Episode 25: Listener Q&A

Welcome to Episode 25 of Tenn & Two

Well guys, we still are trying to get some sort of intro sorted so enjoy listening to the chat. And if y’all have any ideas then let us know, preferably without us sounding like over the top peppy cheerleaders.

On The Wrist Today

Kat has the Polar Explorer on the Bark & Jack tan leather strap. This strap is just absolutely phenomenal and really brings out the patina in the lume while keeping the white dial bright and the center of attention. Seriously, y’all have to check these out, click here to see them for yourself. The quality is next level and they form so naturally to the wrist. Katlen is trying something a bit different today and is double wristing (though she swears there is a purpose). She has Lady, her vintage Omega Sapphette that she just picked up from having some servicing done and her Speedmaster also on a Bark & Jack leather strap. The Scottish Sky Grey is a very unique color that compliments the Speedy incredibly well.



Is Double Wristing a Thing?

Katlen promised there was a reason that she was double wristing and sure enough, there is. Our friend @watchingbaseball  sent over an article from the New York Times titled “Why Justin Bieber, Chris Pratt and Offset Like to ‘Double-Wrist’” in which the topic of double wristing by celebrities and even watch enthusiasts is discussed. This brings up a question, would you double wrist? Katlen used to do it with a FitBit and a regular watch and Kat would entertain the idea of wearing an Apple Watch and regular watch. It’s an interesting concept as you finally get to wear more of your watches and give everything more wrist time. We discuss the cons of trying to match the watches and trying to fly under the radar. There’s definitely a taboo about it, but Katlen is going to spend a whole week from the 22nd through the 29th double wristing. Let’s wish her luck.

You can find the New York Times article by following this link.


…and now for our regularly scheduled Q&A


Today’s first question is from local friend @utglover who asks “What was the last show you binged?”

Katlen starts out strong with Game of Thrones as she binge watched the entire series in a few months earlier this summer as there really wasn’t much else to watch. Stranger Things was probably the most recent but apparently it doesn’t count unless you watch multiple episodes in one sitting so scratch that. For Kat, Big Little Lies would have been the last series. Both of us ladies agree, since the podcast, binge watching much of anything is pretty much done (but we wouldn’t have it any other way).

Next we have another Nashvillian, @awatchgram, with the question “Besides watches, what are your favorite horology related items? (coasters, books, etc..)?”

Books for sure! We both are obsessed with the book “A Man and His Watch” and it is seriously one of the best things you could ever give someone who is in this hobby. So many amazing stories told about some phenomenal people and watches. Those cufflinks with the movements make Katlen wish she wore French Cuff shirts. And the artwork! One of our favorite companies right now is Art of Horology who offers incredible prints at really practical pricing. Check out their Instagram @the_art_of_horology! Don’t forget all the straps and all the all the watch cases and travel rolls, they are life and we need them all. And if you guys have access to Oris mugs and Omega Apollo USB astronauts send them our way!


@thebubbleback has us laughing by asking “What was it like having to babysit the Scottish Watches boys for an hour?”

Two words, “herding cats”. In all seriousness, they were absolutely great. We have been such great friends with us for some time and it was good to have them on the podcast as they have given us so much support. They were true to themselves and their personalities which we are glad came through for our listeners. Honestly, no babysitting required. And thankfully, we had Rikki to keep Rick in check.

Listen to the episode if you haven’t already! 


Wrapping things up is @peter2704: “I’m getting fed up with alot of watch YouTube channels. Any suggestions for me?”

We definitely have very different feelings towards YouTube personally. While Katlen has never been a huge fan of watching YouTube (with the exception of a few watch videos of course), Kat is definitely the kind of person who goes down the rabbit hole and can spend an hour or two no problem watching videos. But, here are a few of our favorites: Bark & Jack, ClockBait, Horology House, Teddy Baldassare, Watch Box (especially with Tim Mosso), Hodinkee’s Talking Watches, Worn & Wound, . And if you’re getting fed up with YouTube, then maybe it’ll be good to take a break from it.



Thanks as always for listenig and we look forward to talking to y’all again soon.

Kat and Katlen

Tenn & Two


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