Episode 22: Our Scottish Friends

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome to Episode 22 of the Scottish Watches, ahem, I mean Tenn & Two Podcast

Today we are joined by our Scottish friends Rick and Rikki who are “attempting” to take over the Tenn & Two Podcast.


Wrist Watch Check

We’re trying to take back control of the podcast and get these Scotts in order, which is basically like herding cats. But, we manage a wrist watch check and find out what they guys on the other side of the pond are wearing. Rick has on his trusted  Panerai which he basically wears all the time. Ugh, we cannot keep these boys on track and the movie references start coming back. Rikki is wearing his Batman since he is at a film festival, which really just sounds like he looks for any obscure reason to wear it. Kat has the Polar Explorer II because apparently there was a memo for everyone to wear GMTs today. Katlen did not get that memo and is wearing to no one’s surprise the Worn and Wound Stowa that she is still obsessed with.



Well, let’s get to know the guys…

We’re trying y’all to keep them on track, we really are. We decide to ask the about their history in the hobby as they have both only been into it for a few years now . Rick gets into details about how his first luxury watch being the Panerai that he wears consistently. He quickly spirals into a long story about we don’t even know what and brings it back around to the Panerai. Also in his collection, the IWC Perpetual Calendar, 2 Fly Magic Swatches, a few G-shocks, the 50th Anniversary Speedmaster, and a few others.

Rikki’s story into the hobby is a bit different as it started looking for a fitness watch. After having problems with it, he decided to go out and buy his first luxury watch, a Rolex, which turned out to be a lemon. After his watch was running a minute fast, he started doing research into the reasoning why and discovered the Rolex Forums and a few YouTube channels. Just a couple months later, he was at Baselworld exploring even more and became obsessed with the hobby. In his collection now, the Batman, a few Invictas, a ceramic Tudor, and the Apollo 8 Speedmaster.

Please do not participate in Rick’s Ponzi scheme! We do not endorse this! Just Say No! LOL. 


Scottish Watches

In September of 2018 Rikki attended his first Redbar event and shortly after, met Rick at another watch event shortly after. After making a few jokes later on, they decided to start a watch podcast in January of this year and have hit the ground running. They compare themselves to Top Gear which is possibly the best comparison possible and most accurately describes their style. The guys bring up Dave from Redbar who has helped them develop some great relationships and has helped grow the podcast even more.  In just 10 months they have grown exponentially and continue to push forward.

Some of their favorite interviews include Ariel Adams, Arhcie Luxury, and Mike France. We talk about some of the reasons that these are their favorites and how surprising the Archie Luxury one was specifically.

We talk about how unique podcasts are in the way that they open people up to share a bit more than they normally would with a camera stuck in front of their faces.


What’s in store for the future?

The guys have really been pushing their YouTube content lately which is absolutely phenomenal. Most definitely make sure that you go and check their channel out and subscribe to it. They hope to include more collector stories in the future as they try to stay away from the monotany that is many other channels.


Introducing Hautix

Well, Tenn & Two has teamed up with Scottish Watches and Bark & Jack to form a collaboration of our three channels. It is not a merger, but think of it more like the Avengers. We are coming together with all of our independent content to put it all in one place and make it more easily accessed for everyone. This also allows us to use eachother’s connections and resources, and will definitely lead to more collaborations. This is the early stage and is only the beginning. Check out Hautix through the following links and keep your eye out for what will be coming.


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Before we go, we decide to have a bit of fun with the guys and test their Southern skills which is suprisingly good! Like, maybe we should be worried about a US takeover.

Y’all, it has been so much fun having these guys on with us. They are truly awesome friends of ours and their podcast is just phenomenal. Make sure you five them a follow and check them out, you’ll be glad that you did.


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Thanks for listening in and be sure to share with your friends and subscribe if you’re enjoying what you hear. For now, that’s goodbye from us!

Kat, Katlen, Rick, and Rikki

Tenn & Two and Scottish Watches

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