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Welcome to Episode 65 of the Tenn & Two Podcast!

Today we are here to hang out and have a little fun! The podcast has been absolutely insane these last few months in terms of content and things going on. We Kats decided that we wanted to slow it down for an episode and bring back our Q&A series. So, after about 10 minutes of random chatting (y’all know how it goes when we aren’t together to record), we get this episode up and running and start it out with a wrist watch check.


On The Wrist Today…

Today Katlen has chosen to wear the Nodus Contrail, a fitting watch considering just after this podcast was recorded, she hopped on a livestream with Wes from Nodus. We chat about how  much she adores this particular shade of blue as it is just a perfect color for what Katlen prefers. On Kat’s wrist today, her Explorer II which hasn’t quite gotten the love that it deserves. We chat for a bit about how perfect this watch would be as a one watch collection (which we could honestly never do).

Don’t forget y’all that Wes and Cullen from Nodus are giving away a stunning Snowy White Retrospect. We are hosting their giveaway on our Instagram page here. Just like this post, be sure to follow us and @noduswatches, and tag three friends in the comments! Entries accepted through May 31st!

And with that, let’s get into today’s questions…

@mrslautsbaugh asks “Suggestions for a dive watch for ladies? One that isn’t monstrous in size”

It’s hard not to answer with the Norqain Adventure Sports Lady that we have in for review right now. Honestly it is one of the best sports style ladies watches that either of us have had experience with. And while it is not technically a dive watch, with 100m of water resistance and a screw down crown, it pretty much has you covered. Kat also brings up the SKX013 and the Breitling ladies SuperOcean as great alternatives as well.


@watchmedicine wants to know “What is the watch that you regret not purchasing before that you could have?”

Let’s be honest, one of us ladies gets it right with the answer “any Hodinkee limited edition”, which I think that we can all relate to. Want to know which one of us gets called stupid (and rightly so) and which Omega Limited Edition watch it was that we missed out on? You’ll have to hear it to believe!


Coming in with the serious questions, @thebubbleback asks “Hattie B’s or Princes?”

Firstly, for any of you who may not know, we are referring to chicken. Not just any chicken, but Nashville Hot Chicken. The argument could be made that Hattie B’s and Princes are two of the originators of this southern specialty and are definitely the more popular restaurants around town to get your hot chicken fix. Here, we both agree that Hattie B’s is where it’s at!


@chachi_wa wants to know if we think watch prices will go down this year?

This is an interesting conversation and one we have heard many various discussions about. So much of this will depend on what happens for the next few months of this year. At this point, we aren’t seeing huge drops on secondary markets and neither of us really think that there will be so long as we don’t go into another lockdown. Are there deals to be had, yes. We take some time and chat about our opinions a bit on what could cause prices to go down more and where we stand on whether or not we even want to see low prices on watches.


Next question is from @gj2673 who asks “What do you want to see more of when it comes to female watches?”

We’ve said it a thousand times, but we just want the same things the boys have but in smaller sizes. Give us cool complications in a mid size case that isn’t covered in diamonds and gold. It’s not just for women, but for people with smaller wrists in general. We get into a bit of a disagreement about Kat’s thoughts on the Omega ladies Speedmaster and whether or not it offers what we are looking for in our style of ladies watch. At the end of the day, we agree that ladies watches seem to be an afterthought We also agree that there needs to be a teal dive watch! Pretty please.


Katlen has a question for Kat “First, what watch do you most regret buying? Followed by what watch do you most regret selling?”

Kat answers that she doesn’t really have a watch that she regrets purchasing, but more an experience that she had when purchasing a watch. She had quite a scare when she had purchased a watch from a fake seller who took her money and deleted their account. Fortunately after a few days of working with e-Bay she was able to get a refund. Selling is a place where she has quite a few regrets and one that comes to mind is the Nomos Club Campus that she sold because it didn’t have a date (which is now not a big deal to her). Katlen throws in her two cents that she misses the cream dial Seiko Alpinist Kat used to have (the SARB013).


@broke_watch_loving_teacher wants to know “What was your gateway watch?”

Katlen is quick to respond with the Omega Planet Ocean she purchased a couple of years ago. At the time she bought it, she was really beginning to get into the hobby and you could argue that it was all downhill from there. For Kat, the first automatic watch that she had was the SKX013 followed by the electric blue dial Omega 300 which really started her addiction.


@sum11t has a question that we can all relate to which is “Save up for the Speedy that I really want or buy the Oak & Oscar Olmsted that I love?”

Honestly this is a really tough question to answer as there are so many variables. And with microbrands, it is hard because so many times the production is limited. We two Kats spend some time really discussing how we want to collect and how those goals affect our purchasing habits. It’s love versus lust and we don’t envy making these sorts of choices. We’d love to hear your feedback here in the comments! Let us know how you handle these sorts of debates.


From @hpacklard who asks “Do you think the Tokyo 2020 OMEGAs will become a future collectible?”

In Katlen’s opinion, the Japanese only Speedmaster Olympic collections are definitely collectible and seem to be more popular among enthusiasts. Seeing that they are much more exclusive being regional specific, it seems to drive more of an interest in the collection. Kat talks about her experiences in seeing older OMEGA Olympic pieces on forums sit for a few days at a time and not be in quite as high demand as other limited editions.


Our last question of today comes from @kellen.lemler who wants to know “What was your favorite interview so far and why?”

Well y’all, we are going to make you listen to this one to find out because typing it out just wouldn’t really express how we feel!


Thank you to everyone who submitted questions to us. We had a lot of fun hanging out and cutting up for an hour. Stay safe and we’ll chat with y’all again soon!

Kat and Katlen

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