Episode 62 4 under $5,000 – Mother’s Day Edition

Welcome to Episode 62 of the Tenn & Two Podcast!

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and today we are doing something that we have never done before. Are you ready for it? Today’s episode is based completely around ladies watches. More specifically, our “Mother’s Day Gift Guide” of sorts. We are going to be speaking of our favorite ladies watch options in 4 different price points so sit back and enjoy!

Wrist Watch Check

Kat keeps today’s episode on track and starts of off with a wrist watch check. On her wrist, the gilt dial Monta Oceanking. This is a recent pick up for her as we were fortunate enough to have spent some time with one a few months ago. The dial is really quite stunning and we just absolutely adore the new clasp that Monta uses with their micro adjustment. For today’s recording Katlen has on the mint dial Oris Aquis. A watch that has stolen her heart, it really is a phenomenal piece as temperatures here in Nashville start to warm up.


Our Mother’s Day Picks!

Let’s get on to today’s show topic: Our favorite ladies watches. In the spirit of Mother’s Day, we have each selected our favorite watch at a certain price point that we believe are great ladies pieces to gift any woman in your life (including yourself to our female listeners).


Watches Under $500

Our first category is the under $500. Kat will start us off with each category and her selection is the Timex Marlin$200. She adores the simplicity of the design as well as all of the options that are available. With so many different dial colors and case options, it would be easy to find something that could appeal to anyone. The only downside is the idea of manually winding the watch which some women may be apprehensive to do, but explaining how simple it is might alleviate those concerns.

At this price point, Katlen also chooses a Timex and goes with the Celestial Opulence – $229. This is a watch that we have discussed on the podcast several times and she just adores it. With a few different options, the watch offers a uniquely feminine appearance with the Swarovski crystal accents and sleek leather strap. The time telling display with floating hour hand gives her something different and the exhibition caseback is a nice touch.

Added bonus – Timex almost always has a coupon on their website!


Watches Under $1,000

Our next category of watches is those under $1,000 which was a bit more difficult to work with. Kat’s choice, the Junghans Max Bill Mega Solar – $995. Not only do it’s measurements line up very well, but it keeps the traditional Max Bill minimalist design which makes it an incredibly neutral watch for any woman. As a bonus feature, the time can actually be set by either the crown or their Junghans MEGA App. The watch has a radio controlled movement that updates 1,440 times a day and still maintains a strong battery life.

Katlen’s choice goes along side the “battery/smart” theme as she selects the Montblanc Summit 2 – $995. Reasons why she thinks this is a great option for ladies really center around the idea that so many women are used to wearing smart watches anyways. The Summit 2 incorporates a great blend of horology features with some of the features women like most about their smart watches. Katlen says its a great way to “ease” non watch women into the hobby and get a great looking watch at the same time.


Watches Under $2,000

Creeping up the price bracket a bit, we move onto our top picks for watches under $2,000. Kat selects the NOMOS Tetra – $2,000. We both agree that NOMOS offers such a phenomenal style with the Tetra series that allows any woman to have something more unique. The square design makes the case modern and versatile while the fun colors in collections such as the Symphony series give plenty of options to chose from.

At this price point, Katlen’s pick is the Norqain Adventure Sports Lady – $1,990. The timing of this episode worked out perfectly as we had just received one of these watches from the Brand for review. This is a young brand that is actually doing proper ladies sports watches which gets both of us excited. On top of being designed well, the watch features a well modified and finished 2824 movement that shows a unique level of craftsmanship many brands skip out on. A really neat touch is the plaque on the side of the case which you could have engraved with names, initials, dates, a short phrase. This makes it such a personalized gift which so many women would adore.


Watches Under $5,000

We wrap it up with our final category, watches under $5,000. The Rolex Oyster Perpetual 34 is Kat’s choice for this price point – $5,000. One of the biggest selling points for her is the robust and reliable movement found with the 3130. She also brings up the great feminine dial options such as the grape, green, and champagne. Combined with the 100m of water resistance, its a clean and practical watch that goes with just about anything and is great for everyday life.

Katlen’s watch selection under $5,000 is the Tudor Black Bay 36 – $2,950. This is a watch that doesn’t get as much attention as it deserves honestly. It has a great versatile design and trusted Tudor calibre. Perfect for any activity, it is designed for everyday life and offers so much for it’s price. An added bonus, the fact that it’s a strap monster! With women loving to accessorize so much, the Black Bay is the perfect option to introduce how versatile watches can be with different straps.


This was a fun episode doing something completely different that we usually would discuss. If anything, it definitely proves there are some great examples of women’s watches out there that are sometimes overlooked.

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That’s all for today y’all! We hope that you continue to stay safe and be sure to show the moms in your lives a little extra love this weekend. We’ll chat soon!

Kat and Katlen

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  1. Wow, phenomenal show notes! Kudos on the watches selected. Those are very tasteful picks. Now if I could just get my wife to stop just wearing her Fitbit tracker and wear a watch again…

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