Episode 51: Cara Barrett of Hodinkee

Welcome to Episode 51 of Tenn & Two!

Welcome to this new episode of Tenn & Two where we have an incredibly exciting show with a guest that we have admired for some time, Cara Barrett from Hodinkee!


About Cara Barrett

For those of you who do not know, Cara has been working in the watch industry for about 8 years, having spent the last 5 years working for Hodinkee on the editorial side of things. Her position now includes managing special projects and limited editions, managing social media and writing. Her love of watches was a gradual thing but really kickstarted when she received a Cartier for her graduation. That love really kickstarted when she began working at Sotheby’s Auction House where she worked cataloging pieces that came through. We chat about about her experience with Sotheby’s and how it influenced her getting into the hobby.

As someone who has worked for Hodinkee for sometime now, we get to chatting bout some of her personal milestones over the last five years. One of those proud moments is most definitely the launch of the Hodinkee e-commerce and vintage site watches. As a writer, she brings up several of her favorite articles which include the sale of the Paul Newman (found here) as well as the Hodinkee Magazine story cover about the sale. The Senza Luna article (found here) was another favorite as she really enjoyed the investigative work that went behind it. The limited edition watches are most definitely a favorite for Cara now as, even though it is stressful, she treats each on as her “baby” and gets to see them from start to finish.


Women in the Industry

We chat for a bit about Cara’s experiences being a woman in this industry. While still a primarily male dominated hobby, Cara reveals that when she started with Hodinkee, their readership was 98% male and is now 85% male, showing an increase in women becoming interested. She’s credits a lot of this to magazines featuring watches (including ladies watches) more and brands taking gender assignment away from watches.

Of course, in bringing up women in the industry, we get to talking about the first female Talking Watches video featuring Bethenny Frankel that debuted a few months ago. This gets us chatting about watches and female celebrities as Bethenny was a perfect fit being a genuine watch enthusiast. It is hard to tell who is wearing watches because they are passionate about it and who is doing so as product placement which makes it difficult to find celebrities for the Talking Watches series. When asked about other women she would love to have on the show, Victoria Beckham who she often sees wearing various watches and of course, Ellen.

“Talking Watches, the Podcast Version” with Cara

Speaking of Talking Watches, why not talk watches with Cara Barrett and find out what is in her collection. We ask about the Cartier that her dad had given her at graduation which she unfortunately no longer has as it was stolen in a dressing room. In her current collection, she has a day/date 1803 from 1968 that was one of her first major watches. For her 30th birthday, she celebrated with the black ceramic Daytona the year that it came out, which was not an easy task. Cara’s daily wear, an AP Royal Oak that she never expected to wear everyday. There’s definitely a few other pieces, but these are what she calls the “highlights”.

Katlen points out how interesting it is that Cara doesn’t have a “ladies” watch. She admits to not being a big fan of most ladies watches. That being said, Cara is at a point where she is becoming fascinated by the idea of a true ladies dress watch. Her dream would be a 1960s vintage Bulgari Serpenti with enamel scales. This inevitably brings up the discussion on women’s watch designs which is a frustration that all three of us relate to.


Wrist Watch Check

Well, we completely forgot about that most important of Tenn & Two traditions and wait until now to do a wrist watch check. Starting with our guest Cara of course who is wearing her Tudor BB58 which is another staple in her collection. Katlen is embracing the warmer weather and wearing the Planet Ocean, while Kat has her Polar Explorer II on the wrist.

We Talk Grail Watches and Family

After a brief discussion on water resistance and “tool watches” that we don’t use as such, we move onto the idea of grail watches. For Cara, its always been the Patek 3448 in white gold which is a watch that she had seen while working at Sotheby’s and has always been obsessed with. As far as an achievable grail, a vintage Bulgari Tubogas has been on her radar for some time.


Kat brings up the idea of family getting more into watches because of Cara’s position as we have both noticed the same in ours. She brings up her how her dad has really started to get into collecting pieces since she got involved with Hodinkee, including that she had to resign as his personal watch buyer after spending time hunting down a piece for him. Since then, he has added more pieces to his collection and it’s created a fun bonding for them.


We seriously cannot thank Cara enough for taking some time out of her day to chat with us! This has been something that we have been looking forward to since we started the podcast and cannot tell you guys enough how much of an honor this was! Be sure to follow Cara over at Hodinkee and we hope to chat again soon.

Until next time, stay safe y’all!

Kat, Katlen, and Cara

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