Episode 54: Stimulus Check Cashed, Let’s Go Shopping!

Welcome to Episode 54 of the Tenn & Two Podcast!

Well we hope you all have been holding up pretty well all things considered. Today it is just us two ladies as we decide to have a bit of fun and do something a little different. While Katlen was listening to the 40&20 podcast recently, they introduced a topic that really caught her attention. So after speaking with the guys and getting their blessing to basically knock off their idea (imitation is the best form of flattery right?), we are here with our version. For those of you who may not be familiar with what is going on with the US economy, our government has passed a stimulus package to help offset the financial damage from Covid-19. Included in this legislation is a check for each citizen here for $1,200 (plus an additional $500 per child). Now that’s the gist of it and there are technicalities to qualify, but Andrew and Everett had some fun recently on the 40&20 podcast spending this fake money on watch related items, so here’s our spin on the topic! We hope y’all enjoy.

Also, you can find the 40&20 Episode we refer to here, and make sure you’re following them over on Instagram!


But first, a Wrist Watch Check

Before we get into today’s fun, we start out with a wrist watch check. On Katlen’s wrist, the “borrowed” Hamilton Day Date from her son Tyler. We ladies chat about how cool this watch is and it fills Katlen’s need for a day/date complication these days. Today Kat has the Oris Pointer Date but has decided to wear it on the bracelet for the first time and is loving the combination!


Let’s Go Shopping

So we’ve each got $1,200 to spend on anything watch related that we want. Not taking trivial things like taxes and shipping into consideration (because who wants to worry about those sorts of technicalities). What would we buy? Let’s see…

Katlen’s Purchases: First up is Katlen going over what watch related things she would spend her $1,200 stimulus check on.

Omega Movement Cufflinks – She talks about how jealous she is of men’s cufflinks as an accessory and how she has been seeing these watch movement cufflinks all over the place. So, her first purchase includes some French cuff shirts and these cufflinks from IFLwatches.com $319

Next up, the book “Watches: A Guide by Hodinkee” from Hodinkee $85

Katlen goes into talking about strap changes and how she currently uses a cloth to lay her watches on. We ladies have a mutual friend Stephen who runs Strapsense, an awesome strap review website. He also makes custom trays called the Strap Butler designed to be a soft surface for lying watches on to change straps and size them. This is definitely on her list. Strap Butler by Strapsense $119

The only watch Katlen will be buying with her $1,200 is up next, the Seiko “Arnie” SNJ025. For some reason this watch has really grown on her and she’s been itching to get her hands on one. And of course, we would be supporting small businesses that we love like our friends at Topper Jewelers. $525

Something we ladies have talked about privately a few times is how cool the keychain spring bar tool is from our friends at Worn & Wound. It’s small, practical, and would travel incredibly well. Available at the Wind Up Watch Shop $25

Also from the guys at Worn & Wound is the Staib Milanese Mesh bracelet that they have advertised paired with the Verus Grau Stowa. Wind Up Watch Shop $45

Katlen adds one more book to the list that she has been eyeing for some time, “The Wrist Watch Handbook from Ryan Schmidt”. A book that goes over amazing detail of watches, brands, etc. available on Amazon for $55.

With all this she is left with $27 that will probably just be spend on a few straps from Cheapest Nato Straps.

…but wait! Since she has a son that means she’ll be getting an extra $500 to spend! Hey, she didn’t make the rules, so you can’t blame her for wanting to add just a but more if given the chance.

Katlen has had a G-Shock from our friends at Topper Jewelers for some time now and has fallen in love with it, so she’d buy one for herself. The GMWB5000G-1 has been incredibly comfortable to wear and is just awesome. Buying it from Topper Jewelers $500 (though at the time of this recording they currently have a G-Shock promotion going on).

And finally, a “JB” inspired bracelet from Forstner Bands $125



Kat’s Purchases: Well now that Katlen has spent every penny possible, it’s Kat’s turn to go over what she would spend her $1,200 check on.

First up is the Full Metal G-shock, reference GMWB5000D-1. We were actually able to spend a bit of time with one of these last year and they are just incredibly cool. She is really loving G-Shock watches as of late, so a full metal is definitely on her list. Available from our friends at Topper Jewelers $550

The next purchase for Kat comes from our friends over at Worn & Wound, the Tool Watch Box which is an incredibly cool choice. While currently sold out, she is holding on hope that it will eventually be back in stock to pick up for herself. Wind Up Watch Shop 

The only item that we are doubling up on, “Watches: A Guide by Hodinkee”. Clearly this book is a must have! Found at Hodinkee $85

Wrapping it up for Kat, the Hodinkee two watch travel case. She talks about having been sent a watch in one of these cases and how she absolutely loved the quality and craftsmanship that went into it. Found on the Hodinkee website at $380.


Well y’all, that wraps up our choices for today’s topic. If we are being honest, neither of us plan on doing much else other than saving our stimulus checks until after all of this is over, just in case it’s needed for more responsible things. But we want to hear from you? What would you have purchased? Or what do you plan on purchasing?

Thanks as usual for tuning it. We hope that you all continue to be safe during these difficult times and take care of yourselves and eachother.

Until next time!

Kat and Katlen

Tenn & Two

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