Episode 26: Watches We’re Thankful For

Welcome to Episode 26 of Tenn & Two Y’all! 

Well, it’s Thanksgiving week here in the States and we decided to do something a little different as we are supposed to be giving thanks for the people that matter in our lives. And, since we are all a bunch of watch loving nerds, today we are appreciating the new releases in 2019 that we are thankful for. *Editor’s note, there are just too many to choose from and we know we’ve missed a few, but hopefully y’all forgive us.


Let’s do the Wrist Watch Check

On Kat’s wrist, the Seiko Alpinist on a really handsome dark brown strap (that she doesn’t remember where it came from). But it’s definitely a strong combo and works phenomenally together. Katlen stuck to her promise and is double wristing, but unfortunately the watch she wanted to wear on her right wrist is on her way to Switzerland because she decided to quit working. Alas, she is wearing the Speedmaster on the new Fears wool leather strap which is a phenomenal combo that we are both obsessing over. On her right wrist, the Stowa of course.

Check out the Fears Watches wool straps here!

Tenn & Two Road Trip!

We are headed out to San Francisco the first weekend of December to join our friends Watch the Bay Meetups and Topper Jewelers for a special surprise watch event! If you are in the area, we would love to meet up (though we aren’t sure exactly how much free time we will have between arriving on the 6th and the event on the 7th). Be sure to head over and RSVP for what is sure to be a phenomenal event!


RSVP to Watch the Bay on December 7th Here!


What 2019 Watches Are We Thankful For…

Kat starts us off with her first pick which is one we both are obsessed with, the Fears Watches Brunsick Blue. It definitely stole our hearts and is arguably one of the best blue dial watches out there. On top of it all, we are very excited to see how well received it has been amongst collectors since it was introduced just a few weeks ago. (Read more about the release and our opinions by clicking here, or check them out at http://www.fearswatches.com)

Image from Fears Watches

Katlen’s first pick, all the Zodiacs. A brand that has really killed it this year, especially in regards to their limited editions. The blue Astrographic and the Topper Limited Edition Sea Wolf were absolutely phenomenal this year. And then there’s the new black plated steel Super Sea Wolf 53 which is just absolute perfection with its sexy all black case and bracelet and just a hint of turquoise on the dial and second hand. To see more, head over to the Zodiac Watches website.


Next up, a watch that’s soon to be on Kat’s wrist, the Monta Atlas. We cannot say enough about the quality for the price point. Every single detail of this watch is perfectly thought out. Kat talks about the “feeling” you get when you wear a Rolex and that the Monta is the only watch that gives that feeling as well. “She freaking loves it” and is literally counting down the days to December 11 when she will have it during their trip to Nashville. Head on over to the Monta website and check one out for yourself!



And while we are on the topic of breaking our “no watch buying fast”, Katlen brings up the watch that she’s breaking it with, the Worn & Wound Stowa Verus Grau. Y’all have heard us talk about it a thousand times, and it is perfection. It’s a watch that she feels would really be missing from her collection and is a must have. All the specs are right and as much as Katlen has tried to find other options, this is definitely the one that is meant to be. Somehow these watches are still available, though there was only 100 to begin with so they have to be running out. Check them out here!

Image from Worn & Wound


We think most of the watch world would agree that the Q Timex Pepsi Bezel is a watch to be thankful for and Kat most definitely is. It is a watch that has arguably put Timex on the map this year and has them being talked about in the community. It’s a great price point and the value and quality are there. Though currently sold out, you can add yourself to their email list on the Timex Website.

Image from Timex


On the other end of the price point spectrum, Katlen is giving thanks for the Patek Calatrava Weekly Calendar that was introduced early this year. She loves the weekly calendar complication as it is incredibly practical for most people in office jobs who have to do weekly reporting. We discuss the hand written inspired font that is so playful and unexpected from a brand like Patek. It checks a ton of boxes and is really the only watch you ever need. See the details on this awesome watch here!

Image from Watch Time


The Zenith Defy Classic Ceramic is another amazing watch that Kat is thankful for. Seriously, the white is everything! It’s a skeleton dial which Kat usually doesn’t like, but she is really digging it here. The date is a cool touch that you can see through the dial and really adds a cool touch and shows their attention to detail. There are three color choices that can be seen on their website by clicking here.


With her next pick, Katlen is thankful for the Blvgari Octo Finissimo Chrono GMT. Seriously, this entire collection of watches has been phenomenal since their original introduction. Not only are they doing big things as far as technology is concerned, but they are nailing the design and this Chrono GMT is no exception. It’s modern and sexy and we are both really itching to check these out in person. See more details on this watch at www.bulgari.com.

Image from http://www.Bulgari.com


Kat’s final pick today, a watch that has been widely talked about, the Speedmaster Apollo 11 50th Anniversary. To clarify, the solid moonshine gold one, not the “Buzz Butt”. She admits that she’d not a gold person, but would give up her collection for this watch. We get into a bit of a discussion about Speedy “purists” but quickly come back to the conversation about the watch we are discussing. We definitely cannot wait to see one of these in person! Head over to the Omega webiste and see more information.

Image from Omega Watches


Another hit and favorite from Omega this year, the Aqua Terra World Timer. Katlen has been obsessed with this one for quite some time and is even more so since she finally got to see it in person at the Omega Boutique a few weeks ago. As far as size, it wore similarly to the older Aqua Terra chronograph as it is a bit thicker. You have to see the details to the laser ablated globe in person, pictures seriously don’t do it justice. They are due to hit stores here soon, but in the meantime, you can see them at www.omegawatches.com.

Image from Omega Watches


Finally, Katlen is also thankful for the Nodus Duality. Nodus has really caught our attention this year and has stolen Katlen’s heart, and Duality is no exception. It is such a phenomenal looking timepiece and we are incredibly excited for Wes and Cullen as they are really taking off. Check out our coverage of the Duality release here and then head over to the Nodus Watches website.

Image from Nodis Watches


Like we said, we are thankful for much more than what we have talked about today. But most imortantly, we are thankful for you, our listeners. Honestly, we cannot thank each and every one of you enough and are so blessed to have your love and support! Y’all are the best and we love you. If you are celebrating Thanksgiving, we hope that you enjoy the time with loved ones and if not, just have a great week.

Kat and Katlen

Tenn & Two

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  1. Glad to hear you guys are going to FINALY make it out here. As luck would have it my work has me in Burlingame for the weekend and I will be able to attend the event. Look forward to seeing you there and what Russ and Rob have up their sleeve for the drop. Their events are great and you will have a blast.


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