Episode 23: The Kats Chat

And here we are, Episode 23 of the Tenn & Two Podcast.

So, let’s start this one with a disclaimer. We started out with watch talk, we really did. But it’s been 10 days since we ladies have chatted over anything more than text and clearly we have missed one another. Enjoy the watch talk…and the chat. We’re allowed every now and then right?


Wrist Watch Check

We talk about the weather and how much we are freezing, but eventually we get around to actually talking watches. On Kat’s wrist, the Q Timex which has not seen a lot of wrist love lately. She talks about how she had thought about getting rid of it as the “hype” had worn off, but now that she’s got it back on the wrist it’s speaking to her once again. Today Katlen has on the Planet Ocean white dial on the shark mesh bracelet. A quick conversation about straps ensues as Katlen has ordered the new Fears wool strap for this watch and is curious as to how it’ll look on the diver as typically it is a bit taboo to combine leather straps on dive watches.



Following up from the Fears Watches Interview and Meetup

This is our first time speaking after the Fears Watches interview went live and we are so impressed with the response that we have received. Speaking with Nicholas was an absolutely phenomenal experience and it was a pleasure to have the opportunity to see his timepieces in person. We talk about the Brunswick collection and getting to see these pieces in person and how it changed our initial thoughts from seeing it online.

Check out our interview with Nicholas Bowman-Scargill of Fears Watches here.

And we are finally able to talk about the new Brunswick Blue that was announced yesterday! This is a watch that Nicholas had brought with him during his US Tour and we have all fallen in love with it. The Brunswick Blue was a huge hit at our meetup with the local watch family and we are sure it is going to be a hit. It captures the light perfectly and has a lot of presence while keeping true to its “understated” roots. See more details at www.fearswatches.com.

Check out our article on the new Brunswick Blue release here. 



The Fun that was the Scottish Watches Interview

We had the absolute best time recording with the two Ricks from across the pond. Kat apologizes for being so quiet during the recording as it was in the middle of her being sick. Again, we love hearing the feedback from our interview with these guys as we know there are a few of our listeners who weren’t as familiar with the guys. We talk about some of the stories they told and our thoughts about them and about some of their interviews that they have done.

Check out the interview with Rick and Rikki of Scottish Watches here.

We take a bit of time to talk about our new collaboration that was discussed during this interview called Hautix. Essentially, it is a way to put us, Scottish Watches, and Bark & Jack all in one place to make it easy to follow along. It also allows us to share our resources and help eachother out.

On another note, Kat has decided to join in on the “let’s make fun of the way Katlen says exactly” train…ugh. In case you don’t listen to those guys, they have established a rating system based on our catchphrases. If you hear us say “cute and freaking adorable”, buy it now!


Nashville Watch Fair

A huge shout out to King Jewelers for hosting the 11th annual Nashville Watch Fair and for inviting a few of us local watch fans to come out for their kick off party. This was a great event to attend as it was co hosted by Hublot who had a master watch maker on site to demonstrate building watch cases and movements. The event also featured timepieces being brought in from various other vendors which allowed us to look at two highly controversial watches in person. Katlen’s thoughts on them: The Tudor P01 is just as bad in person as originally thought. The case is just awkward and it sits absolutely terribly on the wrist. Her thoughts on the BR05- she admits she may have been a bit wrong. The watch is actually very well built and sits amazingly on the wrist. Though it still is quite unoriginal by design, it has a place for sure in the market.

Be cure to check out King Jewelers online or in store. And check out their pre-owned selection!



Well y’all, it’ll take us 15 minutes to say goodbye but we get there eventually. It’s been great catching up and we look forward to talking to you guys again soon!

On another note, apparently Kat doesn’t like cats so as payback for her joining in with the Ricks on making fun of Katlen, you guys should take wrist shots with your cats!

Kat and Katlen

Tenn & Two


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    1. Oh we are! No matter how much grief people give us! I always find it fascinating how different people can sound being from the same country or even the same state depending on where you grow up. Hope you continue to enjoy the podcast. -Katlen

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