Episode 57 Hautix discuss Rolex, Tudor, and Patek pulling out of Baselworld

Welcome to Episode 57 of the Tenn & Two Podcast

Last week, as breaking news in the watch industry was announced, we sat down on a Zoom video call with some of our good friends from across the pond. Today we welcome Adrian from Bark & Jack as well as Rick and Rikki from the Scottish Watches Podcast as we chat about our thoughts on this industry changing news, with quite a few laughs along the way.


Wrist Watch Check

Before we get into today’s topic, we all join in for a wrist watch check. No surprise from Rick as he’s wearing the Panerai that occupies most of his wrist time (and leads to plenty of jokes) on the Scottish Watches Podcast. Today Adrian has his no date Submariner back on the bracelet after having spent much time with it recently on his NATO and leather straps. Yes, we joke about it here, but honestly both of us Kats have straps from him so definitely check out his online store here. On Katlen’s wrist, the Stowa Verus Grau limited edition with our friends over at Worn and Wound while Kat has the Grand Seiko SBGM221 on a very Tennessee camo strap. Rikki finishes up the wrist check with the G-Shock CasiOak.


And Now…Baselworld

It had to be discussed and here come the disagreements. Katlen and Rick hold out hope that this will not be the end of the show while Adrian digs his heels in that while the show may not be ending, no one would care enough to go. Rick pulls up the stock pricing for MCH Group (who run Baselworld)and the numbers were most definitely not good, including a 6% loss in just 5 minutes. Rick brings up a very valid point about the possibility of someone like LVMH Group buying Baselworld now that the price is down. But hang in there y’all, Rick goes into quite the explanation of finances for a but, but we promise it makes sense (we think).

This leads to discussion about how likely that possible scenario would be due to the fact that these brands leaving are partnering with Watches and Wonders Geneva to form an all new event. And then there’s the legality of it all as it would appear that Rolex initiated this exodus for a new show in the future. Does this break any sort of contract that they had with MCH Group? This leads to a bit of a disagreement on whether or not lawsuits could be possible and a bit more chat about how any of it could be proven.

Check out this article on the Scottish Watches website for a breakdown on what legal consequences may result.

The five of us spend a bit of time discussing Watches and Wonders and how ethical it was for them to have partnered with Rolex, Tudor, Patek, and the others knowing that it would dramatically hurt Baselworld. Prior to this, the two events had recently began working together to ensure both would be successful. Rikki discusses the fact that SIHH (now known as Watches and Wonders) had previously been quite a “snobby” event in the past which leads to a chat about how Baselworld could change in order to survive. We toss around the idea of Baselworld embracing the independents and microbrands in order to create a new show while also becoming much more friendly to press and visitors.

And now that we have exhausted the Baselworld chat, we move on to other topics like “What’s New?”…which isn’t a whole lot.

Is the New Invicta Pro Diver the New “Hype” Watch?

The guys get into a chat about the new Invicta Pro Diver that is getting quite difficult to find which seems to be the new hype watch. They’re impossible to find right now, but check out this review of it on Just One More Watch and see for yourself what you think.


Watches We Have Been Looking At

Prior to all of this news about Baselworld, our original plan today was to discuss what watches we have been looking at to purchase after all of this is over. Katlen’s answer remains at her responsible “none” after two months of no work. Also, this conversation didn’t last long before we detour into chatting about “Daniel Wellington” and Rick having slid into DMs but we promise watch chat comes back.

As far as watches he wants to buy after the pandemic, Adrian mentions wanting to get back into vintage watches as he used to have a vintage Omega Seamaster. Kat has a few things on her radar including a Harrods Tudor Black Bay. On Rick’s radar, possibly a Sinn UX as he is quite fancying the oil filled case.


Watches We’d Sell if Things Got Bad Enough

Well, after talking about what we would want to buy, Rick brings up the topic of watches we would sell if things got bad enough. Katlen’s answer, still nothing as she refuses to sell anything off. Kat would sell her Grand Seiko first as the Explorer II is a definite keeper, which is humorous as we discover that Rick would probably sell his Explorer II first. If something has to be sold, Adrian is getting rid of his Grand Seiko but believes that he could sell anything as long as he kept his Explorer. Rikki’s answer, his Suzuki GSXR before any watches.


Well, we laugh and joke quite a bit, but we hope you guys enjoyed this episode as we all catch up and chat life and watches. Be sure to follow the guys over at their various platforms:

Adrian (Bark & Jack) can be found at www.barkandjack.com or over on Instagram and

Rick and Rikki from Scottish Watches can be found on their website, Instagram, and YouTube.

Y’all have a great rest of your week and we’ll be speaking to you again soon!

Kat, Katlen, Adrian, Rick, and Rikki

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