Episode 34: Our Naughty & Nice List

Happy Holidays and Welcome to Episode 34 of Tenn & Two!

Well, here we are trying to catch up on all of the craziness of the holidays. And as stressed out as we are, we decided to have some fun and roll with an idea for our Christmas Episode.

Wrist Watch Check

In what could be a first for us and our podcast, we are getting the wrist watch check out of the way before 5 minutes into the recording. On Kat’s wrist, her Monta Oceanking. Given, she is still double wristing with the Apple Watch, but the Monta is occupying most of her wrist time. She has it paired with a blue Everest strap that matches just perfectly. We spend some time talking about how gorgeous the blue dial is and what a great decision was to add in her collection. Today Katlen has pulled out the Nodus Retrospect and is falling back in love with it again. It is incredibly utilitarian and the silver dial is always stunning. Congratulaions to the guys over at Nodus for just dropping two brand new series of watches, the Sector Field and Sector Skin Diver. Make sure you head over to their website and check the new collection out. www.noduswatches.com


Today’s Episode: Naughty or Nice

Well, like we said we are wanting to have a bit of fun today and have decided to play on the fact that Christmas Day is tomorrow. Today’s episode is all about Naughty or Nice watches and could be a disaster…Here are the rules for y’all playing at home: We have placed a bunch of brand names in a cup and will take turns drawing a brand out. For each brand, we will come up with a naughty watch as well as a nice watch, with the idea being if you were to give a watch to someone who was naughty by that brand, which would it be. And the same for nice. As Kat says, either way you’re getting a watch so it sounds like a win/win.

Bell & Ross

Kat’s nice and Katlen’s naughty are the same watch here, “the glowstick” aka BR03-92 Full Lum. Katlen talks about how it reminds her of the stars that we used to decorate the ceiling of our bedrooms with in that it’s a “snot, creamy green color”. But no matter what, Kat can not be dissauded and she just loves the weirdness of the watch. Kat’s naughty watch? The BR05 which Katlen disagrees with because once it’s on the wrist she swears it looks much better. But, we both agree that the skeleton version would definitely be a naughty watch. Katlen’s nice, the BR03-94 in the matte black.




Katlen is shocked that Kat doesn’t instantly go to the new Seiko Alpinist. But after a complelling argument, she agrees until she decided to pull up the Arnie (SNJ025) which Katlen completely disagrees with. But we both agree that the Ripley needs to make a comeback! Our nice watches, definitely the Topper limited edition ninja SPB107 that is sold out sadly. Katlen’s nice, the SPB091, and really all of the Seiko Pressage collection as they take a dress watch and make them look slightly more casual with the bracelet design.



Well this is one that we find surprisingly easy. Katlen’s nice is the Aqua Terra World Timer that she has been obsessing over all year long. Kat quickly one-ups her by choosing the solid gold 50th anniversary Apollo 11 Speedmaster. We both agree on the naughty…the “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” limited edition James Bond watch which Omega had nothing to do with.



A. Lange & Söhne

Without question, Odysseus is the naughty watch winner here. Yes, they did something different, but that doesn’t mean it is good. And at the price point we are looking at here, better bracelet finishing is expected to avoid those terrible gaps that you see in the live photos. Katlen’s nice would be the Zeitwerk Date which is just absolutely stunning. Kat is going with the Saxonia as her nice watch which, with the aventurine dial is undeniable. Lange is one that it’s hard to pick from because all of them are just so good.


We want to clarify that Zodiac has just killed it this year! Katlen is going to hurt Kat’s feelings by saying the naughty watch here is going to be the gold Astrographic, just out of pure aesthetic preference as gold is not really her color. Kat’s nice, the new black Zodiac with mint green hands while Katlen is still dreaming of the Sea Wolf blue rally Topper Limited edition. Kat brings up the Super SeaWolf 68 as her naughty just because of the size.




To Kat’s surprise, Katlen has an instant naughty which is the CasiOak. Yes, we realize this will upset the watch community, but they’re awful y’all and look completely unreadable. Admittedly, we’ve never seen it in person but they look bad. Nice watches? All of the 5600 series. We talk about how cool it is that G-Shock is jumping on the limited edition bandwagon with some of their watches. A favorite amongst them must be the GMWB5000G-1 that we have been able to handle for some time now.




Kat’s naughty, the Oris Big Crown Pilot X. Yes, it is bad, but Katlen makes the argument that it really is better in person. Katlen’s naughty, the Diver 65 Chrono because of the poorly executed fauxtina. Also, the fauxtina is yellow and not YOLO. The nice watch, a toss for Katlen between the mint Aquis date which is just stunning and the Aquis Ocean Trilogy. Kat throws in the Oris Aquis Date Relief which is an equally nice watch to have on the radar.




Kat is going to throw it out quick ad get the Hamilton Murph out which is just such a good pick. We both agree on the Poggytheman limited edition Ventura with that bright pop of pink. Katlen’s naighty list inclides the pilot pioneer just for the fact that Hamilton decided to charge such a premium for the watch versus other in the collection with the same movement and specs. Kat’s naughty list for Hamilton is quite extensive and includes the X Wind Day Date, Ventura Chronographs, and the Spiderman Ventura.



Richard Mille

Katlen’s nice watch, the unicorn Bon Bon Watch (more commonly known as the Marshmallow). It’s just the perfect summer watch and she is obsessed with them. While Kat may think they’re all naughty watches, Katlen decided to take a different approach on naughty and the RM69 Erotic Tourbillon is at the height of “naughty”. Kat doesn’t necessarily have a favorite, but does agree that she likes the Bon Bon collection.



Well, we try to wrap it up, but y’all know how that goes. We get into some chat about our personal naughty or nice watches and bring TImex into it. Next week we are going to do an end of year wrap up and chat about our current collections. This will be our only episode this week so that we can enjoy some time with our families and loved ones. So, from the two of us, we wish you all a very happy Holiday Season.

Kat and Katlen

Tenn & Two

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