Episode 27: Herding Kats

And here we are, Episode 27 of the Tenn & Two Podcast

Clearly we didn’t plan ahead as we totally could have done a Black Friday Episode. Oh well…a conversation about Black Friday and Apple Watches turns into a conversation about concert and play tickets and “who are you to tell me what I can and cannot do with something I bought”.


Alas, we digress…yesterday was Thanksgiving here in the States and we hope that you all had a fantastic day with your friends, family, and loved ones.


What’s On Our Wrists?

We thought we would never get around to asking. Kat has stolen the Stowa from Katlen and it is really just absolutely awesome. We know you’ve heard us talk about it a thousand times, but Kat points out a detail that she had not noticed before in that there is no counterweights on the second hand which really helps contribute to its clean appearance. On Kat’s wrist, well her wrists, she has the Speedmaster on Fears watches wool strap on the left. Her right wrist has a new watch that we have in for review, the Haven Watch Chilton. This is the first time she’s had it on the wrist and will be wearing it for a couple of weeks and doing a review following.


Also shout out to @watchthing.co for sending this awesome vintage inspired t-shirt. This is their first design and we look forward to seeing more from them in the future. Click here to check out their website. 

Image from WtachThing.Co


A bit more watch talk squeezed in as we chat about the new Hamilton Ventura POGGYTHEMAN which is limited to only 500 pieces. It features an all black case with just a splash of hot pink and it is absolutely phenomenal. That is, until you get to the part that it is $995 and quartz….seriously.

Image from Hamilton Watches

See it for yourself at www.hamiltonwatch.com


…and now for our regularly scheduled Friday Q&A

Our first question is from @watchesofsiliconevalley who wants to know: “What are some watches that look better when they’re a little bit worn/beat up?”

Katlen starts out and her answer is bronze watches. She was never a fan of the shiny, new bronze timepieces in showcases but after having that Christopher Ward on the wrist for a while from a listener, she really appreciated the worn in look that bronze can offer. Kat talks about her favorite look being with old Seiko SKX divers that have a good patina. But she is a huge fan of beat up sports Rolex models which leads to a discussion about the difference in how we treat tool watches now versus back in the day when they were really used and beat up.

A great example of how we baby our watches now comes from one of Katlen’s recent Instagram posts for #halfwatchtuesday. (*Editor’s note, if you don’t follow @halfwatchtuesday you really should. It’s all about having fun with watches and you see some absolutely creative shots. Plus the mashups on their page are just phenomenal.) One of her more recent pictures included a shot of her Planet Ocean drizzled in honey which caused quite an uproar and left her having to defend not babying her watch to people on Instagram. Seriously, such a difference in the way we treat our watches versus tool watches in the past. They can take it.


Nashville friend @awatchgram has today’s next question with “At what price point do you begin heavily questioning a watch purchase?”

This was definitely a tough one as first instinct is anything over $1,000. But in all reality, any purchase over $500 leads to a real thought process going behind a purchase and the questions of whether you need it or would wear it. Alot of it depends on what kind of things you buy and what your regular spending habits get into. And of course there’s the conversation of what else could you buy with that money.


@batman9889 asks “Is the Omega 300M the best dive watch at that price point?”

Katlen’s quick answer, YES. Even the older model with the 2500 caliber was a phenomenal watch for the pricepoint at $4,400. But the new one at still just over $5,000 is a bargain for everything it offers with the upgraded in house movement. Kat agrees but would add in a close second contender as being the Tudor Pelagos which is really another great watch with phenomenal specs.


@watchoutwrists wants to know “What do you guys think is an appropriate amount of watches in a collection?”

Is #allthewatches an acceptable answer? In all seriousness, it is really a personal matter. Some people can be perfectly happy with one watch. Kat discusses that she is getting to be very happy with a smaller collection. And we both envy people with one or two watches in a collection. As long as you’re happy with where you are and aren’t maxing out credit cards to add, then that’s what matters.


And our last question is from @watch_stander who asks us “What are the features of your perfect watch?”

We start listing off basic specs:

20mm lugs, date, bracelet, strap monster, date wheels that match, micro adjust clasps, well finished and applied markers and numerals, screw down crown, sports watch, 39 to 40mm, great lume.

Complications…hmm. Other than a date we don’t know that any other complication is a real must have. But definitely would not complain about a GMT.

Kat brings up her Rolex Explorer being as near a perfect watch as possible for her.

Tough one, dial color: Katlen seems to love the idea of blue but not in practicality, so she’s going white. But let’s be clear, bright white and not that off white or silver color.



We hope y’all enjoyed this week…we know it was different, but it’s a holiday and we enjoy being a bit more playful from time to time. Next week we will be in San Francisco so if you are in the area, definitely reach out and we will try to meet up! Hope you all enjoyed today’s episode and we’ll chat to you later.

Kat and Katlen

Tenn & Two


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