Episode 38: We Talk LVMH Releases

Welcome Y’all to Episode 38 of the Podcast!


Let’s get it all started with a Wrist Watch Check

Y’all, we need someone to get us a rap worked out for our wrist watch check. But, we clarify that we are not changing our music because we just love it too much. Which, then turns into a whole discussion on the “woo” part of the song and how perfectly Nashville it is because of the “woo girls” aka bachelorette parties here in town. We digress and move into the actual wrist watch check. On Kat’s wrist, the Polar Explorer II on a new orange leather strap from our friends over at Cascadia Strap Company (IG @cascadiastrapco or visit them on their website here). We talk about how Kat was having a hard time with leather straps because of the way they sit against the case of her Explorer but in an earlier conversation, we had discussed a great video from our friend Adrian from Bark & Jack in which he explained why some straps will get worn out quicker on Rolex models. It’s a superb video on changing watch straps and we highly recommend it!

On Katlen’s wrist, the Stowa Verus Grau but also on a different strap from our friends over at Artem Straps (IG @artem.straps). This is a sailcloth strap that is extremely comfortable to wear. They are actually based out of Australia and are doing a phenomenal fundraiser to benefit the Australian Red Cross as the country works to fight and recover from the devastating bushfires. For the month of January, 20% of all sales are going to the Australian Red Cross. If you are in the market for a new strap, head over to their website here and check them out.


LVMH Watch Week

It was an exciting week in the watch world as the first “watch fair” of the year kicked off with LVMH. I think many of us can agree that last year was a bit of a flop by alot of major brands, but this is an exciting start to the year. We are going to dive into some of our favorites that were released.


One of Katlen’s favorite releases was the Serpenti Seduttori Tourbillon which features the smallest tourbillon in a timepiece, and even more cool that it was placed in a ladies piece. Yes, it’s covered in diamonds, but we love that such a highly technical complication was placed in a ladies watch. This leads to a conversation about the difference in mindsets and lifestyles in the types of people who would wear these watches.

Bulgari Sepenti Sedutorri Tourbillon

Three more ladies pieces include additions to the Diva’s Dream collection. In continuing the push for technology, one watch includes a minute repeater complication. And on the opposite spectrum, one of them is quartz which is a bit of a disappointment. We get into a bit of a discussion about ladies quartz watches and the fact that Katlen is becoming more open minded to quartz movements. Kat talks about some of the benefits of having a quartz piece in the collection as well.

Bulgari also added a few new pieces to the Octo Finissimo collection which were a bit underwhelming when compared to what has been introduced over the last few years.


Tag Heuer

A bit unusual considering what everyone else was doing, but Tag Heuer only introduced one timepiece during LVMH Watch Week. Given, it was a gorgeous watch, the 160 Years Silver Carrera. Kat talks about the features of the timepiece and how she isn’t a fan of the larger size at 39mm compared to the original 36mm. We discuss our thoughts of the finishing and overall aesthetics of the watch including the slight fauxtina.




Tons of new releases from Hublot this week but let’s start with the biggest release, the Big Bang Integral. It’s a bit of an unusual feeling as It genuinely looks like these bracelets should have been on there the entire time. Three variations including one limited edition in black ceramic. We disagree a bit on the integrated bracelet as Kat does not like an integrated bracelet as she likes to change her watch straps out too much.

One of Katlen’s favorites is the Classic Fusion Gold. Every dial is completely different because they took 24k gold flakes, melt it, have the atoms crystalized to form unique patterns in which only 20% will make it to a dial. (Note, we may or may not be willing to dumpster dive for the leftover gold) Two case sizes make this the perfect his/hers set. But they are just beautiful and the idea of each dial being different is completely unique. Also, we may need to address Kat’s time telling skills…maybe in a future episode.


Kat’s favorite Hublot release, the Spirit of the Big Bang Rainbow. She would never wear it, but she wants it (for real y’all). We talk about how it’s a bit similar to the rainbow Daytona. It’s bright, and colorful, and even comes in two sizes as a his/her set. Even the alligator strap is a rainbow which is a really neat touch.


We wrap up our Hublot chat with four new limited edition pieces in the Big Bang Sang Bleu collection. This also leads to a discussion about the watch community “hate” towards the brand. But at the end of the day, they are unique and not intended for everyone, much like Richard Mille.



Moving on to a brand that just absolutely killed it this year, Zenith. First, they introduced another limited edition timepiece for their partnership with Land Rover. This watch is incredibly cool and has a rugged vibe with its sand blasted titanium case. Both of us ladies like this piece for sure as it is both rugged and refined. The power reserve indicator is a great touch. Also, we are the same person again as we discuss the bit of orange detail the watch has.

Katlen talks about the Defy 21 Carl Cox limited edition celebrating the world renowned DJ. It’s just one of those funky and cool watches. The record at the nine o’clock subdial is a great touch. But her favorite part is the fact that the bezel and the stitching on the strap are luminescent (which y’all know that she is a sucker for).


We chat about two of our favorite Zenith releases from this week, the first being new additions to the Zenith Elite. We loved the fact that Zenith is focusing their marketing for this collection around the idea of them being unisex. Both variations of watch are nice, but we go on to discuss why the moonphase is our favorite (even though neither of us have any real world use for it).


And our absolute favorite watches released this year came from the new Defy Midnight collection. Y’all, it’s a ladies stainless steel, integrated bracelet, automatic movement, multiple dial options, multiple strap options, 100m water resistant watch! It is like everything that we have ever talked about for a woman’s sports watch and we are both in love with it. The blue gradient dial is just stunning. Yes, there are diamonds, but every now and then that’s ok. You can choose the diamond bezel or simple diamond markers. Also, sorry guys, we have seen a lot of comments about the fact that this is a ladies and how jealous y’all are, but this one goes out to the ladies!


This is an exciting year and we are really looking forward to what comes out for the rest of this year. Honestly, LVMH Watch Week put women’s watches in the spotlight and, fingers crossed, maybe 2020 is the year that brands start listening.


Watch Reviews

Y’all, we have literally #allthewatches right now. So after chatting up a bit, we are going to do some periodic watch reviews on the podcast and are really looking forward to it.


That’s it for this week guys! Be sure to check out some of the other articles on the website.

‘Til next time!

Kat and Katlen

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