Episode 45 Watch & Life Chat with our Friend OT

Welcome Y’all to Episode 45 of the Tenn & Two Podcast!

Today we are joined by our good friend from the West Coast OT (@ranxoren) to catch up on a bit of watch and life chat.

About OT

It is so great to have him back on the show, but for those who don’t know, OT is one of the hosts of the Across Timezones Podcast with Max (@theblackdial). Their podcast started very similarly to ours where two strangers met on the internet and started talking watches which led to an awesome podcast. Their focus centers mostly around the people in the community as opposed to the watches.

On top of the podcast, OT also founded the Watch the Bay Meetups group, bringing Bay Area watch fanatics together. While it may have had humble beginnings, their partnership with our friends over at Topper Jewelers has led to the group growing in ways no one had expected.

If you’re in or traveling to the Bay area, be sure to check out the Watch the Bay Meetups website here and reach out to attend an event.

Also make sure you check out our friends over at Topper Jewelers  as their watch collection is phenomenal and they are great to deal with! Click here to head over to their website.


Wirst Watch Check

Our friend OT starts us off  on today’s wrist watch check with a watch borrowed from friend @wis_shots, the Polar Explorer 216570 which is the 42mm version with orange accent. OT recently picked up an Explorer 16570 for himself that is currently being serviced at Rollie Works (check them out here). We talk about the differences between the 40mm of his watch and the 42mm of the 216570. On Katlen’s wrist, the 42mm Omega Planet Ocean that she admittedly hasn’t been wearing much lately because it’s not her usual fall and winter watch. Kat joins in with the Gorillaz limited edition G-Shock that was gifted to us from our friend Rob at Topper Jewelers.

Let’s Talk Life

Well, what happens when you have three friends who haven’t talked to eachother for a while on the phone together, we spend the next 30 minutes chatting about life. We talk about our involvement in the watch club and how wonderful it is to be able to grow the club similarly to the way that OT grew Watch the Bay because of our involvement with various watch brands. The Across Timezones Podcast is planning a new season of episodes as they are close to celebrating their first year anniversary. This gets us talking about the benefits of a season format in regards to quality of life.

It seems a hot topic for us, but we keep coming back to the people we meet in this hobby and the relationships that we build. OT talks about his friendship with Allan (@thewatchdude2) and how this was one of the key factors in him joining us on our upcoming trip to Scotland. Which then leads us to chatting about our upcoming travels (definitely feel bad for Kat’s husband). And apparently OT really has a problem with the fact that Katlen has never seen The Office.


Ok, Let’s Get Some Watch Content In

We put out a Q&A right before we started recording so we are going to hop over and answer our favorite question from the responses. @thebubbleback asks “If money were no object, what would be your grail watch?” Katlen’s pick, the Midnight Planetarium she has been obsessed with for years. Kat went from staying humble to flexing on us with the $70,000 solid gold G-Shock. For OT, The Patek Travel Time Aquanaut 5164 which is just perfection in his eyes.


Well, that wraps up today’s episode of a watch podcast with little watch content. A huge thank you to OT for joining with us as we just spent some time catching up and chatting about life. There’s only one way to accurately describe today’s episode:


Thank you again for tuning in and we’ll be talking to y’all again next week with a very special edition of the podcast.

Kat, Katlen, and OT

Tenn & Two

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