Episode 35: #AllTheWatches

Welcome to Episode 35 of Tenn & Two and our last episode of 2019!

Well, Katlen has finally given in and gone to the doctor and apologizes for y’all having to listen to her voice. Diagnosis is lingering bronchitis, an upper respiratory infection, and a touch of pneumonia so bear with us!

Today we are surrounded by all the watches as we are going to have some fun and do a state of the collection to end the year. As we sit here in front of our collections, we each have our own realizations. Katlen has come to the conclusion that she has far too many watches and needs to get rid of a few. While Kat is really appreciating the smaller, more curated collection that she has worked towards this year. One things for sure, these are bound to change by next year. Curious to know what’s in our watch boxes? Well, I guess we should start…


State Of The Collection

Katlen starts us off with the two Seikos in her collection. The first is her Orange Samurai (SRPB97) that she really loves but does not wear near enough because of the fact that it is bright orange which is how she got it in the first place at such a great deal. She has worn it on the silicone strap since she’s had it. Her other Seiko is a modded SKX that Tyler has had for some time.


Kat’s first watch is a piece given to her by her dad this year. A 33-34mm Citizen dress style watch with a moonphase that her dad had worn often while she was growing up and has quite a bit of sentiment to her. He had gifted  it to her when he found out that she was into watches and is truly just a cool watch.


Next up for Katlen are her two G-Shocks. The white G-Shock was her first and totally changed her mind on G-Shock watches in general as prior to discovering the 5600 series, everything seemed incredibly masculine. Her other G-Shock is the Gorillaz limited edition watch that we had received from our good friend Rob at Topper Jewelers. You’ll remember us having talked about this watch last week and just how fun and cool they are.


Kat is going to piggy back off here and include her Gorillaz G-Shock here as well since both of us ladies have one. Again, just a funky cool watch.


The two Nodus watches in Katlen’s collection are what’s next. The first she had purchased this year is the silver dial Retrospect. It was a watch that she had fallen in love with through Instagram and couldn’t resist the opportunity to have one for herself when it came up for sale. Her second Nodus is the blue Contrail that she had purchased shortly after after becoming obsessed with it as it had sold out. Shout out to the guys from Nodus for finding one and sending it out. She talks about how she loves the H-Link bracelets on both of these watches even though they are totally different.

On another note, head over to the Instagram for Nodus (@noduswatces) and look at the post from December 13th (or click right here). Follow the directions on the post and head over to Barton Bands and purchase the Flatwater Elite Silicone Straps to be entered into the giveaway for a Nodus Duality watch.


The Grand Seiko SBGB247 limited edition quartz GMT is next for Kat and her collection. However, this one may or may not make it to 2020. Kat has been on the fence about this one as she really likes watches with bracelets and doesn’t find herself reaching for this one as much. We may be trying to find Kat and the Grand Seiko a therapist to work out their problems. Until then, she’s using spreadsheets to make her watch buying decisions and it’s really not a bad idea at all.


The next two for Katlen are the final two Swatch watches that she has. Before she dived deep into the rabbit hole of watch straps, she purchased a ton of Swatch watches in different colors and patterns. Down to just these final two, which she expects her mom to take home any day so they won’t be here much longer.


The Monta Oceanking is next on Kat’s list. This watch just makes her smile and is a welcome new addition to her collection. It’s a watch that wasn’t on her radar, but the moment she saw it, she just had to have it. The watch stands out in her collection and really brings a fun diversity.


The next two for Katlen are also Swatch watches. The first being a Sistem 51 that she had won in an Instagram giveaway. This is a watch that she really loves, but Tyler loves even more so it is definitely staying in the collection, though probably not her collection. The other Swatch that has sentimental value is the “Body and Soul” Swatch. While aesthetically it is unpleasing, this is a watch that she got to build the movement in which was a very cool experience. Even though it’s never worn, it will definitely stay in the collection.


The Series 5 Apple Watch is next up for Kat as she is still double wristing with this wacth on the right. We talk about her goal in having it being to stay more organized and work on her time management which will hopefully be better. It’s honestly not a bad looking watch and definitley is well liked as an addition to the collection. No worries guys, this will never be the only watch on her wrist.


