Episode 46 Teddy Baldassarre

Welcome to Episode 46 of the Tenn & Two Podcast!

Today is an incredibly exciting day as we are joined via phone by someone who needs little introduction to many, Teddy Baldassarre. For those who don’t know, Teddy runs an incredibly successful YouTube channel (found here) and has been a strong voice in the watch community for several years.We thoroughly enjoyed getting to know more about Teddy’s background and histroy as this is his very first watch podcast so sit back, relax, and enjoy.

After a quick introduction, we dive into who Teddy Baldassarre is and how this whole thing with watches started. From his humble beginnings wearing fashion watches, he quickly moved into entry level mechanical watches and then it all went downhill, well maybe uphill from there. We discuss how his YouTube channel got started (which actually wasn’t originally watch related) and what some of his favorite moments have been which included watch shopping with business mogul Kevin O’Leary and experiencing watch shopping in Miami.


What would a proper interview be if we didn’t discuss a bit of controversy. Not sure what we are talking about – the MVMT documentary. To say this video caused an uproar in the watch community would be an understatement. It was during this discussion that we learned about Mike who is Teddy’s partner with the videos and was to blame/thank for this interview. Teddy held nothing back during this interview, and hearing the story of how this came about was quite interesting. What was only supposed to be a typical Teddy Baldassare video churned out enough content to become a documentary about the brand and we discuss our personal thoughts about both the video and MVMT.


One of the things that we thoroughly enjoyed about this interview is just how down to earth Teddy Baldassarre is. Incredibly relatable and easy to speak to, it’s no wonder why he has been so successful in such a short time. And what makes someone more down to earth than being a SoundCloud rapper? Allegedly “Teddy B” won’t be a one hit wonder, but we can all relate to the struggle of being addicted to watches.


After getting to know Teddy, we spend a bit of time discussing our thoughts on the postponement of Baselworld due to Coronavirus which was announced the day this podcast was released. We chat about what this means for the industry in general and how brands will overcome and adapt to the new changes.

We really hope that you enjoyed this episode. As fans of his, it was phenomenal getting to know more about who Teddy Baldassarre is and his background. Be sure to check out his website where he sells an assortment of watch straps and where new things will be coming soon. Be sure to head over to his YouTube channel as well and check out his video content.

We’ll be chatting again next week so stay tuned!

Kat, Katlen, and Teddy

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