Episode 39: Let’s Go to the Movies

Welcome to Episode 39 of Tenn & Two!

Thankfully Kat is feeling better than she has been in the last few days and we were able to pull off this episode about a few watches and a lot of movies! But before we dive into today’s episode, let’s snag a quick wrist check…

Wrist Watch Check

On Katlen’s wrist, the orange Doxa Sub 1200 that is on loan to us from our friend Matt (Instagram @snakerabbitcrow). We talk about how we are trying to figure out what the difference is between the Sub 1200 and the Sub 300 and how most of the specs are the same but everyone keeps talking about how different they are. Sigh…so frustrating since Katlen is considering purchasing a Sub 300, we’re confused. Overall, she’s really liking the watch minus trying to find the perfect fit on the bracelet. On Kat’s wrist today, the G-Shock Pigalle that we are both pretty in love with. The watch being off white with the rose gold pushers work just perfectly well together. You know what, it’s cute and adorable.


New Releases This Week

After all of the excitement with LVMH Watch Week starting 2020 off strong, this week seems a but more slow in the world of watch releases but there’s still some fun stuff for us to talk about.


Seiko Brian May Collaboration

Kat and Katlen disagree about the design of this one, but Seiko has partnered up with Brian May to introduce a 9,000 piece limited edition watch (as limited as that may be). Only one of us did our homework this week (thanks Kat for carrying this episode) so she goes into some of the details about the watch instead of basing her opinion on photos like the other (ahem, Katlen). The watch dial design is based on the guitar that he and his dad had built when he was younger, and Brian May has worn Seiko diver’s for quite some time so the collaboration most definitely makes sense. If you’re a huge Biran May or Queen fan, or even like the color red, then it’s definitely a neat watch to pick up.


Seiko Prospex Black Limited Edition Series

Three new additions to the Prospex Divers were added by Seiko and we continue our trend of disagreeing with watches this week. All three are limited to different numbers and have three completely different looks. Katlen brings up that realistically, if she were to pick up an all black Seiko then she would probably just do the all black Seiko 5 that was released the end of last year, especially considering the the price difference between them.


Konstantin Chaykin Mouse King

A fun and playful watch that Kat is just smiling over is the Konstantin Chaykin Mouse King that was introduced for Chinese New Year as this is the Year of the Rat. It definitely fits into the brand for sure as it is out there and crazy, similarly to the Joker watch. Kat (who clearly does her homework) btings up the back story in that Konstantin was reading The Nutcrakcer to his daughter when the inspiration hit from the character in the story. We talk about the movement a bit and how it correlates to the features of the mouse on the dial. Limited to only seven pieces world wide, it’s definitely not the watch you would wear everyday.

Well, a quick tangent on common core math (seriously, how does math change y’all!)! For those who really want to see all of the new math involved just in finding area, enjoy this photo from Tyler’s homework the other night.


…and now onto our fun topic for today!!!


Our Favorite Watches in Movies

Kat has been awesome and put together some fun topics we can talk about during our various podcast recordings and, as a movie buff, watches in movies was bound to be added to the list. As for Katlen, she’s not the type to pick out watches in films or TV shows…call her crayz, she’s just there to watch it. So, here we are! Today we are pointing out watches from a few movies that we enjoy.

Men in Black – Kat’s First Pick

Of course, we are all aware of the Hamilton Ventura worn in the movie that has an incredibly heavy feature throughout the film. Kat talks about how this film may have sparked her interest in watches at a young age. Flash forward a lot of years, it’s a watch that she still considers adding to her collection but she’s just not sure she would actually enjoy wearing it.


Up First for Katlen, Interstellar

Katlen talks about how this movie sparked her son’s interest in watches as it has been his favorite movie since he first saw the film. There are two watches that are featured in this film, both of which being Hamilton. The first being the “Murph” which was made exclusively for the film (until Hodinkee did a limited edition). Katlen talks about how the watch was used in the film as a way for the father to send messages in Morse code to his daughter in the filml so it has a very heavy presence (read the article from A Blog To Watch here). The other watch heavily featured is the Hamilton Khaki Day Date that is worn by Cooper. Katlen talks about how this watch has a sentimental place for her son as she had gifted one to him as his first nice watch to grow into. Kat brings up how much of a presence Hamilton watches have in so many movies and mentions a Worn and Wound podcast episode with the brand’s CEO that can be found here.


Next for Kat, All Is Lost

The film starring Robert Redford features the Pepsi SKX009. A dive watch makes perfect sense for the film as the character spends the entire film in the ocean trying to survive after his boat encounters an accident. And while the Seiko may not have saved his life, it does get quite a bit of screen time. This is where we also learn that Kat has a fear of being out in the middle of the ocean (y’all note that she was on a cruise just a few months ago).


Katlen’s Second Choice, Saharra 

Inspired by the watch that she is wearing today, Katlen’s next pick is the movie Saharra in which the main character wears an orange Doxa sub 750 that has since been named the Dirk Pitt (after the character). Intentional or not, this bright orange dial gets a ton of screen time as it most definitely stands out.


Last up for Kat, The Edge

One of Kat’s favorite films pairs a scandalous love affair and survival, and a few watches as well. Early into this discussion we learn about another of Kat’s fears- small planes. The film starts with Anthony Hopkins receiving a vintage Hamilton pocketwatch from his wife, who also gave her lover a SeaMasrer 300m diver chronograph while wearing a Constellation herself. In some points during the film, the watches are even used for survival purposes (somewhere between surviving a plane crash and running from a bear).


Meanwhile Katlen’s Final Pick is 50 Shades of Grey

We may have to do some more research into this film for y’all to get to the bottom of all the watches worn, but we are committed! In all seriousness, the watch game in this film is pretty serious. In the opening sequence, you see a drawer full of Omega watches. Of all the watches, he wears two the most during the film. The main character is seen wearing an Aqua Terra chronograph and the orange gold Speedmaster co-axial as well most. Also, this is the only topic that Katlen did her homework on today.



Well, a bit more TV and movie talk and that wraps up our show and we hope y’all enjoyed it. These topics are definitely a lot of fun and if you have any ideas of episode topics, email us over at info@tennandtwo.com. Be sure to follow is over on Facebook and Instagram, and run over to YouTube and subscribe to our channel as we will be doing some live videos on Instagram and posting them there.

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  1. One of the Iron Mans … Tony gets ready for a party and asks Black Widow to get “the Jaeger-LeCoultre“ for him.

    Early scene in Dr. Strange … Stephen opens a drawer to select a watch. Several of them are on winders.

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