which is fairly universally loved. With the unique GMT and eco-drive technology, it is apparently the perfect soft boiled egg timer for Andrew. Katlen’s rebuttal, these are just a hassle to set and mess with. And apparently there are only four people in the world who could use all of the functionality. For us ladies, we are picking the Nodus Retrospect as they just introduced three new color ways which are amazing. With great bulky specs that you would want in a sports watch, the H-link bracelet, and lume, everything works perfectly on this.


Everyday Watch

Here is where the fighting begins and we ladies are quite fortunate to have had the first pick as we go with the Seiko Sarb033. What do we need to say, at 38mm with 100m of water resistance it is the perfect watch as it’s not too dressy or too sporty. All four of us agree here that it is arguably one of the best watches in this price category in general. While they are discontinued, they can be found online in a few places and whether you go with the white or the black, it’s a heavy hitting option. Desperate to top the Sarb, Andrew and Everett pull out the Nodus Sector Field as their perfect everyday watch. While it is a blasted case, it still works incredibly well as something that isn’t too dressy or too sporty. The guys point out that it is more sporty than the Sarb but has a similar appeal. We talk about the case being sand blasted as Katlen believes that it makes the watch more appealing since it won’t show scratches as much.


Beater Watch

Here we have it, the final category of beater watch which also apparently caused problems and almost broke the guys up. But after much arguing, they went with the G-Shock 5610. The guys try to confuse you listeners but don’t fall for it! There was never an agreement that we would get bonus points for being under budget. And while we ladies considered a G-Shock , we went for the real winner in the Seiko SKX009 while they are still out and available for around $350 or so. Seriously, everyone needs their watch in the collection and they look so good when they’re worn in. We disagree on whether or not it is a beater, but honestly it seems like a desperate attempt to discredit our watch selection and turns into a whole conversation on what constitutes a beater watch.



A quick recap of our choices and there’s really no contest here, we ladies owned this draft! A post was made on Instagram, keeping the teams totally anonymous and you guys voted…it turns out y’all agree and Tenn&Two built the best four watch collection!


Other Things!

One of the segments of the 40&20 podcast that we really enjoy is their”other things” in which the guys chat about something totally non watch related that has their interest and attention right now. Kat starts us off with a great Netflix series called “Tales By Light” which follows various photographers as they take some of the most popular shots that we find in magazines. Katlen’s other things is the fact that she just downloaded the sheet music for “Devil Went Down to Georgia” by Charlie Daniels to learn as she has recently begun playing her violin a bit. Also insert Everett’s really terrible joke here. Andrew is also bringing television to the other things segment with a show that he is watching on Hulu called “The Great” which highlights the rise of Catherine the Great to power. Finally, Everett’s other things is that he finally got around to watching “The Happening”. Yes, that movie that we can all agree is pretty terrible! Everett wants to make it clear that if you haven’t seen this one, do not do it!


Y’all, this has been so much fun as we have been chatting with these guys for some time! Be sure to check their podcast out here and follow them along on Instagram.

Let us know in the comments what you think of our choices and what you would have chosen?

We’ll be chatting with y’all again next week!

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