Episode 60 Interview with Brew Watch Co. Founder Jonathan Ferrer

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Today we are joined by a special guest that we have been looking forward to get to know for some time as we have been quite curious about their watches. After reaching out to Jonathan Ferrer, we were able to get a Brew Mastergraph in for review and get this interview scheduled. We’ve been fans of Brew Watches for some time, now let’s get to know the brand and the man behind it.

Jonathan Ferrer of Brew Watches

Before we get too heavy into our chat with Jonathan, we get just a quick summary of him and the brand. Jonathan started Brew Watches in 2015 wanting to create a brand that was easy to connect with and unique to him. As someone who used to design watches in coffee shops, it only made sense to tie in coffee to his watches. His background is quite extensive, almost like he was made to start a watch brand. Jonathan studied industrial design (focused on product design) before he got his first internship job at Movado which opened his eyes to watches. Following that internship, a chance encounter with a friend landed him a position with a company designing fashion watches for two years.

After working with fashion watches for some time, the desire to seek out working with higher end watches began. Jonathan was able to work with a small brand as a freelancer, working on design, dealing with manufactures, and doing marketing. It was these connections that he was able to utilize in creating his own brand.


The Use of Meca-Quartz Movements

One of the things that had intrigued us most about Brew Watches outside of their very unique and stand out designs is their use of meca-quartz movements. Jonathan explains that the movement in the Mastergraph is one that he worked with Seiko to produce. It is a quartz driven movement but the chronograph is mechanical which allows for a higher frequency, a more smooth sweep of the central chronograph hand, and a swift reset. There were two things that inspired him to use a meca-quartz movement: price and thickness. The use of the meca-quartz allows for a thinner watch that is much more affordable and durable in a long term aspect.

We chat about the durability of these movements as opposed to a traditional mechanical chronograph movement that typically requires a bit more caution in everyday life. On top of that, the way that the watches are sized works incredibly well for such a unique case shape.

Future Watches

After discussing what Brew is doing now, we move on to chat about what might be coming up in the future for the brand. As of now, their collection consists of two watches- the Mastergraph and the Retrograph. Jonathan assures us that there is something new in the works that will be something a bit smaller (just 1mm) but will also include a steel bracelet as well. For now, he calls it the “Retro Dress Watch”, a mechanically driven three hand movement with date. We get teasers that include phrases like sandwich dial and textured dial. This is a complete experiment for him and he is hoping to have it introduced later this year.

Kat brings up the question of new additions to their current collection. This brings up a discussion about “limited runs” which is something that he is a bug supporter of. While there is a bit of frustration to it because of not having product at the time of this recording,he believes that you have to find a blend in variety and creating a good shopping experience, while being true to collectors and not mass producing.


How Covid-19 Has Affected Brew Watches

Jonathan talks about how he works with a variety of manufacturers because he works with companies all over the world. Things for Brew really started to slow down in February and March because of measures taken for safety at these companies. Brew definitely experienced a delay, but talks about how easy it was to work and communicate with these companies throughout everything going on. The priority, take care of yourselves. Jonathan really emphasized that he was not in a rush with the companies that he works with, but wanted to ensure that safety and health were a priority.

Instead of focusing on the negativity of what’s going on, Jonathan stresses the importance of using this time to experiment and try new things. Whether it’s new dial colors or patterns, he gets to test the waters with some new ideas and we are most definitely looking forward to seeing what he comes up with for Brew.


We want to thank Jonathan from Brew Watches for spending some time with us today. We are currently in process of reviewing his watches and we can tell you that they are incredibly cool. Check out their website here as he restocks on many popular watches and be sure to follow along with him over on Instagram.

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Kat, Katlen, and Jonathan

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