Episode 43: Leaving Basel, Q Timex, and Instagram’s Influence

Welcome to Episode 43 of the Tenn & Two Podcast!

Well, what would the podcast be without starting off on some form of random tangent and today, it is our first world problem of the word “y’all”. But seriously, time for the podcast…

Wrist Watch Check

As much as Kat tries to skip over the wrist watch check, Katlen refuses to let it go as she’s very excited about what is on her wrist today, the Oris Aquis mint dial with grey bezel that she is already in love with (big surprise). We are incredibly fortunate to have had a few pieces sent in from the brand directly, and this piece has occupied all of her wrist time lately. She talks about the details of the watch that she loves being the indexes, dial, and bezel. Even though it’s slightly smaller than what she would normally wear, the 39.5mm suits the watch well and it has quite a heft to it. We talk about the reasons that we fall in love with watches, mostly being aesthetics. On Kat’s wrist, well, she can’t decide today. So in front of her she has the Oris Pointer Date that was also sent in for us to review as well as the Seiko Alpinist. She talks about how the size suits her well, especially with the thinness and the dial that she is just enjoying. This is actually the first time that she has handles any Oris timepiece and she’s definitely liking it so far. Serious question, do we really have to send them back? Which leads to a chat about the Doxa that Katlen has had in to check out and when we are and are not comfortable buying watches online without trying them on first.


Timex Finally Releases the M79 “Batman”

The speculation about a “Batman” Timex was true and they have released the M79 last week. A few changes compared to the previous quartz version including the fact that it is automatic, a little larger, and has a thicker bezel. It’s neither of our favorites personally in this collection but clearly they are in demand as the watches sold out in just a few hours. Timex has really listened to the enthusiast community in adapting the piece for a popular color scheme and automatic movement. We discuss how they are positioning themselves in a unique place within the industry as traditional entry level automatic watches like Seiko continue to get more expensive. The brand is also going to be introducing some fun new colors as well to the quartz Q Timex collection. Be sure to subscribe to their newsletter and follow them on Instagram as even though they sold out, we are sure they will become available once again so don’t go out on eBay and spend $800 on this watch. Find more information on the Timex website here.


Coronavirus Continues to Affect the Watch Industry

It’s a topic that we touched on a couple of weeks ago and it seems that it’s not going anywhere anytime soon – Coronavirus. This last week, two major brands have announced cancellations due to riding concerns, Grand Seiko and Bulgari. A big blow for Grand Seiko as their Summit was going to be the first independent showcasing since pulling out of Baselworld earlier this year but it was done by recommendation of the government. So far, Bulgari is the only LVMH brand to pull out of Baselworld but we are curious to see if the others will follow, especially since LVMH Watch Week was just a few weeks ago. The brand has made donations to combating the virus which you can read more about here, but it is definitely affecting the community in many ways and will continue to do so if there are no signs of relief anytime soon.

We discuss the responsibility of brands to protect consumers, media, and employees in making these decisions. The reality is, these brands have already invested tons of money into these events, and will be losing out on that income, We both have a lot of respect for these brands that are willing to make such financial sacrifices. This isn’t just affecting shows either, we talk about the affects on manufacturing and the global economy as the disease continues to spread without stop.

As far as our thoughts on Baselworld in general cancelling, neither of us expect for that to happen. It’s an already struggling event and brands are continuing to pull out. On top of just trying to survive and stay afloat, there are the contractual obligations that Baselworld would be responsible for if they cancel. But neither of us would be surprised if you see more brands pull out due to the concerns. This leads to a chat and disagreement onto the relevance of the shows especially in regards to media.


“Curating a Collection” – No Thanks to Instagram

It’s a first world problem, we know this, but we want to discuss the struggles of curating a watch collection versus building one. The conversation arose with Katlen the other day when she was having a discussion with a friend about what her one watch purchase will be. Four long messages later, she had no answer and realized how difficult it is to really narrow down a collection. And let’s be honest, a lot of that temptation and confusion comes from Instagram. Kat talks about her experience in starting out buying whatever she saw posted a lot on Instagram and not being able to find watches that really spoke to her. And it is something we both really struggle with now still. We talk about the desire to keep a small collection and understanding why it appeals to people. Kat is trying a one watch in, one watch out philosophy (*Editors note – good luck with that!). We understand this sounds ridiculous, but telling yourself “no” is hard. We talk about the guilt of not having enough wrist time with our watches and how they just sit in the box most of the time.

On the flip side of Instagram, Kat talks about the Grand Seiko she has been lusting for after seeing it posted on there several times. Now that she has had first hand experience with the watch, she has decided to sell the Speedmaster to fund getting one for herself. But in the last few weeks, it seems that there has been an increase of people picking up the exact same model, causing her to question the purchase which is understandable. Katlen brings up the reasoning behind her purchasing a Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional with moonphase being because she wanted to be a bit different from the majority of what you see.

Really, we finish this up with no actual resolution. I guess the best we can say is to stay true to yourself and what you want. The temptation is real to keep adding, but the guilt of not wearing what you have is also real.


With that we wrap up this episode and hope you guys enjoyed it. We are really loving the feedback from last week’s episode with Josh about photography and seeing the photos you guys are posting. If you haven’t listened yet, be sure to go and check it out!

We’ll be chatting with you again next week!

Kat and Katlen

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