Episode 32: We’re Back Home

Welcome to Episode 32 Y’all!

We’re back in our cozy studio and must admit that it is good to be home! We loved every single minute of that trip to Burlingame, California and spend a bit of time talking about our favorite parts. We spend some time talking about our travels and the experience as a whole. On top of that, we got back and hosted Monta Watches in town which was so much fun. The guys were amazing to talk to and spend the entire day with. Look for the episode to come out here after the beinning of the year.

Just so y’all know, we are going to take a little break the next two weeks but will still be around, don’t worry! We will be only putting out one episode the week of Christmas and then one the week of New Years. This gives us a chance to breathe a bit and enjoy some time with our familes but still allows us to put out some cool content as we have some fun things planned!


ok, ok…maybe we need to get in a quick Wrist Watch Check

Friday was Christmas day for Kat as she got two new watches in. (What a lucky lady.) Today she is double wristing! On her left wrist is her new Monta Oceanking. Kat goes into the story on how this isn’t the watch that she had intended on purchasing but once she saw it during our meeting with Monta, she had to have it. We cannot put into words how special the watch is and how stunning the blue is. On her right wrist, an Apple Watch that she won during her office Christmas party. She’s planning on double wristing for a month or two to see how she feels about it (hopefully she gets it figured out first).  The watch fam has definitely given her a bit of grief over it, but she promises that she’s not replacing her regular watches with it! Don’t worry y’all! On Katlen’s wrist, the super cool G-Shock Gorillaz edition that was gifted to us from Rob at Topper Jewelers. This watch has blown both of us ladies away and has been quite a surprise. Also, while supplies last, Topper Jewelers is giving this watch away free with purchase of select G-Shock purchases. Check out their website for details. www.topperjewelers.com

Back to Recapping Our Week

Honestly, we are so fortunate to have met the guys from Laco and that is what we really love about having this podcast. We are able to meet and speak with people that most enthusiasts don’t get the opportunity to and we truly hope that we convey that passion and excitement through this podcast. Having the opportunity to learn more about Laco was definitely a great experience that we are both grateful for. If you haven’t listened to Episode 30, please go back and do so. The work and dedication that went into this collaboration with Topper shows in every single aspect of the watch. And the people…the Bay Area watch fam definitely reminded us of being back home in Nashville.

Flash forward just a couple days later and we hosted Monta Watches and had our Nashville Watch Club meetup. Justin and Michael with Monta are seriously cool guys and we loved having the opportunity to build a relationship with them. And it was incredibly prideful to have had such a great turnout with our meetup that night. Seriously, we cannot wait for y’all to hear this episode at the beginning of the year!


The Horological Reporting World Plays Catch Up

Not shocking is the reporting this week that the Seiko Alpinist is coming back. This is somehing that we have talked about a few weeks ago and it looks like the only new news is the price being released at $725 and $750. Kat discusses her thoughts once more on comparing the new one to the older version like she has. Again, we just cannot justify the price. Honestly, if you like the Alpinist, just hunt down the older generation as you can find it for less than these. We are just not sure on this new price point that Seiko is going for. It’s ok in watches like the Seiko 5 because you can find them heavily discounted, but we don’t see these being marked down the same way. If you want to increase the price, give us something worth the justification of the peice. Kat brings up a phenomenal point that Hodinkee charged $750 for their blue Alpinist so maybe Seiko is taking that lead?

Image from Gear Patrol
…Speaking of Hodinkee Limited Editions

Can we just take a moment and drool over the Hodinkee Nomos Limited Edition that was released this week. It was seriously made for us, grey and clean. Katlen talks about how she had never wanted a limited edition watch more. Yes, a lot of people hate on Hodinkee for it but why? It encouraged brands to try and test something new in a limited run that they may produce later on. They work with different brands each time and offer true limited edition watches in low production numbers. Honestly, if any brand ever wants to partner with us we are totally down for it! They’re sold out, but you can check out the details of this stunning watch here.


Omega Introduces a Non-Limited Bond Watch?

Possibly the biggest surprise of the year is that Omega has dropped a new James Bond watch that will not be a limited edition piece. It looks like a James Bond watch, very military and British inspired. Katlen talks about her problems with the pricing as there is a $4,000 premium for titanium, an aluminum bezel, and closed caseback. But seriously, the watch is phenomenal. And that bracelet is just perfection (except for being in titanium so it won’t match any of our stainless steel watches). We spend some time talking about the fauxtina and our thoughts behind it. Why are brands pushing this on us! Let us age our watches the way we want to. Katlen talks about how exciting it is to see Omega embracing the military style watches that are so popular now. We are curious to see them in person and they should be out in February. In the meantime, check out this article by Hodinkee for more details.


Casio Bids Baselworld Farewell

Announced this week was the fact that Casio is pulling out of Baselworld for 2020 which leaves only Citizen as the last Japanese brand there. Their reason, scheduling. We discuss our thoughts on whether or not brands are just continuing to jump on the bandwagon of leaving and just blaming it on schedules. We’ve discussed this, it makes sense for brands to do their own things. Yes it is sad to see something as long lasting as Basel die out, but for brands it totally makes sense.


Giveaway Winner Announced!

Firstly, we drew several winners based on an Instagram randomizer and the first three did not complete the instructions and head over to the website and comment on Episode 28 show notes. Shame. but, we did have a winner in our fourth attempt and we are excited as he has been a fan of the show for some time. Congratulations to Jonathan aka @mr_milgauss! We are incredibly happy for you so make sure you DM us your info. No worries, Kat is in charge of our shipping so it’ll get out! Thank you so much to everyone who participated in this giveaway and for continuing to support the podcast.


Well, we just realized we are running late for a meeting so that’s all for today. From Nashville and back home in our studio, we say farewell!

Kat and Katlen

Tenn & Two


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