Episode 52: We Review the Vero x Wind Up Peak

Welcome to Episode 52 of Tenn & Two!

Today we are bringing you another one of our watch review episodes as you guys seems to really enjoy the first one with the Haven Chilton (found here). We’ll be following the same format with the same questions as before so that each of these reviews are consistent. Sit back, listen, and enjoy! Be sure to leave us feedback on what you think of the review format as well as your opinion of the watch!


Vero x Wind Up Watch Shop Century “Peak” – About Vero Watches

Vero Watches is another American based watch brand located in Portland, Oregon. They are one of a select few American brands that are continuously pushing to make as many components as possible here in the States. Their cases are both made and hand finished in Portland, and the watches are regulated and assembled there as well. Their motto is “made for every moment” and looking at their collection, you can most definitely see that as they have a smaller offering of watches that offer modern and timeless styling.

The Specs

The Vero/Wind Up “Peak” was introduced in December of 2019 and is limited to 30 pieces. There is also a secong version of it called “Granite” with a different dial and case finishing, but for this review we are focusing on the “Peak” variation. The watch is housed in a 38mm titanium case that is 10.8mm thick, 48mm lug to lug, and has 20mm lugs. The titanium case is fully brushed with the exception of the high polished bezel. Vero has incorporated a bright white dial with blued steel hands and navy numerals, as well as a navy numeral munite track. Through the open sapphire caseback, you can see the Sellita SW200 movement; a time only automatic with 36 hour power reserve and accurate to +/-5 seconds per day. To top it off, you have 100m of water resistance and a grey leather strap from Worn and Wound.


Our Questionare – How Does It Measure Up?

In deciding how to do these watch reviews, we wanted to have some way of narrowing down our thoughts into exact bullet points, So, we have come up with a list of 5 questions that we will ask about every single watch we review. These are simply our opinions and thoughts from our own perspective.

Question 1.) What is our favorite and least favorite feature on the watch?

Let’s start off with our favorites. Kat’s favorite feature, the finishing. She is a huge fan of the brushed case and then the high polished accent really adds a special touch that really speaks to her. Katlen lists her favorite feature as the dial. As someone who loves bright white dials, this one really speaks to her. Combined with the blue accents in both the hands, markers, and minute track it is incredibly stunning.

For our least favorite features, Kat stirs up a bit of a debate by listing the numerals as something she isn’t a fan of (which Katlen disagrees with). While she likes the layering of the numerals and the alternating sizes, the font is where it loses her attention. Moving on, Katlen brings up the crown, saying that it goes against the rest of the case design with its more “rugged and tool like design”.

Question 2.) How versatile is the Vero “Peak”?

Of course for both of us ladies, versatility is a very important feature. Both of us rate this as pretty versatile. While Katlen gives it a 7 out of 10, Kat ranks it a bit lower at about a 6. We both agree that it definitely nails the casual look very well, but Katlen feels it can be a bit dressier if you changed the strap to an alligator leather.


Question 3.) Does the watch suit its designated purpose?

For the first time this review we agree on an answer, “yes”. This watch was designed as a field watch and goes far beyond that. While it may have a more casual look than many other field watches, the titanium case means that it is rugged and much more scratch resistant. Combined with the 100m of water resistance and it is clear that this watch is ready for whatever is thrown its way.

Question 4.) Does the Vero provide far value for its cost?

Again we agree and both answer yes. At $1,120, you’re getting a titanium watch that is only limited to 30 pieces. Katlen focuses on the movement here for a moment. Other brands using variations of the SW200 calibre include Bell and Ross, Baume Mercier, Oris, and Sinn; all of which charging three to five times as much. Kat brings up the fact that the watch is in titanium as a major selling point as well. There simply aren’t any other titanium watches with this calibre to compare it to. It is also one of the less expensive offerings from the brand. Similar watches in design alone would include the Nomos Club Campus at $1,500 and the Stowa Antea for $950. Both are still quite different in terms of materials and movement.


Question 5.) Would this be a watch that gets regular wear and lasts long term in my collection?

Here’s where we are back to disagreeing. While both of us would add this to our collection long term, wear ability becomes a topic of discussion as Katlen brings up the lack of bracelet option as something that really hinders her from committing to wearing it long term. Kat argues that the watch offers a lot of variety in possible strap options, but none the less, it limits how often the watch would be worn by Katlen in spring and summer.

Our Final Thoughts

Honestly this watch surprised both of us. While we usually aren’t the biggest fan of titanium watches, the Vero didn’t seem to bother either of us which is most likely accredited to the fact that it has such a thin case and is worn on a leather strap. The finishing of the grade 5 titanium makes it a very versatile watch but maintains a bit more of that sports watch style that they two of us really enjoy. For Kat, the 38mm size is perfect. Added the details to the dial and even going into the caseback. The text on the caseback is perfectly symmetrical and very visually appealing. This was our first experience with Vero and we are both quite impressed!


A huge thank you to our friends from Worn and Wound for sending us this piece to review. The watch is still available at either the Wind Up Watch Shop website or directly through Vero Watches.

We hope you guys enjoyed this review! Let us know what you think in the comments or over on Instagram. Before we leave we just want to wish y’all all the best. These are difficult times. Take care of yourselves, your families, and eachother. And thank you to those who are putting their health on the line for others. To all the medical professionals, public workers, grocery attendants, to everyone who is helping keep the world spinning right now, thank you!

Until next time,

Kat and Katlen

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