Episode 66 – We Review the Brew Mastergraph

Welcome to Episode 66 of the Tenn & Two Podcast!


Today we continue with our audio watch reviews and discuss the Brew Watches Mastergraph. Brew Watch Company is a phenomenal New York based microbrand that was established in 2015. Founded by Jonathan Ferrer, the brand offers a unique blend of horological status and fashion that is highly influenced by Jonathan’s passion for coffee and his history designing for fashion watch brands. If you haven’t already, we highly recommend that you check out our interview with Jonathan as we discussed his history, Brew watches, and what the future has in store for the microbrand. Click here to listen.


Reviewing the Brew Mastergraph

The Specs

The Brew Mastergraph measurements 38mm with a 41.5mm lug to lug. At 10.5mm thick and a 22mm lug space, Jonathan has created a unique cushion like shape that has a very 1960’s futuristic style. While there are several variations of the watch, today we are reviewing the silver dial version with black subdials that features a black bezel. In keeping with the identity of Brew watches, the bezel has it’s own little secret feature- an espresso timer. With specific markings between the 25 and 35 second indicators on the bezel, the user is able to measure the perfect amount of time for an espresso extraction. Another ode to Jonathan’s love of coffee, the coffee bean that can be found on the crown. The three registered chronograph is powered by a VK68 meca-quartz movement. In case you missed the explanation during our inter view last month, Jonathan explains that meca-quarts is a movement that is battery operated with the exception of the chronograph which is mechanical. This allows for a higher frequency and a more smooth sweeping central chronograph hand with quick reset. The watch is sold on a leather strap with 50 meters of water resistance, priced at $375.


The Tenn & Two Review

Now that we’ve gone through the specifics of the Brew Mastergraph, let’s chat about our experiences with the watch and how it fit into our lifestyles. We’ve said this before, but this is the part of our review that is honestly just our opinions. In order to give the watch a good evaluation, we have established 5 questions that make us really consider the watch on a deeper level. So, let’s get started…


What is our favorite and least favorite feature of the Brew Mastergraph?

Kat starts the discussion off with her favorite feature being the dial, but more specifically the indices. There is a great detail to the applied indices and how they are done, especially when it comes to the “dot” that is at the end of each of the markers. It is a subtle detail that really helps the watch come together and perfectly balances the dial. Being a bit less specific, Katlen mentions the case as her favorite feature. She talks about the fact that the measurements shouldn’t work, but they do. Jonathan has designed this watch to fit incredibly well on even a small wrist and the curves allow it to be comfortable and sexy.

What are our least favorite features? Well, for that you’ll have to listen to the podcast. But a hint, one of us has a love/hate relationship with our favorite feature.

How versatile did we find the Mastergraph?

In terms of versatility, we’re pretty well on the same page giving it an 8 out of 10. Katlen talks about the fact that the watch isn’t too casual, nor is it too dressy which is weird considering it is sold on a black leather strap. Kat seconds that in that there’s something about it that is convenient for most any situation. With the exception of outdoor or sports activities, there aren’t many instances in which you couldn’t just pick this watch up and go. The big concern does come down to its lack of bracelet option which tends to be a big deal for us ladies.

Does the Mastergraph suit its designated purpose?

You’ll have to listen to our chat here. After all, this watch doesn’t really seem to have a designated purpose…it’s not a dress watch. It’s not a sports watch. Nor is it a diver, or a field, or a pilot, or really anything else. So how do we rank something that seems impossible?

Do we believe that the Mastergraph offers a fair value for its cost?

This is really turning into one of our favorite questions as it makes us put aside appearance and love for the brand and think practically. The answer here from both of us, yes (well, for one of us it’s Hell Yes!). At $375, the quality is there for the pricepoint. Katlen brings up the fact that it offers a much more mechanical feel while maintaining affordability. When you compare it to watches that are similar in movement, there’s the Hemel HFT20 at $450 and the Dan Henry 1964 Gran Turismo Chrono for $250. You could even compare it to the Autodromo Prototipo which has a very similar design with meca-quartz at $775. Adding on, Kat brings up the discussion that the quality for the pricepoint is exactly what it should be and what you would expect, if not even a bit better than you would think for less than $400. It competes very well not only against fashion watches, but also against entry level Seiko watches.

Would the watch get regular wear and last long term in our collections?

Again, we both agree and say yes, and for very similar reasons. Both of us ladies are really enjoying the practical idea of quartz watches in that they are a perfect grab and go option. And while we each have a G-Shock or few, those are our only quartz pieces and they aren’t exactly watches that we throw on regularly. The Mastergraph offers a unique design that stands out from anything else in our collections, ensuring that it would be an easy piece to throw on and get proper wear in rotation.

Overall, we were both quite surprisingly pleased with the Brew Mastergraph. It’s a great watch at a great pricepoint with details that you genuinely would not expect to find in a watch under $400. You can really see where Jonathan has so much experience with fashion watches. There are so many subtle details that make this watch stand out from anything else on the market currently. Brew has several new pieces coming out too in their Retrograph collection that we are definitely excited to check out. Be sure to head over to their website and follow them along on Instagram!

We want to thank Jonathan Ferrer from Brew for taking the time with us to record our interview a few weeks ago as well as allowing us to spend some time with the Mastergraph. It has been amazing getting first hand experience with this incredible micro brand.

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