Episode 21: Time to Rant

We’re Here…Episode 21 of the Tenn and Two Podcast!

Well, what would our show be if we didn’t spend a bit catching up (even though we have been hanging out in the new studio for a couple of hours. Our friends at Scottish Watches have stolen our catch phrases and turned them into a “rating system” on their most recent podcast (check it out here). Apparently you can use “trailer trash”, “cute and adorable”, and “perfect” to rank all of the important things in life..who knew? On another note, Nashville has labelled the friendliest city in the United States and neither of us are surprised by this!


Wrist Watch Check

Kat is wearing the Seiko Alpinist Sarb017 on a strap code bracelet sent to us by a listener. We take some time and discuss our thoughts on the bracelet and how it changes the looks of the Seiko. On Katlen’s wrist, no surprise, the Worn and Wound Verus Grau Stowa. Her plan is to basically wear it as much as possible before they ask for it back which will be a sad day.

We chat a bit about expensive hobbies and selling our bodies for extra income (it’s not what you think, we promise).


The New Seiko Alpinist aka Kat’s Rant Time

We discussed a few weeks ago that Seiko was announcing a new Alpinist and we were excited. Well, the first pictures have come forward from Seiya Japan and we are not impressed. The original Alpinists were designed to be affordable and reliable. Now priced at over $600, there is just too much competition, especially in the microbrand area. We go over the new changes that we are not fans of including the new white date wheel, cyclops window, the prospex “x” logo on the idal, and matching bezel insert. Yes, there’s a new movement with longer power reserve, but from what we can tell, that is the only difference which is not worth double the price. Check out the details on the Seiya Japan website.


Christopher Ward Introduces a New Limited Edition, The C65 Anthropocene

Inspired by a Scottish Opera centered around global warming and mankind’s lasting affect on the environment. Limited to 300 pieces, a portion of the proceeds will go to an environmental charity. Made to be a more subtle watch, it is a wintry white dial with a gorgeous pop of color in the orange GMT hand (which we can’t agree on what this represents). Alas, the coolness of the watch is lost with the Christopher Ward logo. We discuss a few of the other aesthetics including our thoughts on the markers and bezel.

More information can be found on the Christopher Ward website by clicking here.


Horology Talk Monthly Photo Contest

If you’re on Facebook, you’ve got to get in the Horology Talk group…once a month, there’s a photo contest that brings out some amazing competition in the world of watch photography. This month was not a fair contest at all and none of us stood a chance. A huge shout out to our friend Chris from @horologyhouse for his amazing capture of the Apollo 8.

We take a bit of time and discuss the idea of cell phone photography and ways that you can improve it.


And Now the Q&A


@aguyandhiswatch has us picking favorites by asking “If you had to pick. Rolex or Omega? Patek or Lange? Timex or Seiko?”


From @watchwithuschannel: “What watch in your current collection would you want to pass down and why?”

This is definitely an easy one for both of us to answer. Katlen answers the Speedmaster Moonwatch with Moonphase. She talks about how her son Tyler is a huge NASA fan and admires the watch and alreadt wants it so it makes sense. Kat’s choice, the Polar Explorer. It just has a perfectly timeless look to it.

Our local friend @awatchgram has an interesting question with “What are some watches that really grew on you?”

Definitely an interesting question. Katlen talks about how Kat’s Alpinist has grown on her as well as G-Shocks. She used to absolutely hate them but it took finding just the right one. Another thing that grew on her, Nato straps. She talks about how the excess material would drive her insane until one day she decided that she liked them. Kat’s watch of choice that has grown on her, the Datejust.


Today’s final question is from @a_man_and_his_milgauss who asks “What is your next big watch purchase?”

Katlen takes the first go at this question and says that there probably won’t be a big purchase next year (famous last words). Next year she plans on being a bit more particular and selective on what she purchases. We discuss that we are wanting to do some traveling next year which would probably take over our major watch fund. Kat has some home renovation projects about to start for next year which means her disposable income might be a bit more limited. Our plan, to save! And go on trips! And then go buy watches on these trips!

That being said, kat is still seriously considering a Grand Seiko…or something fun and out there.


Well y’all, that’s all for today. We are excited about our upcoming Tuesday episode so make sure you listen up! Follow, subscribe, share, all that good stuff!

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