Episode 33: Our 3 Watch Collection Under $3,000

We are here at Episode 33 of Tenn & Two and today we are here to have some fun!

Welcome to Tenn & Two After Dark…though to be fair, it starts getting dark at 4pm. We don’t know about y’all but this has been the Mondayest of weeks ever. Today we are going to have some fun we cannot wait to just chill and chat some watches.


Wrist Watch Check…well, ish

Kat is still double wristing with her Apple Watch that she won at her office Christmas party and we talk about how she feels a bit weird wearing the watch with something like her G-Shock that she tends to reach for on some days through the week. Don’t worry guys, Katlen will make sure she’s not out and about wearing only the Apple Watch, though for tonight’s recording that’s her wrist watch check. On Katlen’s wrist, nothing. But in front of her is #allthewatches. She has received on loan the Grand Seiko Four Seasons collection and y’all…they are so good. We will most definitely be taking tons of photos of these watches over the next week or two and can’t wait to share more about them. Another package Katlen received was the new Stowa from Worn and Wound (I guess this means she needs to send James back his watch). She’s contemplating not opening the new watch until Christmas but we’ll see how long that lasts.


Our Perfect Three Watch Collection Under $3,000

Early on in this podcast endeavor we had done an episode focusing on our three watch collection under $1,500 which was incredibly popular. Y’all have asked for more, and we are here to give it to you. Today we are discussing our three watch collection under $3,000 and in keeping with tradition, Kat has gone the purist route of selecting three watches that total $3,000 while Katlen will be talking about 3 watches that each cost under $3,000. To be fair, firstly there are no rules and second, we are too similar to have the same price limits (you’d just get the same three watches over and over).

Katlen starts us off with her first choice which is the Montblanc 1858 Stainless Steel with small seconds (reference 113702). Even though it’s not the watch that’s made for everyday life, it is a handsome watch that could be quite versatile depending on the strap. It is quite large at 44mm which Katlen mentions is more unique for a dress watch and is a big reason she likes it. In a three watch collection, it gives that more “dress” component while being a watch that could be worn casual at the same time. It is a bit of an older watch, but at $3,045 retail that just means you should be able to find it at a great deal.


Kat comes in with her first choice, the Monta Atlas. The prices do vary between $1,565 and $1,795 but offers a great value. The GMT, screw down crown, 150m water resistance makes it a great everyday watch. If Kat were picking just a three watch collection, it would be the silver dial which would work for everything. The finishing is just next level for their price point and it offers alot of bang for the buck. At 38,5mm, it is going to look good on any wrist. Check them out on the Monta Watches website.

Image from Hodinkee


Round two for Katlen goes to Grand Seiko with the 9F Quartz GMT (SBGN003). She talks about her desire for a GMT watch and how it would fit well into any collection. At $3,200, it’s just over the price point but she’s going to sweet talk her way to a discount (thanks Handsome Rob). In looking at a small collection, it fits that more sporty look but could also be a complete strap monster. The black dial with just a splash of color in the GMT hand are superb and of course, Grand Seiko finishing is just phenomenal. More information can be found here. 


Kat’s second choice is a good one, the Oris Big Crown Pointer Date with blue dial. She talks about the fact that initially she wasn’t attracted to this piece because of it being sold on a strap but it has grown on her since. The pointer date is just a clean display on top of how gorgeous the watch is. She goes with the blue dial as it has a more subtle coloration to it. We discuss the beauty of the hands and markers as well. At $1,600 it stays true to the solid price point that Oris offers as a brand. Head over to their website to explore the watch more. 


The final choice for Katlen, another Oris with the Aquis Date with the month green dial and matte grey bezel. What’s a three watch collection without a good sports watch and this one is just absolute perfection. She discusses her experience with the Aquis collection and trying to find that perfect fit. The dial is just a perfect shade of mint green and the bezel really helps to tone it down. Kat discusses her dislike of the integrated strap situation and this is definitely the only downside to this watch. But it’s unique and suits what she’s looking for in a sports watch since she is so used to having her Planet Ocean. See the watch at Oris.ch


And here we are, the last watch goes to Kat and her choice is a 5600 series G-Shock. These round up her three watch collection this is the perfect watch. These go from $80 to well over $1,000 but there are just so many options under that $250 price point. Both of us ladies have had a ton of fun getting into the G-Shock series and really enjoy having them in our collections. We talk about the following behind the watches and how much enjoyment they bring. You can find them anywhere of course, but head over to the their website to see the options.


Well y’all, that’s it for our episode today. Let us know what your three watch collection would look like!

Kat and Katlen

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