Episode 41: Fake Watches & Coronavirus – Safety First!

Welcome to a Special Extra Episode of Tenn & Two, Episode 41!

Well, this week has been full of some shocking news and we decided it would only be right to actually discuss a few things. Firstly, please excuse any audio quality issues. This episode was recorded on out lunch breaks at work, in the back seats of our cars, but we felt it was incredibly important to discuss these topics. So, here we go.


Swatch Group Cancels “Time to Move” Due to Coronavirus Concerns

One of the most surprising updates this week comes from Swatch Group as they cancelled their watch fair, Time to Move (fpr those who may not know, this show replaces their showcasing at Baselworld which they pulled out from two years ago). The press release issued quotes the rising concern of Coronavirus as the reason for the cancellation of their even that was supposed to have been held in Zurich beginning March 4th.

We spend some time discussing our thoughts on the topic and why we support it. As two people who work In public facing industries, we are all too aware of how cautious you have to be during a regular cold and flu season. And in the case of Time to Move, you’re talking about tons of people in a small area from all over the world with an easily transmittable disease. Swatch Group clearly believes this is a serious enough threat that they want to take every precaution necessary and good on them. And the fact that they aren’t waiting until the last minute to cancel is completely respectful to everyone who would have to rearrange and cancel their travel plans.

According to the press release, regional showings will be held in various areas throughout the year. We then get into a discussion on what this means for the watch industry in general and other watch shows. So far, Swatch Group is the only brand so far that has made cancellations, but as news of the virus worsens and death tolls climb, it will be interesting to see if anyone else follows their lead.


Protecting Yourself as a Buyer and Seller Amid New Scandal

Obviously most of you will know about the scandal that has recently come forward about a famous YouTube watch channel host allegedly selling a fake Daytona. This scandal broke on The Rolex Form late last week and has since turned into one of the most popular threads in the forum and has led to several other people coming forward in the following days. We want to make this very clear as we have been bombarded personally and on the podcast page by people who have wanted our opinions on it.

If you’re one of the few people who haven’t seen it yet, you can check out the scandal here.

We are not here for gossip and drama and never have been, and we do not support any illegal or dishonest behavior. Nothing about our page and podcast has done that in the past and we never will. That being said, it is an incredibly important topic so we will discuss our take on the most important part of this story: PROTECTING YOURSELF.

As a buyer and a seller, you have to use every single precaution possible to protect yourself as the sad truth is, you just cant trust anyone, regardless of who they are in this industry. So here are a few tips to keep you and your money safe during transactions like this:

  • Do Your Research. Don’t take someone at face value. Do as much research as possible into who they are and what their reputation is.
  • Ask questions. It is not an inconvenience and if it is, then that’s a red flag.
  • Take and send plenty of photos. List every detail that could be wrong with the watch inlcduing scratches. Under promise and over deliver.
  • Do not send a wire transfer. Use protective services like PayPal Secure Payment. If the person at the other end of your transaction refuses to do so, that should be concerning. It is worth the extra fee for the safety.
  • If you are the seller, don’t spend the money you get on a transaction for a week or two so that you know the buyer is happy and you aren’t going to have to do a refund.
  • Be firm and be fair.

This is quite an unfortunate event that has occurred in our tight knit community here. But we should remember, this is the exception, not the rule. This doesn’t mean that everyone is bad, it just means that everyone should be careful. It is easy to be lured into a false sense of security. We spend so much time talking to eachother online, but at the end of the day, we are all still mostly strangers. Our hope is that this scandal ends soon. In the meantime, we are going to get our drama where everyone else should, from watching reality TV like The Real Housewives or Keeping Up with the Karashians.


Well y’all, that is it for us today and we hope that you’ve learned something and taken a little bit from this episode. If you have any tips yourself, leave them in the show notes so that others can see!

Chat soon!

Kat and Katlen

Tenn & Two

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  1. PayPal isn’t perfect when it comes to buyer protection. I bought a watch from a Chinese watch shop. The shop sent me the wrong watch, I asked for a refund and said I would return it at their cost. They kept offering me discounts in the watch they had sent me (which I didn’t want) so I involved PayPal conflict resolution. After PayPal has reviewed the case they said that I was entitled to a refund but only after I had returned the watch at my cost. So I have had to ship a watch that I didn’t order and didn’t want back to China in order to get a refund. I can see from the tracking that the watch has been delivered but I still haven’t received a refund.

    Interestingly three of my watch friends also ordered the same watch. We all raised identical PayPal conflict resolution cases. In two of the cases PayPal has sided with the seller, so two of my friends are stuck with watches that they didn’t order. With the online resolution process it does not seem possible to disagree with PayPal’s decision even when it is morally and legally wrong.

    In conclusion, PayPal offers some protection but it isn’t perfect. I would recommend using a credit card even if it is only for part of the transaction in order to have their cover as well.

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