Episode 37: Talking Watches, Speedmasters, and the Streamliner

Welcome to Episode 37 of the Tenn & Two Podcast!


We’re back together after what seems like an eternity apart, which was only two weeks but who’s really counting. One thing we know without sounding dramatic is that it is good to be back recording together. We chat about last week’s episode which was the interview with Monta Watches and the feedback it has received. Honestly, we are so glad that so many of you are enjoying it as much as the two of us did while recording and re-listening to it.

With this being our first recording of 2020, we two Kats talk a bit about our goals for this year. Mostly because we really, really, really want to be better about not procrastinating (*editor’s note: as this episode is being recording a day and a half before being put out and I’ll guarantee we will both be pushing a late night on Monday finishing up). We talk a bit about our watch plans this year which brings up our planning for the trip to London and Scotland (and also way too much detail about our work vacation policies…bear with us, we like to talk). And since we are talking 2020 watch buying, there have already been some changes made.


Wrist Watch Check and a New Watch

Some things have changed since our “State of the Collection” episode that debuted at the end of last year. After much debate, Kat has sold off her Grand Seiko and has added a new Speedmaster Racing to the collection. We talk about a few of the reasons why she got rid of the Grand Seiko, mostly being that she really wanted a watch that she could wear on a bracelet. Kat has mentioned several times her love for the Speedmaster and that she just hasn’t found the right one (and she has tried quite a few). This new Speedy fits in so well with what she’s been looking for: 40mm case, sits comfortably on the wrist, different than the traditional moonwatch, bracelet, date window…so far it is everything that she had hoped for. On Katlen’s wrist, her Omega Speedmaster moonphase as well. We talk about how we both adore our watches because they aren’t the traditional Speedmaster. Katlen has hers paired on a Combat Straps shark skin grey leather strap (check out their website here ).


Speaking of Speedmasters, Our Thoughts on the 321 Omega “Ed White”

Omega owned the first #speedytuesday of the year with the announcement of the watch we had all hoped for last year, a 321 caliber moonwatch in stainless steel. We talk about the details of the new watch and our thoughts on the aesthetics. With a 39.7mm symmetrical case, it is pretty much perfection in regards to aesthetics. We even agree that the fauxtina is tastefully done and acceptable for the watch. But $14,100…this is where Omega really made it hurt a bit. Katlen brings up the fact that the price, while steep, is justified slightly considering how limited the watch is going to be. Also, we chat about the fact that maybe this is the year big brands are finally giving us what we want! (check out the article Katlen wrote on the topic here) While it is not a limited edition in the traditional sense (thank you Omega), rumors are that there will only be around 1,000 321 calibres produced each year split between this steel watch and last year’s platinum piece, and that there is only one person assebling these movements at Omega headquarters. That does deserve some sort of premium, but we just aren’t sure it is deserving of a $9,000 price increase compared to the regular moonwatch. We’ll see how the industry reacts, but we both predict that these will be hard to find and will hold their value. Check out more on the Omega website here. 


Moser Introduces the Streamliner

Another big introduction this week came from Moser who adds another sports watch to their collecction with their first chronograph, the Streamliner. And another watch we agree on, this is neither of our cups of tea. Moser is known for thinking outside the box, but this has definitely gone too far for us ladies. We start with what we like on the watch which is most definitely the movement. Upon first glance, you’d never know that the watch was automatic. The caseback features a non-interrupted view of the over 400 component movement because the rotor is mounted between the dial and the movement. We talk about the fact that this many moving parts and the high number of jewels indicated that yes, it’s beautiful, but it is going to be a high maintenance movement because of the increased friction.

Now to the rest of the watch…unpopular opinion but this is just not an attractive piece. It was apparently designed totally around the bracelet, which looks like one of those old Speidel watch bracelets. The bullhead case seems awkward with the location of the pushers. And while the watch keeps to Moser’s idea of minimalism with no subdials, that means it is only a 60 minute chronograph which is completely unpractical (although we admit that neither of us use the cheonograph for long on our watches with the exception of cooking turkeys). Overall, not a watch wither of us are fans of, especially at the price. But limited to 100 pieces we are sure they will sell out quickly.

