Episode 49: We Review the Haven Chilton

Welcome to Episode 49 of Tenn & Two

We are incredibly excited to bring you this episode as we have been talking about doing this for some time. You guys know that we get in watches for review from various brands quite often as we talk about it regularly on the show. We talk about our initial impressions of them, we may wrist watch check with them a few times, but then there’s nothing else that follows. Yes, we could do a regular watch review online (which is really what these show notes are going to turn into), but would that get our true feelings across in a way that we would want? Probably not. That is why we are starting a series of shows that will focus on a single watch reviee. Going over the facts, a list of questions we have curated about our opinions, and our final thoughts. As this is the first in the series, we would love to hear your feedback! Please let us know on Instagram or in the comments here what you think of the series, especially our 5 questions, and what you would want to see differently that would help you decide if you should purchase the watch or not! Sit back and enjoy!


Wrist Watch Check

Before we dive into today’s episode, we ladies so a quick wrist watch check. On Kat’s wrist, the Grand Seiko SBGM221 that she is still in love with. We talk about how well it replaced the Speedmaster reduced in her collection and how perfect it looks on so many different straps. Katlen is wearing the orange Doxa Sub1200 from our friend Matt who is graciously letting us keep it for just a bit longer. This leads to a discussion on the 1200 versus 300 and the idea of actually getting an orange watch.



The Haven Chilton – About the Brand

The Haven Chilton was a watch that we had been sent in a few months ago that has a really great vintage vibe. Speaking of vintage vibe, let’s get into how the company was founded. Weston Cutter founded Haven Watch Co. in 2018 after noticing the prices sky rocketing in the vintage mechanical watches that he had grown to love. So, he decided that he would design his own and that’s where the Chilton came about. Based in the Midwest, this is something that you can tell from every detail in the watch and packaging. Nothing done is out of excess. These are practical pieces without fuss, down to the carboard box that the watch is delivered in, eliminating extra cost and waste. They work with other Midwest brands as well for their straps and packaging. While the watches are manufactured overseas, they are assembled and regulated here in the United States.


The Specs

The Chilton is available in two different dial options, blue or a white (silver/champagne depending on lighting). The dials feature applied markers with a traditional three subregister layout that have an amazingly vintage feel. Set in stainless steel, the case is 37.5mm in diameter with a 47mm lug to lug, 13.1mm thick and a 18mm lug width. This size is most definitely quite rare for modern chronographs and yet, it is incredibly legible. The watch also features a sapphire crystal making it practical for daily life as well as 30 meters of water resistance. Getting into the movement, the Chilton features the Sellita SW510M calibre which is a manual wound chronograph and Haven was the first brand to use the movement. The watch is sold on a stainless steel bracelet and comes with an additional strap that you can pick out on their website. Priced at $1,799.00.



Our Questionnaire – How Does it Measure Up?

In deciding how to do these watch reviews, we wanted to have some way of narrowing down our thoughts into exact bullet points, So, we have come up with a list of 5 questions that we will ask about every single watch we review. These are simply our opinions and thoughts from our own perspective.

Question 1.)  What is our favorite and least favorite feature on the watch?

Firstly, our favorites. Katlen starts off with her favorite feature being the dial. She finds the overall design and aesthetic as a perfect combination of vintage and modern. The pops of color are a feature that she didn’t think she would like but they work flawlessly in the overall feel of the watch. Kat breaks it down further with her favorite feature being the tri color subdial. But her favorite part, the pulsometer that isn’t “in your face” on the dial. We talk about how much color this is on the dial as well which works very well on the champagne dial that we had in for review.

Least favorite feature, for Katlen it is the bracelet. While some people love straight end links, she does not and it drove her crazy. It’s not that the quality was bad, it was just an aesthetic that does not appeal to her. Kat’s least favorite feature was the sizer which is quite surprising and she admits that this is something that hurts her to admit.

Question 2.) How versatile is the Chilton?

Versatility is a very important feature for us ladies in any watch that we wear so naturally, this was a topic that had to be addressed. Katlen gives the Chilton a 6 out of 10 on versatility because of the colors. While they make the Chilton fun to play with, it keeps the watch very casual in overall appearance and can limit strap pairings. For versatility, Kat would rank this as a 8 out of 10 as the only situation she wouldn’t wear it with would be a dressier situation. It works for the majority of day to day wear.

Question 3.) Does the watch suit it’s designated purpose?

Kat’s answer, yes. The watch was designed to give people an option who like a vintage chronograph design. Even though she personally isn’t a fan of the size, it suits what It was designed for well. Katlen agrees in that it is a great example of a vintage inspired watch.

Question 4.) Does the Chilton provide a fair value for it’s cost?

We both admit that this one was hard. Katlen talks about when we first received the watch in, she was quite shocked at the price. After wearing the watch for a few weeks and doing some research she says yes to it being a fair value. When doing the research. Katlen discovered that when the watch first came out, Haven was the only brand using the Sellita SW510 calibre. Since then, Farer has also adopted this movement for one of their pieces which is priced at $1,950 so the value definitely seems to be consistent with comparable watches. Kat agrees with the value as there just isn’t much else at this price point with the design and size n modern watches.

Question 5.) Would this be a watch that gets regular wear and lasts long term in my collection?

Here’s the part where we get real as it is easy to like something initially and then it just sits in your watch box (we’ve all done it….some more than others *ahem Kat). Kat starts us off as saying yes but her only personal drawback is water resistance. It is a reason that she’s gotten rid of other pieces in her collection, but she likes that it is casual and would go with a lot. Katlen is trying to really think about her collection personally which makes this a bit more difficult. But the Chilton is completely different from anything else that is in her collection as the only other chronograph she has is the Speedmaster. As much as she likes the watch, the bracelet is a hard detail to get over as she really enjoys wearing bracelet watches during spring and summer.


Our Final Thoughts

Overall we both agree that this is a great offering as there just isn’t much else out there with these sorts of specifications. It is a watch that does vintage well and we both love and respect that. Be sure to check out their website and Instagram to find out more information!

www.havenwatches.com or on Instagram here!

Thank you very much to Haven Watch Co, for sending the Chilton out to us for review. We hope you all enjoyed this episode and the content. Please let us know what you think!

Kat and Katlen

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