Catching Up with Bark & Jack and Scottish Watches – Episode 67

Welcome to Episode 67 of the Tenn & Two Podcast

…also known as Episode 3 of the Hautix Podcast


Y’all! The stars have aligned and so have schedules once more (mostly due to the fact that quarantine is still in effect in the U.K.) Welcome to our third installment of the Hautix Podcast! Before we begin, let’s go ahead and address two things: First, in case you don’t know Hautix is a joint collaboration between ourselves, Adrian from Bark & Jack, and Rick and Rikki from Scottish Watches. The five of us have been great friends for some time and decided late last year to team up and work together on a few projects periodically, calling our “cool kid crew” Hautix. Secondly, the fact that we have had this collaboration going on for six months now and have only recorded three podcasts together is pitiful and we are well are of this. We promise to get better – maybe.

For today’s show, we’ve decided to do what we do best and sit around and just chat life. We all talk watches, all the time. Every now and then it’s nice to just catch up as friends and that is our intent for today. Laughs are 100% guaranteed so sit back and enjoy!


Wrist Watch Check

Well, we are still all watch enthusiasts so it only seems right to start today out with a wrist watch check and get just a bit of watch content in for today. We start out with Rick who disappoints as usual with his Panerai, not because it’s a bad watch because it’s not, but because he has tons of amazing watches but only wears this only. We made it to one wrist check and then get distracted by a conversation in our group chat about a company ripping off some of Adrian’s video content to sell knock off Apple Watches. But don’t worry, we get back to it and Adrian is up next wearing his Kermit (because he both likes it and the bracelet doesn’t jangle). Moving onto Kat’s wrist giving Adrian a bit of envy with the Harrods Black Bay Tudor. Followed up by Adiran’s possibly least favorite watch being worn by Rikki, the Q Timex. We promise that no dolphins were harmed in the recording of this podcast. And wrapping things up is Katlen wearing her son’s Hamilton Pilot Day Date that she may or may not have “borrowed” without asking first.


Phew. That took a while! But we are back on course with today’s episode which has absolutely no real plan.

The first order of business, “what have we all been up to during quarantine?”. That being said, Adrian gets us started with a rant. Are y’all ready for it? Honestly it’s not even with the hype. Apparently he does not like being socialized with at the local hardware store, even though he tries to backpedal out of it afterwards. Aside from a new gardening hobby, he is really getting back into photography and enjoying it. Apparently Rick’s life hasn’t changed too much aside from working at home and doing a bit of working out (which is a surprise to several of us) as well as drumming with friends over on zoom calls. For Katlen, she didn’t do most of the things that she had wanted to do during quarantine but she did manage to focus on playing music and doing some writing. Kat has been spending her downtime during quarantine messing around with some photography and maybe a bit of video for some possible future things. (Side note, when are we supposed to delete TikTok since we all downloaded it during quarantine to occupy our time?)

A few things to check out from this chat:


Would it be a podcast with Scottish Watches if there weren’t TV and movie talk? Rick quickly moves us into talking about our favorite things that we are watching right now including The West Wing, Homeland, and Dead to Me. I mean, did anyone get through lock down without watching Tiger King (other than Rick apparently). Also, Katlen may or may not have accidentally supported Joe Exotic as a child and not even known about it (don’t judge her too harshly). And apparently Rikki has just been busy watching his neighbor possibly blurring the lines of child labor laws doing roof work while watching shows like The Outer Limits.


Brace yourself, we get some more watch content in while Adrian asks us what watches we are excited to check out once quarantine is lifted. For us Kats, we already have so much in for review to check out, but we are excited about a local jeweler finally finishing their new store and getting to experience their selection. Rick tries to argue with us bur we promise there is no Bulgari dealer or Bible World in Nashville.

We learn about Adrian taking the opportunity to spend more quality time with his kids, especially his older son. His six year old has recently gotten into watches and Adrian gave him a CWC to wear that lasted one day before it was retired due to water damage.


Back to the original topic, Adrian is wanting to get hands on with a few Omega’s including the new James Bond titanium watch as well as the denim Railmaster.

Also, if you live in Scotland please be careful on the roads as apparently Rick’s driving has gotten quite worse since lockdown. Good luck!

We all have some exciting things coming soon! Be sure to check out the IWC video Adrian put out after spilling an entire cup of coffee on a £400,000 watch.


Scottish Watches has started a mini series with Ariel of A Blog to Watch called “Watches 101”.

Scottish Watches Podcast #146 : With ABlogToWatch – Watches 101 – Episode 1


Guys, we had an absolute blast and we hope that y’all did too! Some times you just want to sit around and chat with a few friends. Speaking of friends, be sure to check the guys out below!

Adrian can be found on the Bark & Jack website as well as on Instagram and YouTube.

Rick and Rikki can be found on the Scottish Watches website as well as on most major podcast platforms, Instagram, and YouTube.


Until next time! That’s goodbye from all of us!

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