Episode 19: Watch Safety and Q&A

Welcome to Episode 19 of Tenn & Two!

Well, Kat is starting to feel a bit better thankfully but we are hopeful that by the time Halloween comes around she’s back to normal so that her green face paint doesn’t get ruined. We get a bit distracted about the first world problems of matching outfits to watches…or are you supposed to match your watch to your wardrobe? Who knows!


Wrist Watch Check

Well, Katlen is a bit boring today and just woke up a few minutes before this recording and doesn’t have anything on the wrist. She talks about plans for the day and possible watches she’ll wear including the obvious choice of the Worn and Wound Stowa with the grey strap or tossing that on the Speedmaster. (*Editor’s note she ultimately wore the bronze Christopher Ward watch.) Now it’s Kat’s turn and she has a new watch…did she break our watch buying fast? Does this mean that Katlen gets to buy the Stowa? Kat’s new watch is the Grand Seiko SBGV247. This is a limited edition GS with blue dial and orange second hand. To be fair, two watches did go out and Kat did not spend anymore money on it which means she is maximizing the loophole in our system and trades are fair. We talk about the fact that Kat had been wanting to get a Grand Seiko for some time and how this was the ideal entry piece for her with the brand.



Watch Safety

We start today discussing a topic that we have wanted to talk about for a while being how you keep your watches safe. Katlen discusses a recent scare as she was at work a few weeks ago and had received a call that the alarm in her home was going off. This caused a bit of panic as she leaves her watches lying out most of the time, but fortunately, it was a false alarm. We get to talking about ways to protect your watches, of which there are really three options: home insurance, safety deposit box, or having a safe at home. We go on to discuss our opinions on each of the three options, two of which have several disadvantages. Kat brings up an article that she had seen about someone who’s watches were stolen out of a vault at the bank. (*Editor’s Note, the article was on Hodinkee and can be found here)

Image from cannonsafe.com

Kat ultimately decided to get a safe that she has stored quite securely in her home. This combined with her home security system gives her a bit of additional peace of mind. Katlen brings up the point that standard home or renter’s insurance policies do not cover watches and jewelry It is a good idea to check with your insurance company and add a policy if need be. For her, it’s $7 per $1,000 per year which is definitely a small price to pay for the peace of mind. We definitely recommend you look into your options.


@watchesofsiliconevalley has questions about buying/selling on the forums. How to not get scammed?

This is definitely a question for Kat as Katlen has 0 experience with this. Her biggest advice, make sure the person that you’re dealing with has a ton of positive feedback. Check the feedback section, get references, but make sure there is good feedback. Kat discusses best practices for Paypal payments to keep yourself protected as a seller. But don’t be afraid to keep looking if you do not feel comfortable. Ask questions and ask to see photos.

If you’re a new member on a forum this can be a bit more difficult as you do not have any history. It is important that you get involved and build a reputation. In saying this, Katlen brings up the difficulties of selling in forums if you don’t have the time or desire to build up a reputation in the forums. Another option of course is to allow a friend who is close to you with a good reputation to sell for you. But again, be careful.


@indianwatchcommunity asks us “What do you think about RM watches and their future down the years?

Katlen takes this first and discusses her love for Richard Mille. She believes that the problem collectors have with brands such as this is that people take the brand too seriously. These aren’t the watches that are meant to be classic and timeless, they are meant to make a statement and they do a great job at it. Richard Mille pushes boundaries in complications, technology, materials, and design which gives them a unique security. Kat brings up the fact that they bring alot of fun to a hobby that tends to be taken way too seriously. They’re different,  well established, and we are both confident they will be around for a while.

@chachi_wa asks us “Does wearing a Rolex ever bother you or make you nervous?” 

Kat discusses how when she first got her Air King she did feel quite nervous and it wasn’t because of the price of the watch, but more the fact that it was obviously a Rolex. Now that she has the Explorer II, she doesn’t feel as much so because of the fact that it is more of an under the radar piece. We discuss the luxury of living in a city where we both feel very comfortable walking around with our watches and not feel nervous about it. Rolex also has a bit of a stigma around it so when you are wearing it, you feel that you are being a bit judged either in a good or a bad way. We think that alot of it comes down to being aware of where you are and what kind of people are around. While we both wear watches around Nashville, there are more major cities we would definitely be less likely to wear them in.

Finally, we have @alias.stevedan who asks us the following: “With the watch [community] currently being male dominated, what are the good and bad experiences so far? Also, have you encountered any creeps from the watch community on social media?” 

Honestly, we both feel quite fortunate that we haven’t had too many negative experiences as a podcast. Yes, there are some negative people out there, but the good outweighs the bad. We discuss the idea of women who may be less active in forums and Facebook groups because of the unwanted attention that comes when a woman posts photos. It definitely seems to be the social media platform that attracts the most negative attention, and thankfully hasn’t crossed over to Instagram yet. We chat about how hard it is being a woman in a hobby dominated by men, but that there is probably the exact same for men in a woman’s hobby. The biggest thing, do not let these few instances of bad negativity ruin this hobby for you. Also, quit bullying!


Well y’all, that’s it for today. We have an exciting episode coming up next Tuesday!

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