Episode 29: The “We’re Tired” Q&A

Welcome to Episode 29 of the Tenn & Two Podcast!

Well, here we are on a Friday evening chatting away all afternoon and realizing that we need to record an episode of this podcast. On the plus side, at least we aren’t stuck recording at 5am…though allegedly that will have to happen when we record our Hautix episodes (silly Rick and his “business hours”). One of these days we will get our group together.


What’s On Our Wirsts…

A little bit more talking about the Scottish Watches gius and Kat reels us back in to the show with our wrist watch check. Today Katlen is wearing the Haven Watch CO. Chilton that was sent in for us to do a review of. We talk a bit about how surprising this watch has been as Katlen finds the chronograph complication very easy to read, even on a smaller sized dial (37.5mm). Honestly they really nailed the design here to make it practical. The subdial layout is perfectly balanced which is aesthetically pleasing and clean, making the different color subdials stand out just enough. Kat has on her wrist a vintage Bulova Oceanographer from the early 70s which was just picked up from our local friends Forbes Jewelers. It is almost a Datejust homage but has enough personality to really stand out on its own. The red second hand is a fun touch that brings a bit of playfullness to the piece.



And now to our favorite part of Friday…the Q&A


Our friend Josh aka @stuffandwatches has a couple of questions for us: 

Part 1 – “Out of your collections, what’s your ideal travel watches(es) arrangement? Why?”

 Kat starts off with her thoughts of traveling with just one watch and multiple straps. For her, that watch is the Explorer II which is just perfect for everything that she needs. Katlen is a bit more difficuly but agrees on the fact that it’s got to be a strap monster if you’re only going one watch, but it would depend on the type of trip. Water vacations most definitely call for the Planet Ocean while the Speedmaster is perfect for business.

Part 2 – “Budget out of the window, what’s your ideal grail-level travel watch arrangement?”

For Kat, the Sky Dweller has to be the grail travel watch in white dial and stainless steel. It is robust and sporty enough to be able to endure whatever she puts it through. Katlen’s grail travel watch has got to be the Aqua Terra World Timer. It can be rotated between the rubber strap and the bracelet and provides a ton of versatility.



Our next question comes from @engraved_balance who asks “What part of the industry excites you the most? Watchmakers, designers, marketers, etc?”

Katlen talks about a recent work trip in which she had an activity to design a watch from start to finish, including distribution, marketing, design, etc. Honestly, all of these aspects are really exciting to her as each one plays an unique role in the overall industry and they are all intertwined amongst one another. So basically, all of it. Kat is much more fascinated by the design aspect behind it all. The “”how” of everything that came to be in the way the watch looks is quite intriguing as she bases so much of her watch buying on the watch being aesthetically pleasing (and who could blame her).


Also from @engraved_balance, “How do you make a “good” Instagram name/handle?
What frequency of Instagram post works best for you?”

For Katlen, she wanted to make it practical for what her Instagram is about. She recently changed her handle as it was originally a personal account and growth made her want to remove her last name. SO in thinking of a new one, she wanted it to be clear that it was not just a watch account and included her personal life a bit too which led to @katlen.watches.life. Kat keeps thinking about changing hers from @a_girl_and_her_watches, but we both agree on the importance of keeping your handle consistent. Thankfully we had listener help in naming our podcast which has turned out great.

As far as frequesncy of posts, as much as you can. Consistency is key in growing your account but you want to make sure the content you are posting is something that you are proud of, not just to post for the sake of it. It’s not easy, but we recommend maybe taking shots ahead of time so that you have a few photos to add through the week. This is the only way that we are able to provide content on a regular basis.


And back to our friend Josh who is clearly bored while Black Friday shopping with his wife as he has submitted quite a few questions: @stuffandwatches Part 1- “Do you appreciate higher end watches more than inexpensive pieces? Why/why not?”

Katlen starts this one off by saying she does appreciate/respect them more in the sense that she can appreciate their price point and not be overly rough on them because of that. But Kat brings up the comparison of the Stowa and Speedmaster and asks “Do you treat these differently”. Honestly, the answer is no. And Kat feels the same. She appreciates the higher end stuff in her collection just as much as the lower end stuff, her Seiko Alpinist being a prime example. With the personal relationships that we have with our watches it makes it so hard to not appreciate them.

Part 2- “What factors *most* influence the watches you buy?”

This is one that we both agree on – aesthetics! It can have the best movement but if it’s not attractive, it is not something that we can live with.

Also, thank you Rikki from Scottish Watches for texting non stop during this recording and distracting us. Kudos to you for editing all your episodes, now come and do ours please.


A fun one from @peter2704 who asks us “What are you getting the Scottish Watches boys for Christmas?’

More imprtantly, what are they getting us for Christmas? Their gift is our presence, next fall, 9 months away, but still, we are awesome and worth it. Kat offers up dinner and drinks if the guys ever make their way to Nashville. And after a bit of thinking, we conclude that we don’t even know what to get anyone else on our list either. Please send help! Then we decide that maybe we’ll just send them one of the cat hair watches from our Halloween episode so that it will remind them of the two Kats in Nashville. That or coal…who knows.


Our last, and possibly most diving question comes from @gelatomancer with “Who’s more likely to start a bar fight?”

We disagree 100%!!! But since Katlen is the one typing these up, I’m going to go ahead and let y’all know what’s up. I’m pretty diplomatic in the way that I handle things and Kat is most definitely not. But let’s be real, this may be determined by how much we have had to drink. Realisitically, neither of us would be the ones who start a fight. Katlen is more of the “break you doen emotionally” type. But we do agree, we are each other’s ride or die and will always have eachother’s back.


Well, that’s all y’all. Don’t forget about the Seiko 5 giveaway announced during Episode 28. If you haven’t entered, go and listen to the episode and do what you’re supposed to do!

Also, forgive Katlen for the epic failure of trying to get this outro. Did she mention that it’s Black Friday today and she’s worked all day…the struggle is real y’all. Enjoy the weekend and we will be chatting soon!

Kat and Katlen

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