Episode 40: From Middle School to Mountaintops

Welcome to Episode 40 of Tenn & Two!


One day, we will get this intro thing down! Basically, we are school children and are thankful that we never went to school together. So, firstly, we are going to apologize for the beginning of this episode. We have randomly discovered that we grew up right down the road together and went to some of the same schools. Also, since Katlen does the show notes she has decided not to inlcude the picture that started this whole conversation, mostly because she’s hoping it gets lost forever and ever and ever! And then there’s the weather talk. And the Super Bowl chat…

But for real, we are here to do a watch podcast so we’re sorry y’all!


Wrist Watch Check

Ok, now we get to some actual watch content. On Katlen’s wrist from our friends at Nodus Watches, the Duality. We talk about our thoughts on the watch and how great the 40mm case fits. Katlen has this watch as she is part of the Nodus Duality Tour. Head over to their Instagram page (@noduswatches) and learn how you can be entered to win a Duality of your own. Kat is wearing the silver dialed Speedmaster Racing which hasn’t been getting as much love as it should as she has been wearing the Monta and Apple Watch more often. This leads to a quick discussion on Apple Watches and how she uses it.


Paul Newman Daytonas and Antique Roadshow

Possibly some of the biggest news to come this week was this story from Antiques Roadshow and a gentleman’s Rolex reference 6263 (the Oyster Cosmograph). For those unfamiliar with the story, he purchased the watch in the 70s, decided it was too nice to wear everyday, and stuck it in a vault for 40 years. And here’s where things get serious as we are pointing fingers at each other and ready to chat. Katlen talks about the inflation making the $375.94 of the 70s equivalent to roughly $1,400 today and how we would still use a watch at that price point at as a tool watch. On top of the fact that this was a tool watch in the 70s when people actual used tool watches as such. Maybe he started the trend. We definitely have different opinions on this story. While Katlen finds it sad that the watch has no memories, Kat thinks it’s a cool story and brings up a valid point that maybe he started noticing the increase of Rolex pricing and decided to keep it safe at that point.

The value was listed at $500,000-$700,000 for auction but the reality is that nothing like this has ever come to auction so who knows what it could go for. Check out the video below!

Oris Carysfort Reef Limited Edition GMT

An exciting new release from Oris this week continues the Brand’s efforts to protect the environment. The Carysfort Reef limited edition GMT partners with the Coral Restoration Foundation to auction of three of these time pieces with proceeds going towards preservation of the reef which is the only one in the United States (located in Florida) and the third largest in the world. At $19,000, only 40 of these timepieces will be produced in solid 18k gold with rubber straps. Aesthetically, we agree that we love this watch. It is large at 43.5mm, but the rubber strap definitely helps to cut the weight and price. The engraved caseback is a really nice touch and leads to a discussion of closed versus open casebacks. Check out the watch and more details on the Oris website.

Hublot Spirit of Big Bang Rockies Limited Edition

Mountain releases seem to be the theme this week as Hublot launched their 25 piece limited edition Sprit of the Big Bang Rockies to celebrate their boutique opening in Aspen, Colorado. Another watch that we both love. The white ceramic case pairs perfectly with the navy blue accents in the skeletonized dial. For $26,700 it can be yours, but there’s something cool about the fact that there are only 25 of them. We discuss the Spirit of Big Bang case in that even though they are large, they fit extremely well on the wrist as you can see in the picture below on Bode Miller’s wrist.

YouTuber Jenni Elle

We’ve spoken about this new YouTube channel from Jenni Elle once we believe but really want to emphasize her channel as honestly, it’s one of the fastest growing right now. Definitely check her channel out because we have some exciting news: we will be doing an interview with her that will be airing here in the next few weeks. Get caught up on her videos! The Rolex Baselworld prediction video is just insane!

Time & Tide Relief Auction for the Australian Bushfires

We’ve spoken on it before, but now that the auction is over, we wanted to give an update with the results. Over $200,000 AUD was raised by so many phenomenal people bidding on this. If you would still like to help, please consider doing so and donating to charities like the Australian Red Cross.


Grand Seiko Begins Rolling out 60th Anniversary Pieces

Four new limited edition timepieces were announced this week by Grand Seiko for their 60th anniversary. It seems like there’s either lots of love or disappointment for these but let’s be honest, it’s January (*editor’s note, this was recorded at the end of January). There has been an update to one of the movements with the SGBP015 which is a more accurate calibre and features the easy hour time adjustment. All four have blue dials that still offer a lot of variation but we disagree on whether or not we like it. Ok, now for the real talk. Why would the accuracy be better in the same quartz movement in different references? This comes from our discussion about the “gold star” on one of the models. Check out all four here.


Well, that’s it for today’s episode. Be sure to head over to all of our social media and give us a follow and share with your friends. Thanks as always for listening and we’ll talk soon!

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