Episode 28: We Talk “Big” Watches

Welcome to Episode 28 of the Tenn & Two Podcast

We are still in turkey coma life and recovering from all of the Thanksgiving feasting that has occured over the last few days as most of you that listen here in the States probably are as well. On top of all this food we have just consumed, we are planning out all the In-n_Out we plan in eating while in California at the end of this week…YOLO right?

Wrist Watch Check

Of course, before we get too far into things it is time for our wrist watch check. Kat is wearing the Grand Seiko SBGV247. She talks about how it is a watch that she grabs quite frequently lately partly because of the fact that it is quartz and running when she picks it up in the morning. On top of the fact that it feels like a mechanical watch by the way it wears. One month in and Kat is still really in love with this piece. Katlen has chosen the Planet Ocean on shark mesh bracelet today (admittedly because she wore it yesterday and it was already set when running late today). We talk about how Kat hadn’t realized that it had a seatbelt buckle before and we talk about how safe and secure it feels.

We get into a follow up on Katlen’s week of double wristing and basically, she hated it. The biggest problem was that it really irritated her wrist and caused quite a bit of pain and discomfort. The idea of feeling “pretentious” wasn’t really as much of a concern as she thought it would be. Unexpectedly, there weren’t a lot of people who commented on the fact that she was wearing two watches. But she does mention that it is a great way to enjoy more watches in your collection and give them more wrist time in general. That being said, Katlen definitely won’t be doing it again!

Some Exciting Updates from IWC

Somehow during the partial shutdown of Instagram on Thanksgiving (we think it’s a conspiracy), IWC managed to sneak in a handsome new limited edition in partnership with six time Formula One World Champion Lewis Hamilton. This Big Pilot’s Watch Perpetual Calendar is limited to 100 pieces and is just absolutely phenomenal. Nothing about this watch should work together, but it does. The Bordeaux crown, ceramic case, gold crown and hands…it is just a sexy watch and looks just as good from the caseback. Check out the details on the IWC website. 

Also from IWC, a 6 year extension on their two year warranty. And one of the cool things is the fact that you can register your recently purchased timepiece so that you can get your extension. We get into a discussion on how the industry is changing in regards to materials and technologies that are advancing in order to extend out service intervals to the points where brands are able to offer such extended warranties.


YouTube Discussion on Women and Watch Brands

We bring up a chat about a video that was done by Not So Obvious Watches on Watch Brands and Women which we found to be pretty spot on. Kat brings up a remark that was made in the comment section stating essentially that “there are so few women in the hobby that it would be silly for brands to cater to them”. This comment really irritates both of us ladies and we discuss our opinions once again on the fact that there should not be a gender to watches and that is a phenomenal way to get more women into watches. But that comment is exactly what is wrong in the industry and is quite unfortunate to see this kind of mindset. Kat may have gotten into a bit of a tiff and Katlen reminds her that you can’t change people’s mind on the internet.

Definitely check out the video. The thoughts expressed were quite well done and we really appreciated it.


Alpina and their Partnership with the National Parks Foundation

As people who love being outside to hike and camp, we are excited about this partnership with Alpina and the National Parks Foundation. It makes complete sense for Alpina as they have been credited as the first Swiss sports watch and most of their marketing and base is set outdoors. We bring up the Alpiner X that Katlen had actually not been aware of. This is a smart watch 100% and is the perfect alternative to an Apple Watch for fitness. It gives sleep, temperature, GPS, activity log, barometer, and countless other features that makes it everything you need in a smart watch. This thing screams outdoors and has an analog/digital display which is not seen very often in this industry. Check them out on the Alpina website. 

Hodinkee Nails Another Collaboration with Swatch

Hodinkee killed it again with their new Swatch Sistem 51 limited edition. It was incredibly retro and fun and we both loved it. We chat a bit about our feelings around the Sistem 51 collection in general. Here’s hoping the next one is or 1988 so Katlen can pick up a birth year watch that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg! The watch may be sold out, but you can still read about it here.