Oh, and our friends from Scottish Watches landed a great interview with Edouard Meylan, Moser CEO that aired last week. Click the link below and check it out!

Scottish Watches Podcast #108 : Moser and Cie, The Streamliner Watch and More with CEO Edouard Meylan



The Oris Lake Baikal

Another great introduction from Oris as they debut a new limited edition keeping with their environmental conservation passion. The new Lake Baikal limited edition is numbered to 1,999 pieces and the proceeds go to “Point No. 1”, a Lake Baikal conservation effort. The lake contains 20% of the world’s fresh water supply, and we discuss our love for the brand in all that they do for environmental awareness and focus. Kat talks about her want to check out the Aquis collection in person as the dial colors seem quite beautiful. This one is no exception. It has an almost fume finish and is a gorgeous ice blue color that gets darker around the minute track. Another hit from Oris in our opinion. Head over to the Oris website to see more about the watch which will be available in February.


Our Thoughts on Talking Watches with Bethenny Frankel

Well, we’ve made it this far and now it is time for us to get out on our soap boxes and rant! Hodinkee debuted their first female guest on Talking Watches, Real Housewives of New York star and business mogul Bethenny Frankel. Before we get into what we want to discuss, we talk about our thoughts on the video to begin with. Both of us were quite pleased with the female representation here. Cara from Hodinkee did a fantastic job with it and Bethenny has some incredibly interesting pieces. She discusses how she just recently discovered that there is an actual group of enthusiasts in this hobby and that she had been following Hodinkee for some time. We chat about Frankel’s style of collecting and how it resonated with us as she focuses more on finding pieces that she will enjoy long term versus buying what everyone else likes. Overall, it was an interesting perspective and is good to see Hodinkee pushing more female voices.

Now we get into the drama behind it all. And honestly, I’m going to say that you just need to listen to the episode to hear it all. But the hate, disrespect, trash talk, and at times slut shaming is uncalled for. Everyone collects watches differently and just because they don’t collect the way someone else does doesn’t make them less of a collector. Check out the video below if you havent yet. And check out this awesome article from our friend and listener LC (@watchmakers.daughter) expressing her opinions on the video and reactions.


Podcast Updates for 2020

As this is the first episode we are recording this year, we chat about a few changes that we want to make for the podcast. The biggest is that we will be going back to one podcast a week most times. At this point, we really want to start focusing more on the quality over quantity of each episode. We have some very exciting things planned for this year and some great interviews set up. On those weeks, there will definitely be a Friday episode as well, but we just want to continue to put out the best content that we can for y’all. We are also moving into a new area, YouTube. Before y’all get too excited, no, we are not doing video (mostly). This is more to have another platform for our podcast to be heard. That being said, we will have a few videos every and then from Instagram live and maybe a few other style videos as well. But for now, we have a channel and we will figure out what to do with it later. Head over and subscribe! Also, you’ll probably have noticed that we are focusing on the website a bit more. If you have any ideas for articles or watch reviews you would like to write, send us an email at info@tennandtwo.com.


We hope y’all enjoyed today’s episode. If you do enjoy, be sure to leave us a review on your podcast player of choice.

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3 thoughts on “Episode 37: Talking Watches, Speedmasters, and the Streamliner

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  1. I’m not sure where the hate for that woman on Hodinkee was… I watched the video and read some comments, and I only saw comments defending her from so-called attacks, but none of the latter. Most comments were praising her collection and taste.

  2. Cool episode, I like the Streamliner so you are wrong (just kidding, of course) but to be fair if I had the money it wouldn’t be the first watch I’d go for.
    Both speedies look great and I would give thumbs up for possible Tudor BB Harrods purchase ;-).
    As for Bethenny vid; I live in Europe and don’t really know her but honestly didn’t enjoy the episode that much. Not because she’s a woman, not because she’s a reality TV star, not because she got some pieces from her ex-boyfriends I’m simply not into the hype watches. The most interesting watches for me were: the Bell and Ross (earlier gen of V126) which was her dad’s and second the manual wind Cartier where she commented she doesn’t like it because it’s manual and that it didn’t increase in value. But as you said if it brings more women to the hobby I don’t have a problem with it.
    Keep up the good work and all the best from Scotland.

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