Episode 24: I’ll Take the Patek for 31 Million Please

Welcome to Episode 24 of Tenn & Two Y’all!


We Start with the Wrist Watch Check

Katlen is incredibly excited today as she just picked up “Lady”, her Omega Sapphette from 1949, from the watchmaker which is instantly taking up her wrist time. Fingers crossed, a few hours in, she is running pretty well and hopefully all problems are solved. On Kat’s wrist, the gorgeous Grand Seiko SBGV247. We talk about how great it is as an entry piece into the Grand Seiko brand for the price and finishing, as well as the convenience of having a quartz watch in the morning.

Well, on the air we have decided that we are definitely going to Scotland next August and are now planning a one year anniversary party and watch purchase! Send us watch ideas!


Grand Seiko Leaves Baselworld

It was reported by Watches by SJX that Seiko will be pulling out of Baselworld next year. The official reason given was due to the change in date from March to May (conflicting with Golden Week for the Japanese culture). Taking place of Baselworld will be a Grand Seiko Grand Summit in March. We discuss our thoughts on watch fairs in the industry as social media is making them a bit obsolete. Why pay millions of dollars to be a part of a bigger fair when you can do your own showcase and control every detail about it. Unfortunately, it is harder for us watch enthusiasts and hurts us the most as fans who miss out on these brands at the events. We talk about how larger watch fairs seem to be suffering versus smaller ones like WindUp continuing to grow every year.

Honestly this has been an interesting conversation with several great points being introduced that we both agree and disagree on. We can only speculate at this point and as enthusiasts, we really hope that these type of events don’t fade out. Check out the article from Watches by SJK here. On another note, anyone want to sponsor and send us to the Grand Seiko Summit in March? Just kidding…sort of.


A Stainless Steel Watch Sold for What?!?!

Happening last week was also the Only Watch Auction which is just a phenomenal cause that seems to bring out the best in brands as they push limits to create these literal one of a kind timepieces. This year’s big topic, and one that will be impossible to top, the Patek Phillipe Grand Master Chime ref Ref. 6300A-010. At 31million Swiss Francs, it has set the record for most expensive watch ever sold at auction. The previous record, at 17.7 million, was for Paul Newman’s personal Daytona. Now, this watch is cool and is arguably one of the most complicated timepieces around, but it is stainless steel.

This brings us to a question that was asked by our friends over at @watchwithuschannel which was “What were your favorite watches from the only watch charity auction?”

Kat’s favorites were the Tudor because we are both digging an “all black” watch and the Konstantin Chaykin “Joker Selfie”. While Katlen’s favorites were the F.P. Journe Astronomic Blue and the Zenith El Primero A386.


Timex Dropping Some Hints and New Pieces

Timex has been on Instagram again teasing a new watch, and it looks like another Q Timex Reissue. If you’ll remember, we talked about the Batman one that has been revealed to be released late this year/early next year. Both Kats think this one will be something totally different so make sure you check out the Timex website or Instagram to see what will be coming. We spend some time discussing the hype that is Timex lately and what we liked and disliked about the first Q TImex.

The Giorgio Galli S1 Automatic was released recently and aesthetically, it is pretty much perfect. The sunburst dial finish is gorgeous and the hands/markers are finished incredibly well. At 41mm, it is paired with a rubber strap and will be offering a variety of colors. The design is great, but it seems to be a lot of concern over the price of $450. Yes, there are a few other pieces that you could get at that price, but that would be true of any watch. There are always options. We bring up the conversation of “who buys Timex”? It’s not the enthusiasts like us, it’s everyday people who don’t have knowledge of the industry. They are growing themselves, and they are growing their fans and collectors into mechanical timepieces as well. We like where Timex is going and look forward to seeing more.

Check out the collection on the Timex website.



Hodinkee and Omega are Officially Partners

Hodinkee has opened up their own pop-up shop in New York City with Omega to celebrate the launch of their partnership with Omega as an Authorized Dealer. The pop up will be open until November 24th and looks just absolutely stunning. Hodinkee already carries a ton of great brands so it most definitely makes sense to partner with Omega. You can’t help but wonder, how many limited edition HodinkeexOmega watches will be coming out. Follow this link to the Hodinkee article announcing the pop up. 


Bell & Ross BR03-92 Full Lum aka “The Glow Stick”

Bell & Ross is making us all need sunglasses in the dark with their newest release. The BR03-92 is literally the definition of lume with both the entire dial and the entire strap being fully luminescent. We disagree a bit on our opinions as Kat really likes it but Katlen doesn’t think it would look as good in person or in the light. Kat discovers that it is a real hassle to try and buy the watch so good luck on the lottery for the chance to maybe, possibly buy the watch. We have decided that we want to nickname the watch “the glow stick”. Also, can we discuss the driving hazard that would be night time driving with this watch? To be clear, Katlen is not encouraging cell phone use and driving!



Thanks for listening as always! If you have anything you’d like to contribute to the website, email us at info@tennandtwo.com. We can’t wait to chat again soon.

Kat and Katlen

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2 thoughts on “Episode 24: I’ll Take the Patek for 31 Million Please

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  1. Nice episode. Totally agree that quartz has a place, and though I want more women to get into mechanical at higher price points (and at minimum, at least not get jipped value-to-money wise by not going mechanical), I think its nice to have at least one grab-and-go quartz watch at the ready.

    The other highlight of this episode for me is Timex. They really seem to be pushing in such a wonderful direction. I just checked their website last night, and they are venturing into watch rolls, cases and I’m very excited to see what they’ll do next!

  2. >They are growing themselves, and they are growing their fans and collectors into mechanical timepieces as well. We like where Timex is going and look forward to seeing more.

    100% agree and this is a solid insight. It’s also extremely true to form for Timex based on their history. They built the brand by expanding the market in the 1950s-1970s.

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