Our Hautix Friends are Doing Some Cool Things…

Well, the guys across the pond are doing some fun things starting with Adrian from Bark & Jack and Rikki from Scottish Watches heading over to Switzerland to visit JLC and we cannot wait to see what awesome content comes from it.

The guys from Scottish Watches have introduced the first episode of their YouTube series The Tock Show featuring Jonathan from Edinburgh Watch Company who specializes in the sale of new and used timepieces. Honestly, the video was very well done as was the interview, and we muchly enjoyed getting to watch along as a nice change of pace from their normal podcast format. Jonathan definitely knows his stuff and has quite a collection of timepieces. With this being titled Episode 1, we are looking forward to seeing the guys produce more of these round table style interviews in the future!

Visit the Edinburgh Watch Company website here. 


Speaking of videos, Adrian has been busy with YouTube and his latest videos about his thoughts on the Rolex bubble. We found the new one to be quite informative and detailed and a great follow up to his first video on the topic that had gotten quite a bit of backlash. We get into a discussion on our own thoughts about watches as investments which is basically “don’t buy it as an investment.” Definitely check these videos out, really great insight.

Be sure to follow along with us on Hautix where you can find Tenn & Two, Scottish Watches, and Bark & Jack all in one place. Group projects will be coming soon, we promise!

Instagram @wearehautix


Congrats to the Horology Talk November Photo Contest Winner…

Congrats to Gøran Bäckstrøm for winning the November photo contest with a gorgeous photo of his Brellum Chronograph in the Facebook Horology Talk Group. It was an absolutely phenomenal photo, and in checking out his Instagram, we can see why. Amazing photos and be sure to give him a follow @goran.watchman


…A Special Holiday Giveaway from us Here at Tenn & Two

We are so excited to say thank you for all of your love and support over these few months as well as to celebrate the holidays with you. So…follow these rules and be entered into our December holiday giveaway:

1.) Like the post on our Instagram that coincides with this episode and giveaway which will be posted on December 3rd

2.) Tag 1 friend in that post

3.) Comment on these show notes with your Instagram user handle

…that’s all. Oh, you probably want to know what you’re entering in to win? We have a brand new Seiko 5 Dive Watches reference SRPD51 with blue dial. The contest will run from the 3rd through the 13th.


Make sure y’all get entered in and follow along with us over on Instagram and Facebook. We’ll be chatting soon!

Kat and Katlen

Tenn & Two


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      1. I’m with Katlen hoping for a 1988 watch too next! Great episode as always. Keep up the good work!

        – @looisc

    1. Awesome show, as always. Your podcasts really make my day. Thank you for all your hard work, and these are some seriously great show notes!

  1. Thank You for a very good episode! It’s very interesting to see the watch world from a female perspective, keep it up 🙂

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    Great show today ladies. I’ve been looking at this watch, I love the dial colour so hopefully I can win one now.

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    Love your podcasts. You’re my go to for my drives to work. It’s like having you girls in the car with me. Is it bad that I laugh with y’all and talk to you as if you can hear me?!

    1. I definitely both enjoy and appreciate yall’s podcast. Very much agree with what you talked about in this episode—that watches shouldn’t be gendered like they are now! It’s really nice to hear people say that out loud 🙂
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  10. @vatshisname awesome podcast going to recommend to my soon to be wife in a week. Love that y’all advocate for women too and I couldn’t agree more. I’d love to get his and her matching watches and be that couple haha

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  12. Love listening to this podcast! I like that you guys talk about the more affordable watches. Thanks for what you do! @steffimae91

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  16. You guys are killing it, the podcast is addicting but I will have to agree with Kat these show notes are amazing. Very impressed. You two clearly have a bright future and if there’s anything I can do to help please feel free to reach out.

  17. You two are still one of the best combos going. Love listening to you guys getting ready for the day. I’m gonna think of SOMETHING to write about for you all, but even if I don’t, I hope you to continue to excel! @quest327

  18. Great episode. Really enjoyed it. Also @mr.c.mojo I tried to sign up with the wrong email address and WordPress had a hissy fit!

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