Episode 47: Jenni Elle

Welcome to Episode 47 of Tenn & Two

We are thrilled to welcome another guest to the podcast today as we host Jenni Elle, a highly successful new YouTuber and our first female guest on the podcast. Important to note that some of the things we discuss during this episode include Baselworld which was cancelled after this interview was recorded. Sit back, relax, and enjoy…

Before we get started, you may or may not know that a devastating round of tornadoes tore through parts of Nashville and surrounding areas last week. Firstly we want to sincerely thank everyone for your calls, texts, and messages. The outpouring of concern, support, and well wishes have been overwhelming at times but incredibly appreeciated. Both of us ladies were safe through the storm and neither of us or our families had any damage. Unfortunately there are many in the Nashville and Middle Tennessee areas that cannot say the same. The tornadoes took the lives of 25 people, destroying over 400 homes and 200 businesses, and left thousands displaced. That’s not including the monetary damage that is expected to hit the billions.

We are here asking for your help. If you are able to, please consider donating to the GoFundMe that the Nashville Watch Club has started to support victims of this natural disaster. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for your kind words and support during this time.

To donate, follow the link here: Nashville Strong – Tornado Disaster Relief

And now to today’s episode…

Jenni Elle recently joined the watch YouTube community and has only been in the watch industry for about a year and a half now when her husband started the YouTube channel WatchWiseWe talk about how her love with watches started with her father at a young age and then went dormat for a time until she met her husband. We talk about both of their first watches being Rolexes that they had echanged on their wedding day and how her tastes have stayed fairly similar since.

Let’s get into some of Jenni’s favorite watches. A discussion comes up about how tastes change and evolve over time and how fortunate we are to have access to trying so many watchs. One of her favorites, the Vantablack by Moser as well as anything by Lange and who could blame her? Jenni talks about her recent trip to the Moser factory and how laid back and refreshing the team were.

For examples of the advertisements, check out the H. Moser YouTube page. Here is one of them:


We move on to chatting more about her actual channel. Jenni has had a lot of experience with film and video from the channel that her husband runs and works with an amazing team of contributors as well. There’s no denying that she has had incredible success quite early in her YouTube career which is definitely a testament to her quality. We talk with Jenni about her concerns being a woman stepping out into a platform like this with such a male dominated industry and honestly, our stories and reactions are quite similar as far as the reaction and support that she has received. She sees her channel as a way to help out new comers in the industry and hopes to continue to make it fun and light hearted.


We Chat About Women’s Watches and Being a Watch Collector in Germany

Well, what would this podcast be if we didn’t pick Jenni’s brain about women’s watches and the industry around it. She discusses her same frustrations about going to ADs and being shown tiny ladies watches that are usually quartz and covered in diamonds. But, we all agree that change is coming and discuss the fact that some brands are starting to embrace making smaller versions of traditionally men’s watches for ladies. But with the passing of the first watch fair, Dubai Watch Week, we are starting to see more brands embrace this which makes us optimistic.

When asked about the collector community in Germany, Jenni makes it sound like it’s quite similar to Nashville as it is a growing community. Surprisingly she is unaware of any major watch meetup groups around Germany so if you know of any, reach out as she would definitely like to attend one or two. We move into discussing Lange and having the accessibility to tour their facility which she recently did.


YouTube Channel Challenges

As a perfectionist, Jenni struggles with her desire for perfection, which is something that the two of us definitely understand. She also worries about consistency and wanting to stay on schedule of one video each week. We spend some time discussing the difference in quantity and quality which is also a concern of hers as the channel continues to grow. Fortunately she had plenty of video experience from previous experience with her husband shooting video which has kept her quality great from the beginning.


Baselworld Predictions

Jenni admits that Rolex and Tudor are what she is most excited to see from Baselworld. She released an amazing prediction video including her favorite prediction, a steel Smurf. Of course, brands are going to do whatever they want, especially Rolex and Tudor. I mean, everyone remembers last year’s Tudor situation where they teased something new and exciting and then brought the P01. From Tudor this year she hopes for a bigger variety in the Black Bay 58 collection, specifically in 39mm.

We all are crossing our fingers in hopes of brands paying more attention to the fact that not all women want small, quartz watxhes. Again we talk about LVMH Watch Week and the fact that this started the year off right.



We just love this question because it seems to bring out so many different answers, but what is  your grail watch? Jenni goes out of the box with Rainbow Daytona which Katlen just adores. SHe mentions that she loves how crazy and out of the box (especially for Rolex) it is which is what appeals to her. Katlen’s pick, the Midnight Planetarium by Van Cleef. At this moment, Kat picks the 50th anniversary Speedmaster in Moonshine Gold as her grail.



We cannot thank Jenni enough for spending some time with us as we have been big fans of hers since first discovering her YouTube channel. We have learned so much about her and feel that we’ve made a great friend.

If you do not already, be sure to subscribe and follow Jenni on her YouTube channel  and over on Instagram.

Thank you all for listening and we hope you enjoyed. Until next time!

Kat, Katlen, and Jenni

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