That newest of watches that you listened to Katlen obsess over for months makes its appearance in the discussion. The Stowa Verus Grau Worn and Wound limited edition. We won’t talk about it too much as clearly, y’all know all about it. Her next piece is the Hamilton Jazzmaster that has the small seconds at the 6:00. A traditionally dress watch, she wears it on a fun seafoam green Nato strap to make it a more casual and fun watch to wear.


Next up for Kat is the Bulova Oceanographer that has just a great Datejust feel. The pop of red on the second hand brings a fun personality to the dial. We’ve come to the realization that Kat doesn’t have any fun stories with her watches and after a few moments we put together that it’s the fact that she hasn’t had any of them for very long at all.


Katlen decides to stick to the vintage theme with her next two. Firstly and missing in action is “Lady”, the vintage 1949 Omega Sapphette that is on her way to Switzerland. Her other vintage watch is the Omega Dynamic that was recently purchased off of eBay.


Things are coming up green for Kat as she discussed the Seiko Alpinist as one of her favorite watches in the collection. Another one that she had sold earlier, replacing it in her collection was something she had to do as she had missed it so much.


From one of Kat’s favorites to two of Katlen’s least favorites. The first is a quartz Tissot that she had bought as a gift but never gave it. It’s completely unworn and just sits around sadly because it is a nice watch. The next watch is actually her first microbrand piece by a brand called Bornova. The Agean is really quite stunning and is incredibly well finished, but just is a bit overly dressy for what she would wear. Be on the lookout guys, these will probably be giveaway watches.


We are back to G-Shocks with Kat’s next pick which is the Pigalle limited edition watch. It has a rose gold screen that really softens that watch. Having so many rose gold features definitely brings out the more feminine characteristics in the watch.


We are nearing the end of our collection journey and Katlen is pulling out two of her favorites. The first being her white dial Planet Ocean that she wears constantly on the shark mesh bracelet. It is a watch that just catches the eye each time it’s worn as the markers and hand being so reflective really play with the light. The Moonwatch of course would be her second favorite. Though admittedly, she would have a hard time picking favorites between the two of these. Her Speedmaster is just different from the traditional moonwatches that you see which is part of the appeak behind this one.


Capping off Kat’s collection is her most worn and favorite watch, the Rolex Explorer 16570 Polar. It is serioualy perfection and there is no other watch that gives Kat joy more than this. We talk about how awesome the bracelet is and her love for the tapered bracelet. It’s incredibly versatile and allows for her to wear it regardless of the occasion. This is the watch that embodies Kat’s personality and will most definitely be staying in the collection.


Katlen is closing it out with her Aqua Terra, the smallest non-vintage watch in her collection at 38.5mm. It was the first luxury watch in her collection and she had admittedly fallen out of love with it for a little while. Putting a new strap on it has changed her view on the watch but she may put it on the bracelet again. This is the watch that had Katlen fall in love with Omega’s in house movements and their durability after a dirt bike incident that it had survived.


2020 plans have us wanting to be a bit more cautious about future purcashes, but by no means are we going to say that we won’t be buying any more watches. Kat is eyeing another Grand Seiko or Monta, and of course we have this trip to Scotland coming up and a possible watch purchase during that trip. Katlen is considering another vintage piece or two but wants to shy away from any majoy watch purchases.

That wraps up our “State of the Collection”. We hope you guys have enjoyed this as much as we have. It’s been quite clarifying and eye opening. Honestly, this is a great way to go through and really evaluate what you have and why.

From us two ladies here in Nashville, we wish you all a fantastic and safe New Year! We can’t wait to see what 2020 brings and continue to thank you for your support.

Kat and Katlen

Tenn & Two

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  1. Hey, I think your dad’s citizen watch is the
    Citizen 2870 – could be wrong but that’s what I got from a quick search.

    1. oops, so I did comment this – didn’t see it for some reason and thought it didn’t go through. sorry for the doublepost >~<

    1. Honestly sense of humor probably didn’t come across as clear because of my illness. That “snarkiness” was just our usual banter and joking, minus the accent that was long gone with my voice. – Katlen

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