Episode 31: A Few of Our Favorite Things

Hello Y’all and Welcome To Episode 31 of Tenn & Two

Today we have another fun and casual episode planned as the holidays are coming (as painfully unprepared as we are for them). We two Kat’s have decided to put together a gift guide filled with our favorite things in order to help inspire through the holidays. We also have a bit of extra fun with us today as our friend OT (@ranxoren) from the Across Timezones Podcast has joined along with us.


Before the Holiday Festivities and laughs begin, let’s grab a quick wrist watch check…

Our special guest OT starts as he’s wearing a Rolex Submariner 114060. We talk about how comfortably this watch is to wear even though it is a bit of a thicker watch.  It just is phenomenal when it sits on the wrist. Kat has her Rolex Explorer II which has been the subject of recent scandal when she put it on Instagram after she posted a photo of it on a jubilee inspired bravelet. But when it’s your watch, aren’t you entitled to do whatever you want to it? On Katlen’s wrist, the Speedmaster Moonwatch with moonphase.

Our Holiday Gift Ideas

Well, since we have instantly become good friends, we kill a bit of time with some chit chat and then get around to out holiday gift guide.

OT starts us off with a cool selection of whiskey glasses from Huckberry that have famous mountain impressions inside of them. Definitely a really unique idea and there are never enough whiskey glasses. Whiskey Peaks collection can be found here.


Kat’s first suggestion is the new Topo bag from Gear Control. She had seen James from Hodinkee post it on Instagram and reached out which got her in contact with Kyle from Gear Patrol. This bag can be worn as a messenger bag, backpack, or tote and collapses down making it incredibly portable. If you like the bag, use promo code TENNTWO for 20% off on their website. Check out the Topo Bag.


Well, Kat can’t work a circle to figure out how this goes. Moving forward Katlen’s first idea is a deent camera. Nothing too particular, but she talks about how amazing it is having a camera to take watch and family pictures. It is a great idea for someome who really enjoys pictures, even if they aren’t using it for watch photos. OT uses a Sony and Katlen has a XT1, but we agree that mirrorless is a great way to go. Check out the Fuji XT1 that Katlen uses here, but definitely do some research and ask around.


Back over to OT with his second choice, the Filson bag. He considers this to be the perfect travel messenger bag as it fits everything he needs for when he travels. We talk about how great their warranty is which definitely shows that they are quality products that should last you forever. Filson 48 Hour Duffel Bag 

Gift number two from Kat, which is also one of OT’s ideas, are the Redwing Iron Ranger. She and OT talk about how comfortable the boots are and how easy they were to break in. “Boot Patina” is a thing and these boots definitely have it. They’re awesome and come highly recommended. The women’s Iron Rangers can be found here, and of course you can follow the link to other styles.


Katlen’s watch related item would be a bigger watch box. She really needs to get some ideas, but something bigger than the currently 6 watch box that she currently has with strap storage. Kat and OT bring up the Worn and Wound new watch box which looks like a tool box that is admitedly awesome. Check it out here. Other recommendations would be Wolf brand boxes which can be found on Amazon.


OT brings up the Airpods as an awesome idea as he uses them everyday and multiple times a day. He currently uses the Pro ones as he likes them for traveling. Definitely one of those things that you don’t need but that are such a lifesaver once you have them. Find them here. On another note, don’t let the two Kats hold your phones, clearly we cannot handle.

Up again is Kat with a jacket she has from Uniqlo. The Ultra Light Down Jacket is easily transportable in a bag and is incredibly warm. OT has one as well and agrees that it is the perfect travel tracket as it says incredibly warm and dry. www.uniqlo.com


OT with the most practical gift suggestion: any good bottle of alcohol. Find out what their favorite drink is and get them a good bottle of it. You can spend whatever you want on them and it is much more personal than a gift card.


Kat mentions S’well thermos’ as an essential for her. It keeps drinks hot and cold for such a long period of time. She uses it for work and it lasts the entire day. Check out S’well products here. 

Katlen’s final item is a gravity blanket. She doesn’t sleep well and has heard they are absolutely amazing to sleep with and help with anxiety. OT mentions that alcohol would most definitely be the way to solve that problem and we start planning our night out tonight.


Our Favorite Watch Gift Ideas

OT’s watch selection for holiday gifts: The recent Hamilton line that comes in black PVD, white, and green. They are incredibly impressive for their movements and such a great watch. His other suggestion is an SKX. It is just the great watch for everyone and even though they are discontinued, they can still be found very easily.


Kat has a few watch suggestions as well. For her budget option, the Timex Marlin is a great choice for any man or woman in your life. And moving up just a bit is the Junghans Max Bill which has the perfect unisex look and makes a phenomenal gift as well.


Finally from Katlen are a few gift ideas for watches. Swatch Sistem 51 is a great starter mechanical watch for older kids or people not quite into watches. For a woman in your life, the Timex Celestial Opulence which is a phenomenal starter mechanical watch.


This has been so much fun! Thank you to OT for joining along with us and we definitely can’t wait to have him back. Best of luck with your holiday shopping!

From San Francisco, California, bye Y’all!

Kat, Katlen, and OT

Tenn & Two


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